Renowned NLP Master Reveals The Secrets On… 
How To Design Trainings, 
Talks, Multiday Workshops Or Hit Home Study Courses 
That Are SO GOOD The Market Can’t Ignore You…
Discover The Closely Guarded World Class Training 
Design System That’s ‘The Missing Piece’ To Creating Transformational Training Experiences… 
Dear Friend,

If you’re looking to become a world class trainer, public speaker or Internet course creator, and want to use advanced NLP secrets to create transformational learning experiences for others…

… then listen up. 

The Personal Development 
Industry Is Changing.

There’s no doubt about it; personal-development is undergoing sizable changes.

And if you’re reading this page you’re well positioned to ride this wave of opportunity… if you act fast.

You see for years the self-help industry suffered from a bit of a social stigma. Many people have shuned it as “woo-woo”, but that’s fast changing...

Sales across the genre are on the up; and over the past 5 years major publishing houses have launched dedicated brands to capture this opportunity.

The market size of the US self-improvement market alone has passed the $10B mark, which is incredible.
What’s Driving This Change? 
Millennials & The Need for Convenience.

Baby boomers for years have been the main consumers of self-improvement but the tide is shifting.

According to market researchers, millennials are now the largest population group and represent the future of self-improvement.

In 2016 Forbes reported that 94% of 18-33 year olds had committed to making personal improvements, compared with 84% of baby boomers and 81% of gen Xers.

The other big factor driving this change is the need for convenience.

Consumers today want 24/7 access to personal development programs at home, with no travel. Trainings that teach them self-improvement and have the power to transform their lives.

They want workshops that change them and experience so good that they tell others about.

In essence…

They want powerful learning experiences.

Experiences that create measurable change.

That’s where YOU come in...
“The Missing Piece…” 
No doubt you’ve noticed the explosion of online learning platforms and self-improvement courses over the past 5 years.
Seems like they are everywhere.

Problem is, if you’ve taken any yourself you know first hand how hit and miss the the trainings are.

Why are so many trainers and training courses “so… so” and so few really life enhancing and transformational?

One day while contemplating this I discovered the missing piece.

So few trainers have ANY training or real experience with…


Training Design is the art and skill of creating powerful learning experiences that audiences love while teaching them skills that create measurable change.

Training Design is what separates OK from truly great trainers who can create profound learning for their clients and measurable RESULTS.

Trainings that change and transform people's lives.

Has them coming back again and again to book or buy more trainings.

World class communicators who can install skills unconsciously and wire up new skills and behaviours that trigger automatically.

Things that ‘ordinary’ trainers don’t know how to do.

Training Design is the most common ‘missing piece’ in professional communicators, trainers and course creator’s toolkit.

It’s the go-to skill to develop if you want to: 
  • Design and deliver life transforming trainings and experiences
  • Create a name for yourself
  • Build a reputation/brand known for excellence

  • Turn what you know in to income through workshops, webinars and home study courses
I estimate probably 99.9% of ‘professional’ course creators are missing it.

Yet, here’s the thing:

The market rewards those who can create powerful learning experiences and measurable change.
The market wants MORE quality trainings. 
More timely and relevant SOLUTIONS to people’s problems to meet the needs of a growing market.

And the best way I know to ensure to deliver all 3 is by studying Training Design from a renowned master.

So that’s exactly what I did!

(More on this in a moment)

But it didn’t start out that way.
Let me tell you a quick story...
One sunshine day in August 2003 I excitedly walked into my first NLP "trainers training" with high hopes. You could hear the buzz of excited voices crackle through the air and fervent glances move quickly across a packed training room.

I was excited to be there and keen to discover how great trainers like Richard Bandler, Tony Robbins and other exceptional communicators do their thing. The anticipation was palpable. I couldn't wait to get started.

I had read just about every book on "training and presentation skills" around. They all left me wanting to learn more. And I was sure I would learn the "the magic secrets" of teaching using NLP methods.

But that was not to be.

The multi-thousand pound training was great. The trainers were world class and I learned a lot about how to hold attention while on a stage, how to do stage anchoring, use pattern interrupts and much more.

