If You Want The Life Of A Successful Coach, Trainer, and Consultant With All The Benefits It Offers, Including More Free Time And More Money…You’re In The Right Place.
My 9 Step “Client Getting Roadmap” 
Is The Easiest And Quickest Path 
To Landing High Paying Clients 
And Growing Your Business. 
Anyone who follows it can build their coaching practice…even 
if you have no business or marketing experience - Guaranteed!
-Michael Breen Executive Coach To Celebrities,
CEOs and Champion Athletes.
The number one question new and established coaches regularly ask me is…

How do I grow my business?

I’m guessing that if you’re reading this letter, you’ve probably asked that exact same question yourself.

You’re passionate about helping people, you have the skill set, you may have a few clients already…and your ready to scale up your business…

But HOW?
That’s the question I’m going to answer for you here.
And, by the way, I’m very serious about my guarantee.

You don’t need any business skills or marketing knowledge. In fact, all I really need you to know are these three things;
  1. You want to build a successful coaching practice. 
  2. You want to attract high paying clients as fast as possible.
  3. And you want a proven system that will bring you clients for life.
So, how can I be so confident that I can deliver this?

It’s because I used the EXACT SAME 9 step process to achieve my own success…and so have other coaches that I’ve mentored over the years.

This is the complete step-by-step, foolproof guide to building your coaching business and attracting high paying clients.  
Here’s Why I’m So Confident 
My Business Building Roadmap 
Will Work For You. 
Over the course of my career I have built 3 separate 7-figure businesses in the Coaching, Training and Consulting fields.   My most recent venture hit 7 figures in 2 years!

And I did all of it with ZERO advertising or ‘marketing”.

Not only that I have coached and consulted some of the biggest and best companies in the UK from advertising agencies to insurance companies to banks.  I also helped small to medium size companies double their revenue on a regular basis.

I am now part of an Elite group of coaches in the UK – there are only 30 of us  - who are trusted to work exclusively with C-level individuals.

And I have helped my mentees grow their businesses with these exact same principles.

Now I’m not saying this to blow my own horn or to impress you.
I’m telling you this because the reason I’m able to build 7 figure businesses, help other grow rapidly, and show new coaches how to grow a business from scratch is that I have a roadmap.

A foolproof, step-by-step roadmap that when followed gives you more clients, more cash and more scale.

To be more specific there are 9 steps to this road map… 
9 Key Areas You Must Get Right
(If You Want A Successful Business)
Building a successful, profitable business requires you get nine key start-up activities right.

These are:
1. Lock In The Right Entrepreneurial Attitudes For Success

2. Discover A Market Segment You Can Win With

3. Create A Winning Service Offering

4. Employ Powerful Sales & Marketing Processes That Really Work

5. Hire The Right People & Recruit The Right Partners

6. Cultivate The Right Focus & Commitment

7. Target & Do The Right Actions For Starting-up A Successful CTC Business

8. Leveraging The Power of Metrics To Ignite Growth

9. Employ The Right Industry Insights That Only The Pros Know
Do one or two and you'll move forward in spurts but fail to build a successful business. Get all nine right and you'll create a business that can go far and attract a great base of happy customers.

Unfortunately most new entrepreneurs fail to get more than one of these nine key areas right!
In Start-UP CTC, I'll will teach you leading edge start-up strategies and business building secrets to dramatically increase your chances of creating a successful, profitable, cash-generating coaching business - faster than ever before.
How This Course Came About
Over the past 30+ years I've noticed that many highly talented professionals want to leave their day jobs and build their own successful business; yet most never start! They stay stuck in jobs they hate and frequently those who do start struggle and fail…

... when they try to do it without guidance.

They typically fail for one of 9 reasons.

And those who succeeded, not just for a year but over the long term and enjoy the lifestyle and benefits that having your own successful business brings, did so because they got these 9 areas right (and in the right order).
The unfortunate reality is... most people (through no fault of their own) have never been taught how to build a successful business.

I've been fortunate to build 3 seven-figure businesses in different industries and work with hundreds of leaders in many others, helping them unlock their potential and grow their companies.

When I started working with Tom O'Connor at NLP TIMES, helping coaches, trainers, consultants and small business owners in our Elite Group Coaching program, we both quickly realised the number 1 issue many participants were facing was how to start and build (or grow) a successful business (one that rewards you with lots of new clients and the lifestyle you want). Over and over again I heard from coaches asking for the 'secrets' to getting started and getting more clients.