But I still didn't have answers to those tough training questions like:
  • How do you design a trainings so participants experience change then and there and experience lasting learning?
  • How do the very best trainers plan and design a training so that it's both fun and highly educational?
  • How does unconscious installation and nested loops really work and how can I use it?

  • How do the true NLP master trainers plan and design multi-day training programs?
  • How do they know when to chain learning experiences over multiple days and not get lost? 
There I was scratching my head, and none of my other trainees had a good answer.

I researched other trainers training programs and noticed that "trainer's training" and "presentation skills" workshops are mostly "platform skills" trainings, with a minor portion of the trainings being given to actual "training design"; if indeed anything at all.

So this left me wondering...

"If training design isn't covered in NLP books or in trainers trainings then where is it being taught? 
The Search For “The Complete Picture” 
So I started looking in other areas. I was already familiar with Bernice McCarthy's "4MAT system" and David Kolb's learning style systems but I knew from watching Dr. Bandler, Tony Robbins and other top trainers that they didn't follow these traditional learning style frameworks.

I also knew that I had attended way too many boring and ineffective trainings delivered by trainers who were blindly following the why, what, how and what if framework to know that these conscious learning models, while useful, were not the secret sauce I was looking for.

These models were too high level or didn't focus on unconscious learning and all that secret sauce stuff I had seen or read about; used by top NLP trainers.

So I went deeper. I researched further. I spoke with many more people. And slowly the pieces started to come together.

One morning I realised the only way I would find out the real secrets of training design was to speak leading experts in NLP.

This lead me to interviewing one of NLP's most accomplished and successful trainers... Master Trainer Michael Breen.

Michael had seen and one it all. Co-delivered workshops with Dr. Richard Bandler (co-founder of NLP) for over a decade. Built the world's largest NLP training company with celebrity hypnotist Paul Mckenna. Shared the stage with leading personal development speakers around the globe speaking to huge audiences. Built a wildly successful training and consultancy business.

He'd also built a reputation for being "the guy". The guy who had penetrated the secrets of NLP and had a special talent for teaching the most intricate and complex skills in NLP in a no-nonsense, "here's one of several ways to do it" way that students loved.

So I decided to reach out to him... to my surprise he agreed to meet with me.
The big “Aha” that changed
the way I teach forever
(and got me more clients than I could handle)
Meeting one of the legends in NLP was at first a bit discomforting.

I had so many questions but felt a bit foolish asking the kind of things that I was sure would make me look like an idiot.

My only saving comfort was that I was sure, from my research that...

a) lots of other trainers had the same questions too and
b) no one else (including many other trainers and master trainers) had a clue too.

Michael was quick to put me at ease. One by one he answered every one of my questions, opening up a world of possibilities and installing new ideas and skills on how to deliver profound learning experiences.

This wasn't like anything I'd heard about how to deliver trainings before. This was very different to every other NLP and presentations skills program I'd ever been on.

It was like suddenly he had through words, gone inside my brain, flipped a switch and I awoke to dozens of new insights and heuristics on how to use NLP in elegant and advanced ways to create profound learning experiences.

So many of the ideas and "best practices" I had read about and been taught for how to deliver talks and trainings I instantly realised were flat out wrong, and direct opposite to how Richard Bandler, Tony Robbins and other top NLP trainers use NLP to teach.

Training design, unconscious installation, nesting, chaining of anchors, working with audiences, priming and the right way to use exercises... and so many more topics were covered.

Fast forward a month and I had to fly to give a talk to 300 people in Asia.

Usually I'd worry about my material and what I as going to say and need to plan everything out and rehearse it well in advance. But I found myself strangely calm. I planned the talk in ten minutes on the back of a 4x3 card and didn't look at it again till just before I was went on. (Even I was surprised with how relaxed I felt.)

I used one of the tricks Michael taught me to "pick up the room" before starting and delivered a very different kind of talk to what I would have done before. I started telling story after story, moving the audience through laughter, surprise, tears and joy. The audience loved it and the host loved it too. The talk exceeded my wildest expectations.

Then I started using it in day long trainings and workshops and started getting phenomenal results.

Participants were acquiring multiple skills in short periods of time and reporting profound behavioural change. Issues they had walked in with, had disappeared by the time we were done. Delegates started referring my work to others. The phone started ringing with invitations to do more talks and trainings.