I would tell them there is not one thing but NINE STEPS to building the business of their dreams.

I told them it's not tactics you need (they come and go), you need a blueprint - something that shows you how it all connects and how to build it... on step at a time, using the very best of what I have learned.

That's what leads to the creation of ...
The Ultimate Start-Up Blueprint
For Building A Successful Coaching, Training
Or Consultancy Business
OK, that's enough from me, I hand you over to Tom O'Connor who can tell you more about the exciting details of this course.

Hi, it's Tom. Starting a new business is an exciting adventure.

You see yourself doing the kind of work you've always wanted to do.

Being wildly successful.

If only you can get past niggling doubts and hesitations, the huge gaps in knowledge and 'know how' that almost all new entrepreneurs are missing.

That's where Start-Up CTC comes in.

It's the product of thousands of hours of real-world business building experience, designed to help you get your idea off the ground.

Inside Start-Up CTC (Coach, Training or Consultancy), Michael Breen teaches you the "building blocks" for creating the kind of success you've only dreamed of.

Using market-tested strategies and in-depth step-by-step worksheets you'll discover how to 'vet check' and launch your business idea so this year can become the time when you finally start to create the business success you want..

One that gives you the freedom, money and impact you desire.

And you can enjoy all of this for a fraction of the price it would cost you in trial and error testing.

Michael's taken the very best of nearly 3 decades of business building experience, starting and running multiple, hugely successful coaching, training and consultancies companies and combined it with the latest strategies and proven tactics to help you start and grow your own business. 

Completely from the ground up. With no prior business building experience required.
11 In Depth Business Start-Up Training Modules That Guide You Step-By-Step In How to Create A Successful  Business From Scratch

Inside Start-Up CTC you'll receive ELEVEN in depth business training modules that teach you the entire system for starting and building a successful coaching, training or consultancy business.

The entire course lasts 16 weeks.

As a Gold or Platinum member, each module is delivered in both video and audio format, so you'll be able to watch and follow along with Michael every step of the way.

The training starts with..

Module 1: Hard Wiring The Entrepreneur's Attitude For Success 
In module one you learn the key attitudes (yes there are more than one) to be successful in business including:
  • Michael's HIYB technique to identify what really stops you from having the success that you want and how to rid yourself of self-inflicted limitations

  • How to identify and eliminate any major limiting beliefs that are holding you back or act as brakes on your progress

  • Why having an employee mind set can be poisonous to starting a new business

  • Nine key truisms about starting-up that every successful entrepreneur uses to their advantage

  • A powerful strategy to turn frustrations, failures or set-backs into progress so they never hold you down

  • Michael's nine key behaviours for creating profit and success driven actions

  • What beliefs to have that generate the right kind of profit focused action
Module 2: Discovering A Market Segment You Can Win With
If you go after the wrong market segment you are unlikely to make real money or have an incredibly difficult time trying to persuade people to buy your service vs. offering a solution to someone who is keen to buy your offering.

In Module 2 you'll bypass the most common errors many entrepreneurs make and discover a market segment (or ready customers) you can really thrive with.

You'll learn…

  • The 9 killer niche evaluation questions to ask to discover a market segment that has a high probability of working

  • How to discover your strengths so you maximize your chances for building a successful business

  • Hear Michael's sage advice on how much money you need to leave paid employment (use this to benchmark how much you'll need before you leave employment)

  • The top three activities Michael recommends you do before you leave paid employment so you can maximize your chances of success

  • Discover 5 key mistakes to avoid when choosing a market

  • Learn a time tested strategy for generating niche options even if you have no idea what kind of niche you'll start up in

  • How to quickly test if your market segment can support your financial goals

  • What things you need to consider around financial planning so you don't run short of funds early on

  • What questions to ask to figure out if there is real money to be made in your target market

  • What to do if you've already chosen a market segment that isn't working

  • The 5 questions you need to ask so you don't dive into a creating a service that customers won't pay for

  • How to develop a detailed profile of your target customer that helps you sell and charge higher fees
Module 3: Prototyping A Winning Service Offering 

Most products and services fail within 3 months of launch. In this module you'll learn how to embrace iteration and market feedback to create an offering customers want.