That's when I approached Michael and said:

"Michael, you've got to get this material out in a product, so others can learn. There is nothing else like it!"

Your Expert System To Design and Deliver Trainings 
That Not Only Entertain and Engage, But Evoke Lasting 
Change and Transformational Learnings...
This is your step-by-step program for MASTERING once-and-for-all, this critical training and reputation building skill.

Michael's taken the very best of what he has learned, used and modeled from NLP, neuro-science and multiple other domains about training design, learning and facilitation...

... and developed a NEW system that teaches you how to acquire this critical fast.

Michael's worked with and shared the stage with many of the very best communicators and trainers on earth.

He's taught over 80,000 students and countless corporate courses on how to design and deliver trainings that evoke measurable change and deliver profound learning.


He co-founded the largest NLP training company in the world and co-delivered workshops with Dr. Richard Bandler for over a decade, teaching to audiences in multiple languages all over the world. He's taught year long advanced NLP skills programs for trainers and has designed both small and global training programs for large corporate clients. He's coached royalty, celebrities and business titans and facilitated major change for major corporations.

I don't say this to brag about his accomplishments.

I tell you this so you know Michael has seen and done it all. He's tried and tested every kind of method and approach you can imagine for designing and delivering lasting change in group contexts.

He's figured out what works and what doesn't. All that experience, refinement along with training over a 80,000 people, working with and being able to pick the brains of literally the best minds on this stuff, has enabled him to figure out how to teach you this essential and career boosting skill fast.

Inside Training Mastery, Michael's organised and put all of those distinctions and insights ... all those bespoke tools and frameworks he uses and developed over thirty years of training ... in to a comprehensive system that's easy to follow.

It gives you the essential skills you need to master training design and implement it in to your talks, trainings, products or multi-day programs ... so you can start seeing results right away.

He's now ready to reveal many of NLP's biggest training secrets that practitioners and trainers have been asking him about for years.
The World Renowned Master Trainer 
That Reveals NLP's Biggest Training Secrets
Meet Michael Breen 
One  of the world's most well respected
Master NLP Trainers and Executive Coaches
This exclusive training is taught by world-class master NLP, DHE and Hypnosis trainer and celebrity coach Michael Breen. Michael has:
  • Over 30 years experience teaching NLP around the world
  • NLP and DHE Master Trainer and Master Hypnotist
  • Co‐founded largest NLP training school in the world 
  • For 10 years co-ran workshops with Dr. Richard Bandler & Paul McKenna
  • Is an expert at behavioral change
  • Management consultant to numerous Fortune 100 companies
  • Created the first business NLP practitioner in the UK
  • Is one of Europe's leading executive coaches
  • And is known for teaching NLP in a way that makes it very easy to apply
  • Has taught over 80,000 students
Discover The Best Kept NLP Secrets In Training Design 
(That Other Disciplines ... And Even Most Master NLP Trainers Don't Know!)
To quote Michael:

"This is probably the most advanced course that we offer. 

I'm going to show you how to use your NLP toolkit in way you didn't know were possible to deliver profound learning and measurable change. I will teach you heuristics, rules of thumbs, and the tricks of the trade most trainers and most master trainers don't know. 

Inside Training Mastery, you'll learn things that you won't hear anywhere else.

I'm excited to share the system I've developed and refined over thirty years working at the forefront of NLP."

In this training program you will:
 Learn How To Design Brilliant Trainings & Talks 
That Deliver Profound Learning Experiences... 

(Using Cutting Edge Strategies Known Only By A Small Group Of Elite NLP Master Trainers)
  • Discover what training design really is (and why it is a secret component of every world class trainer)

  • Learn the real "trainer's mindset" that lies at the heart of NLP
  • Discover the training equation to create trainings people rave about and thrill your clients
  • Learn how to avoid using outdated approaches to training delivery

  • Discover the two key learning design strategies you need to think through when designing a learning process that every trainer needs to know but that most trainers (including NLP trainers) don't. These two design strategies have been key to the effectiveness of teachers like Dr. Richard Bandler, John Grinder, Tony Robbins and other elite NLP teachers.