You'll learn:

  • The #1 thing ever successful Coach, Trainer or Consultant sells (that makes them so successful) that most struggling CTCs completely miss

  • Discover the top two factors you are ALWAYS selling that allows you to charge MUCH MORE than your competitors

  • How to figure out what your target market is really looking for before the competition does

  • The six ways to establish your expertise, even if you are just starting out

  • How to leverage a killer process to generate a unique service offering that the marketplace actually wants a solution for

  • The 3 step process for developing the perfect 'Elevator Pitch' that catches the attention of potential customers and partners

  • The 4 key questions that if your service idea fails to pass means you'll want to redesign it or risk almost certain business hardship or failure

  • How to identify the underlying needs you are servicing in your market. Focus on meeting these needs and you can charge WAY more than your others and will be seen as a leader in your sector

  • Utilise two brilliant frameworks to help you come up with numerous ideas for creating a winning service offering even if you have no idea where to start

  • Plus much more...
 Module 4: Employing Powerful Sales and Marketing Processes 
To Make The Cash Register Ring

Sales and marketing is the engine room of your business. If there is one area that many new businesses falter with - it's a lack of knowledge about and attention to creating sales and marketing processes that work.

In this module you'll receive an intensive master boot camp on how to market and sell your service. You'll learn leading edge sales and marketing processes to help you make your cash register ring again and again. How to convert leads into customers.

You'll learn:
  • How to think about sales and marketing so it becomes something exciting that you want to do (not quietly avoid)

  • The 5 stages of the sales lifecycle that show you where to focus on and how to get more clients with greater ease

  • How to develop your service pitch so prospects what you have to offer and become loyal customers

  • The 8 stages of a successful sales communication that converts leads into customers (Master these and you'll have a steady flow of clients every month)

  • The 7 reasons why you will want to use the web as a powerful tool to help grow your business and how it's easier than you thought

  • The 6 key questions to ask when creating a new marketing campaign so you dramatically increase your chances of success

  • How to build a successful sales and marketing machine that converts 'cold leads' into raving customers

  • The 5 mistaken beliefs about marketing that cause endless new CTCs to fail but you can avoid
  • The 4 core activities you must do if you want a successful in business

  • Step-by-step instructions on how to implement several powerful sales processes for starting up your business including "the one strategy that always works", "structured selling and strategic marketing" and "endorsed host-beneficiary marketing" strategies

  • The secrets behind how to make more money from each customer

  • The #1 strategy used by top coaches and consultants to win new business

  • The most important day 1 and day priorities are for a new start-up business (understanding these will save you huge amounts of time in wasted effort and doing things that aren't important).

  • Plus much more...
Module 5: Hiring The Right People And Recruiting 
Key Partners For Your Business 

Success in business in the 21st century is a collaborative process. Whether you aspire to be a solo business owner or run large teams of people you'll need to know how to recruit, hire, work with and joint venture with many different kinds of people.

In this module you'll learn:

  • How outsourcing can be used to accelerate rapid growth (and free you to stay focused on serving customers)

  • The top five major priorities you need to get a handle on if you want to be a successful CEO

  • Which roles you must always have covered in any business

  • Where to find and hire great people or teams for a fraction of 'local' hiring costs

  • How to work with outsourced hires (and what pitfalls to avoid)

  • Discover what can be outsourced and also what should never be outsourced (that many people miss)

  • Learn the 5 major mindsets that hold people back from outsourcing and how to change it

  • Learn the right way to write a job specification that attracts top talent

  • Find out which pricing option to choose when posting a job and how to avoid getting ripped off

  • What criteria to consider and how to choose who to outsource your 'busy work' to

  • The 8 key practices get the best from your outsourced partners

  • Learn 4 key insights when building and running a large team

  • How to identify and recruit suitable strategic partners and joint ventures
  • Hear sage advice around hiring friends and family.

  • How to handle mis-hires and work with joint venture partners

  • What to pay attention to when creating joint venture relationships that can save you a TON of money, energy and time

  • Discover 11 key components to get right when forming effective strategic partnership agreements that grow your business

  • Plus more...
Module 6: Narrowing Your Focus And 
Elevating Your Commitment

Starting up a successful business requires impeccable habits of focus, drive and the willingness to push through challenges. Learn how to develop all 3 in this module.

Here you will learn how to focus so you stay zeroed in on the most important activities of your business and how to create steely determination to get you through tough times (which occur for at some point for everyone).

You'll learn:

  • How to find and keep focus on the most important activities

  • Which 3 patterns set successful entrepreneurs apart vs. those who fail

  • Six of the most pervasive pitfalls to avoid that trip many CTC's up

  • Discover which productivity habits are impacting you and what to change

  • How to organise your day, week and month for maximum success

  • How to elevate your commitment when times get tough

  • Michael's #1 tip for increasing your productivity so you can transform how effective you are

  • How to reduce distractions and keep laser focus on your goals

  • The importance of building strong relationships with friends, family and business partners.