  • Discover what unconscious installation is really all about and how it works

  • A sure fire way to identify which teaching methods you should use and when
  • Discover the rules of training design that most trainers don't know yet are essential when designing programs that deliver specific skills based results. Once you know these you'll know the process for how trainers like Richard Bandler and Tony Robbins can generate such incredible results for their clients.
  • Learn the rules for strategy design that only elite NLP trainers know 

  • Discover the secret trainers technique that causes participants to experience much greater learning
  • Hear Michael demonstrate how to change a general training description into something that is precise and defined (this is a key skill for any corporate trainer)
  • Learn 3 magical questions to figure out what is to be done and how to know if you've been successful
  • How to convert your knowledge into teachable material so you can deliver your own workshops or greatly improve the ones you already do.

  • Learn how to bring all the design aspects together and learn how to apply them to your training outcomes. 
Find Out How To Create Behavioural Change 
And Generate Learning Experiences
 That Your Audience Will Love...
  • Discover how to induce or evoke key learning states like curiosity, fascination, and desire to implement
  • Learn the keys for how to gain and hold attention over long periods of time
  • Learn the universal rule of training design between principal and procedure that most NLPer and trainers don't know. If you don't understand this you are going to have a difficult time catalysing the right resources for your audience.

  • Learn a radical ideas about what learning and teaching is and how it is NOT about pushing ideas inside your listener or getting them to conceptualise stuff... Once you get this you'll never get stuck thinking you have "slow learners" again and you students will be able to get far better results.

  • Discover which questions you need to ask in order know how what states to move an audience throughin order to wire up new behaviour based learning

  • Learn about Gregory Bateson's 4 levels of learning and Bloom's Taxonomy of Learning that are useful frameworks to know
  • Hear Michael debunk the outdated and much over-used idea of conscious-un competence learning curve

  • Learn when you DON'T want to follow a person's learning style. Once you get this you'll know why some people excel really well and others have a difficult time following the same learning process.

  • Learn how to use learning styles and what contexts it's appropriate
  • Find out what two parts of a training frame are most memorable and why this is important when you are setting up "conscious learning"
  • How to avoid "learning integration" problems that affects countless students of NLP and many other disciplines

  • Why some popular training frameworks can indirectly handicap students learning and why you don't always want to follow someone's "learning preferences"
  • Hear how you get participants to remember and how to forget. As a trainer being skilful so you can influence what your participants will remember and what things you want them to forget is highly valuable.

  • How to ensure the learning process continues after the program is complete 
Take Your Presentation, Training 
And Advanced NLP Communication 
Skills To The Next Level... 
  • Discover the underlying processes that drive nested loops and strategy design (really useful if you want to unconsciously pre-train your material before conscious presentation)
  • Discover what you need to think through in order to instantiate a strategy for your audience. Nothing like this is taught on any kind of trainers training course. You'll learn the inside secrets that are used by top flight NLP Training pros.
  • Learn the function of pattern interrupts in learning design. Pattern Interrupts can be a powerful tool for creating lasting learning experiences.

  • Learn powerful distinctions about working with group dynamics and different types of audiences
  • Find out which two rules every trainer should know about "stealing" from other trainers.

  • Discover how to play with sub-modalities of behaviour when presenting so you learn how easy it is to influence your listeners at an unconscious level
  • Learn the role of response attentiveness and state amplification in training and when to use each
  • Learn about the 3 types of common audiences you will face as a trainer and what you need to do to satisfy each...
  • Hear Michael share the behind the curtain secrets of how to loop and get ideas inside your listener's mind and useful patterns for closing loops

  • Learn about the "forward function'' of perception that is really useful to know so that you hook people with interesting and novel stories
  • Discover the function and powerful use of graphic language
  • Learn what sections in your training you should anchor if you run multi-day programs

  • Hear useful strategies in how to deal with people who keep interrupting your training

  • Learn how to be a great trainer (not a clone or a hack) who is original 
Go Way Beyond Where 
Traditional Trainers Training Courses Have Gone Before
I'm serious when I say Training Mastery goes way beyond where traditional multi-thousand dollar "trainer's training" courses have gone before.

Michael won't be teaching platform or stage presentation skills. He's not going to bore you with a bunch of learning theories or techniques that are not necessary.

Instead he is going to teach you highly practical design skills so you can take your own presentation and training skills much further and deliver entertaining and interesting talks, programs and trainings that create lasting change and profound learnings for your audience. 

Whether you want to deliver an awesome lunch time talk at work, or want to design a multi-day workshop for thousands of people; the strategies, tools and techniques Michael teaches in Training Design deliver.

Training Mastery
Mastery Of Training Design - Home Study System 
12+ Hours Of Game Changing NLP Trainer's 
Training Level Material... Discover Elite Training Concepts, 
Strategies & Step-By-Step Exercises
What You Will Receive 
When you enroll today, you'll get instant access to: 
The complete download recordings of the live three day workshop
We have divided this 3 day workshop into 8 "CDs", with a total of 32 professionally edited tracks which you can download right away.
  • Each recording is saved in MP3 format which you can listen to on your iPhone, computer or mp3 player
  • Each recording is divided into easy to listen bite-sized chunks so you can review the most relevant distinctions, strategies and demonstrations over and over again and organised for each access
  • All recordings are tagged for easy import and playback on your IPhone, IPad, Smartphone, Computer etc. 
A sixty two page training manual in PDF format which contains: 
  • Numerous resources on training design and examples worked thorough examples of preparing for different types of training contexts.
  • Training Design resources for:
  • All recordings are tagged for easy import and playback on your IPhone, IPad, Smartphone, Computer etc. 
  • Planning your presentation or training 
  • 11 design factors to consider when preparing for any training 
  • What to think through when designing a training for an corporation 
  • What 13 questions you need to ask and what five categories you need to assess when designing a training for a public workshop 
  • Example of how Michael prepares for a 3 hour presentation 
  • 12 pages of training assignments for you to start applying what you've learnt right away 
A 430 page training transcript in PDF format so you can take your learning deeper as you: 
  • Discover additional insights that were missed when listening to the audio recording
  • Track and pattern how Michael demonstrates what he is teaching as he is teaching it (pattern language patterns, framing, setup and covert demonstrations)
  • Highlight and annotate key points that are most relevant for you

  • Enjoy learning the secrets of training design via another modality (visual-reading) on your IPad, PC or smart device or self printed format. 
A forty page post training follow up notes in which Michael provides extensive expert answers on a wide variety of common training design questions including: 
  • How to design training handouts
  • How does remembering occur and what role do conscious and unconscious processes serve
  • How to know if you've done your training preparation adequately

  • How to use presuppositions elegantly as part of your set-up
  • How to design or redesign an exercise

  • Key design principles used by top trainers 
By the end of this training you will have: 
  • Learned secrets about how to design profound trainings that few NLPers or trainers know (yet are used by the field's elite).
  • Started applying Michael's step-by-step methodology to your own materials so you can create exceptional training or presentations for your audience
  • Discovered how all the major pieces of training and learning fit together and tied up many loose ends regarding knowing what you are doing and how the pros use "advanced" NLP processes
  • Will have taken your training skills to a whole new level 
Who Is This Program For? 
This training is suitable for anyone who has completed an NLP practitioner training and has a basic understanding and familiarity in working with NLP methodologies.

Whether it's a 40 minute session, a half day or full day’s training or multiple day modular training programme you teach or want to, what Michael shares in this course will be incredibly useful and valuable to you.

If you are someone who is a:
NLP Practitioner, 
Consultant or Coach 
 Internet Course Creator
Then this course is for you.

Note: This course is not a training on platform skills. It teaches the first thing you must get right if you want to create presentations that impact... How to design powerful training experiences.
After Completing This Training 
And Applying What You Learn You Will:
Know how to design a short or multi-day training program, to wow audiences...
Expect to take the effectiveness of your trainings up several levels. You'll know more about training design and how to do it like the pros than many NLPers and traditional corporate trainers. 
Have rock solid confidence in your ability to be able to design great talks, presentations, and training workshops...
There is a special something that occurs when you realise that you've got the tools in your toolkit to design trainings like the best NLP trainers. You'll have learnt the same tools and frameworks that Michael uses everyday.

These are the same frameworks that have helped him co-build the world's most successful NLP training school, several multi-million pound enterprises delivering trainings to tens of thousands of people and helped him win seven figure training contracts.
Know what elite trainers know, and use the latest cutting edge NLP training processes in your training, to wow audiences and create profound learning
Imagine how much more effective a communicator or trainer you can be when you discover the secrets of how elite NLP trainers design and create powerful training experiences. 