  • Plus much more...
Module 7: Targeting The Right Actions For Starting Up 
And Running Your Business

In business there are always potentially hundreds if not thousands of things you could be doing but how do you identify which actions really matter and which don't?

This module show you how to target the few most important actions that are key for starting up.

In this module you'll learn:

  • How to focus on a small few actions that are essential to building profitable, successful coaching, training or consultancy business

  • The 5 key roles essential for every start-up

  • The 7 key activities that build a successful business (do these every day and you can't help but make traction)

  • What actions you should do every day to build a long term successful business

  • Discover a powerful strategy to create clarity so you know with certainty which results you should be working on

  • The 12 step process to planning like a pro that start-up pros and top flight project managers use

  • How to shift from big thinking and vision work to defining the key tasks that play a central role in your start-up success

  • Plus much more...
Module 8: Leverage The Power Of Metrics On Your Business

Most new businesses are flying blind because they don't measure what is important and don't know which numbers in business count the most.

In this module you'll discover:

  • Discover the core role metrics serve in every successful business

  • How using metrics to drive decisions can generate much higher profits and return on energy

  • The critical few numbers you must know and track

  • The three biggest excuses to eliminate so you roll out metrics quickly

  • Discover the top five rules to follow to see rapid return on investment for your time and money

  • Find out the which critical metrics to measure when carrying out rapid MVO tests.

  • Learn about the five key marketing and lead generation metrics you’ll want to track

  • Understand how you can generate more sales and earn higher profits when you track four key sales metrics

  • Hear about which five financial metrics Michael recommends you keep a close eye on as a

  • Hear Michael share what it takes to write your own ticket to success...

  • Which processes to use to start tracking your key numbers

  • Five key practical tips to make the transition to metrics smooth and fast

  • How knowing the numbers side of a business can generate much higher profit and a higher return on effort

  • See a demonstration of key tools in action and how you can use it to tailor your marketing to convert more customers

  • And more
Module 9: Business Building Secrets For Building 
A Successful Coaching Company

Although all businesses share many similarities for success, every industry has key differences. Differences that when you know and use enable you to make progress (and more money) much faster.

Inside module 9 Michael shares key "industry insights" on what it takes to build and run a successful coaching business.

You'll discover:

  • Why you must actively seek out people who are better than you (it's a rule every top-flight pro and business owner lives by)

  • What the top coaches do that make their businesses successful

  • The critical role of self-honesty and reflection if you want to be successful

  • Hear the most common reason Michael believes most CTCs have so much difficulty launching their business

  • Discover what will be really expected for you in order to succeed

  • What the top coaches do that make their business successful

  • What to consider when "working with friends" in business so your business can excel (so you can avoid the many pitfalls)

  • The harsh truth about WLB that many new coaching entrepreneurs mistakes

  • Discover what are the minimum prerequisite skills Michael recommends if you want to shift into the executive coaching space

  • #1 thing you are always selling as a coach that many coaches miss

  • What you need to focus on as a coach so you can grow quickly

  • Hear the kind of things Michael wish he knew when he started and what building a successful practice is all about
Module 10: Business Building Secrets For Building 
A Successful Training Company

Starting a professional training business is different from starting a coaching business. In module 10 Michael delves into the training specific insights you need to know about.

In this module you'll discover:

  • Learn about common organisational problems that training is mis-sold into to solve (and how you can avoid common mistakes of new trainers seeking to win corporate contracts)

  • The #1 method to getting through the door that you must get good with

  • Why you can't be just a trainer but also a consultant when providing corporate trainings

  • Discover key questions to ask early on to avoid training "car crashes"

  • The common pitfalls new trainers make when selling into corporate clients

  • The most common mistakes around start-up time and costs that most new trainers make

  • The risks you need to be aware of when you "farm out" training to someone else

  • What to attend to when considering doing training for other companies

  • Hear Michael's take on expanding via "the associate route"

  • The importance of learning how to co-train with others in live contexts

  • The need to hire and outsource fast when growing

  • The role of the back of room sales as part of a successful business

  • A powerful strategy to to introduce an additional revenue stream from corporate clients

  • The 6 top things Michael recommends to fast track your success as a trainer
Module 11: Business Building Secrets For Building 
A Successful Consultancy Company 

As a consultant you are expected to have the answer. Perhaps even more than a coach or trainer, you need to bring your 'A Game' and mastery of several diverse disciplines if you intend to be successful.