The kind that create profound and lasting learning. Where you don't need to teach everything consciously (unless you want to) and can employ many of the best NLP processes that have taken decades to develop yet are central to how real pros use the technology. 
Know how to convert your knowledge into teachable material (to make more money)...
Education is awash with opportunity for those who know how to turn their ideas into teachable training programs. In fact training and development and further education is a huge growth area.

By the end of this training you'll know how to take your knowledge and convert it into a training that you can share with others.

You can create new revenue streams and programs that your clients love. 
No longer be limited  having to use fixed teaching style frameworks...
Move beyond fixed frameworks and discover how Richard Bandler and others are able to "change course on a dime" so you can create profound learning experiences for your audience and not just follow a rigid learning framework. 
Become a in-demand trainer...
When you get known as "the guy or gal who gets results" and whose trainings are "amazing", "life changing", "career enhancing" then clients come to you.

People seek you out.

Everyday people with problems that your trainings solve want to enroll on your course. More people sign up because word of mouth gets out.

In short you become a trainer who is unique, skilled and in demand.
As a trainer with elite training design skills, 
you will have the know how to design successful training programs - ones that produce measurable change and transformational results
And best of all you won't need to spend the 30+ years Michael has on learning and refining NLP in this way.
  • Nor will you have to spend more than $170,000 that he has on his own training
  • Or spend countless years on trial and error learning - refining cutting edge "training design" processes that utilize the best of NLP so you can deliver trainings that rock!
  • Nor are you required to co-deliver workshops with Dr. Richard Bandler for ten years 

  • Or teach over 80,000 students in NLP 
Let's Talk About 
Your Investment...
Up until now the only way to learn much of what Michael teaches in this course was to be part of a small elite group of NLP trainers or high paying apprentices. Apprentices who typically spent tens of thousands on their trainings.

Most NLP focused courses on 'trainer's training' costs between $2,000.00 and $5,000.00. And they barely touch on the kind of training design material you will learn in this course.

However I'm not going to ask you to pay three thousands dollars, or even one thousand to learn these elite skills and strategies that you won't find anywhere else.

Because I want as many trainers, consultants and presenters as possible to enjoy the fruits of this unique program without having to pay thousands of dollars and invest endless hours of work it would take to acquire these skills.

I'm going to make it dead easy for you to master this material starting today, at a price that is FAR more affordable than any world class trainer's training. So you end up with world class training design skills, but for a FRACTION of the normal price.

Therefore I've decided you can enjoy the complete professionally edited audio recordings from the entire 3 day live workshop, along with all the assignments, the 430 page training transcript, the 62 page training manual and the 40 page of detailed follow up notes for...

... $1997.00

... $997.00

However, I want to make it so affordable, anyone who’s serious about learning training design and building a reputation for delivering trainings that create measure results and transformative change, can order this program.

Training Mastery is Just...

... 3 x $177

Or pay in full, and get it for just $497!

Try Training Mastery - 

Master of Training Design 

for a full 30-days, 
100% risk-free
To completely take away any risk from you I am also going to give you a 30-day Hassle Free Money Back Guarantee. 

If for any reason whatsoever, you don’t like the program or you don’t think you got value from it  - within 30 days – you can send me an email and I will give you a full refund.
So you risk nothing –buy the program, listen to it and try out the exercises.  As long as its within 30 days, you can claim a full refund if you don’t think we have delivered!

That’s how confident I am in the power of this material!

And in case you still have any questions, here’s answers to the six most common questions I get asked about this training… 
Read What Others Have To Say 
About Training Mastery
Konstantinos Bimplis
NLP Trainer, Greece

Training Mastery Design is the definition of "drinking water from the fire hose" for anyone interested in learning more about how to structure, plan and deliver any kind of training or presentation.

This was probably the most advanced material I've ever experienced on the subject of training design.

Up to now I've been preparing my trainings with "covering the material" in mind. From now on I'm focusing on designing "learning experiences" for my participants based on what I want them to do different or how I want them to be different (both consciously and unconsciously) after the training. And that was a huge shift of perspective for me.

Paul McKenna,
Celebrity Hypnotist

 “Michael Breen is an excellent trainer.

Myself and Michael collaborated on many projects and we used to train together for years. Michael is an extremely skilled trainer, very intelligent and very good humored. 

I recommend him very highly.

Adrian Reynolds
NLP Trainer, UK 

I ran a workshop on copywriting for a health authority the other day. And, thanks to what you shared on training mastery it really couldn't have gone better.

What's reassuring is how simple it was. By knowing where I was going and keeping my attention on the audience, I was able to change what was happening according to where they were, which put the onus on me to do something different rather than being distressed inside if what was unfolding wasn't what I'd anticipated.
The response was excellent...
... I think part of what worked for me was that knowing I had choices about where to go next prevented me from going into any kind of tailspin. They couldn't scent my fear because there wasn't any: I knew I could always do something else...

I can report similar things from training days on creativity and problem solving I ran earlier in the year, and a one hour creativity talk.
Thanks for everything.

 Dr. Richard Bandler
Co-creator of NLP

“Michael Breen’s... training is first class.”

John  Johnston, USA

I've learned a lot; this kind of information is cannot be found anywhere in the current books or on the market or on the “inter nut"!... It gave me a renewed confidence in how to approach situations and how to “think” through them. I also realized that it’s not how much one knows; it’s how creatively you apply it to situations!

Michael challenges the current NLP model that a lot of people take as set in stone. He updates it, and that was an experience itself. I un-learnt, learnt, and re-learnt a lot of things. Anyone wanting to keep current in NLP and to add to their skill-set must take advantage of the NLPTimes products. And they have great customer-service.”

Shawn, UK

“As usual the content, subject matter and delivery were top drawer"

Tom and Michael continue to deliver what could be conceived to be complicated content in an easy to understand relaxed fashion. The approach of Tom prompting Michael with targeted questions, and Michael's conversational replies, and his expansion on the subject continue to deliver cutting edge, affordable training along with unique insights into the "modern" world of NLP.

If you have never received training from Michael, then you will only know what you are missing once you attend at least this present series of teleseminars in the use of advanced language patterns.”

Benson, Ski Trainer, Switzerland 
 “I am blown away at how much info is packed into these early tracks... this is exactly the kind of knowledge that I have long needed to understand that can help me to considerably raise my game... 

Thank you.”
Bernie Deasy, UK
"I found the course refocused my own attention to my preparation for teaching.

Some of the content had been lost in my head but Training Mastery gave me a swift kick in the pants (my Ah HA moment), to remind me of where my focus should be from beginning to end. It also shook my own limiting beliefs about my ability to teach and did my confidence no end of good. Many Thanks again Michael." 
Helmut Jegust, Germany
 “Training Mastery helped me a lot in getting the loose ends together - it was intense and fun.

When you have some NLP experience and already know the basics then do this training as early as possible, it will help you get on your own way... to improve every day of the rest of your life..” 
Richard Stokes,
Trainer UK

During this course I designed my first training, a workshop of 2 hours; which I've now delivered very successfully more than a dozen times.

The biggest breakthrough was the encouragement to focus relentlessly on what I wanted participants to be doing differently as a result of coming on my course, stated in behavioural terms.

In addition, I found the suggestion for designing in frames - to allow for scaling up, really helpful.”

Nicola Zema,
Trainer, Italy 

"I am very happy with Training Mastery. It’s a brilliant course. I really enjoyed the special touch of the [430 page] transcript that was included with the product.

I suggest Training Mastery to all the persons who I share my line of work!”

David Barcos, Spain
 I’ve been a trainer for more than 20 years and I’ve never found a system that would clearly explain in such a fun and complete way the “what and how” about training design.

Right from the start as I began applying the concepts Michael teaches I was able to see immediate results.

People were able to learn faster and instantiate the learnings with much more precision.

My planning process for designing a new training is much much clear and precise and now I feel I really do have the know how to do what I always wanted in my trainings.

I would highly recommend this program to anyone who’s serious about taking their trainings to new heights. THANK YOU... Tom and Michael. 
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  • A 430 page training transcript in PDF format so you can take your learning deeper as you track and pattern how Michael demonstrates what he is teaching as he is teaching it (pattern language patterns, framing, setup and covert demonstrations)

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