In this module you'll discover:

  • The secrets to getting "gigs" as a consultant

  • What the primary role of a consultant vs. a coach and why you want to be clear about which role you are serving

  • Why as a consultant you don't want to have clients "pay for your education"

  • Discover latest trends in the consultancy space

  • What you need to check first to avoid endless wasted hours trying to identify the real problem so you stand out from the competition

  • What are some key questions to help you qualify a real prospect

  • Hear examples of how Michael works as a consultant to create "quick results and wins" from day 1

  • What kind of information you want to pattern for early on that will help you radically increase your chances of success

  • Discover the critical importance of matching your prospective client's preferences in the sales
    context (this one insight alone can make a dramatic difference to winning more clients)

  • The 9 key things you need to make sure are present in any good pitch or "beauty pageant"

  • The counter-intuitive approach Michael uses to get the heart of a clients issue but that more effective and your clients will love you for

  • Learn about the critical role of generating "positive experiences" every time when interacting with potential clients

  • The 4 core roles Michael includes in every consultancy team he creates and you'll want to too
Read What Customers Have To Say 
About Start Up CTC Accelerator
John Lambert,  USA
"Before I entered Start-Up CTC I had my doubts about finding a service offering that people would buy and wondered about level of market readiness in my area (for what I do) and how long it would take to bring an offering to market.
Having enrolled, I can now say that the value delivered and usefulness of the material taught in Start-Up CTC is exceptional. The quality of the product, depth and breath of topics covered are excellent. The program included so much…

I really liked that it was not ‘framed’ as NLP and learned a great deal from the assignments, particularly about service and what it means to serve. I am now much quicker to eliminate people that simply are not the right people to work with and found the importance of offering several different offerings very beneficial. The online training made the program really accessible and the mentoring was excellent.

Start-up CTC represents a minimal cost with great upside potential. I really doubt that there are many training that are close to being as comprehensive and actually Ask for feedback, regularly. It gets my full recommendation. Thank you for making it available."
Elizabeth Hammond, Chairperson TXG Limited, UK 
“There is no doubt that the coaching industry has seen a huge boom and with it a proliferation of Coaching "Guru's" promising "the world", so it can be difficult to determine can this person REALLY deliver results?

My answer for Michael is a resounding YES. Michael is someone I count again and again, to deliver world class coaching services and completely dependable business building advice. I trained with him when I first started out and he now even sits on our advisory board.  Not only is he an exceptional coach and consultant (amongst other things)  he is exceptionally intuitive and is able to deal with almost any issue... versatility is a key and rare word here.

There is NO ONE I could recommend more highly than Michael. He brings 
an exceptional depth and breadth of coaching, consulting and training experience, at all levels, that make him a trusted expert any successful coach or business owner would want to work with. If you get the chance, my advice is jump at it."  
Gabrielle Gache, Director 
Power of Words
 "Michael has an ability to put a point across in such a way that it appears to be the most obvious way of thinking and being. 

His observations of the business world back up everything that he says."
Adriano De Matteis, Italy
“Over the past few years I have participated in several NLP Times coaching and 'apprentice' type courses - each time expanding my skill set and enjoying the live contact with Michael. Yet as someone directly involved in business generation, I wasn't sure at first if Start-Up CTC was for me, as I already had many of the competencies. After speaking with Tom I quickly realized it would be a good opportunity for a systematic review of all that is needed to make a business thrive.

Michael and Tom did an excellent job identifying and teaching the 'difference that makes the difference' for each component of a successful start up business. The focus on "rapid prototyping" and recursive innovation to create an offer the marketplace wants was really valuable. I also found the material on coaching sessions, client engagement and contracting really helpful and am now using these skills with clients.

I recommend the course to anybody who is willing to have a reality check on what's really needed to succeed in the CTC business area nowadays especially if your experience so far has been almost exclusively attending seminars and workshops.

Thank you guys!” 
Richard Stacey,  
Trainer UK
“I came into the program with an idea for what I wanted to accomplish, but with no background in marketing, since I'd always worked for a large company in technical development. I'd read books about marketing, but didn't know where to start or how to pull it all together. I'd attended previous courses with Michael Breen, so when I heard about Start-Up CTC I signed up right away.

My big idea was to run training courses for people who were anxious about giving presentations, showing them what they needed to do to achieve confident delivery. Encouraged by Michael to jump straight in with a 'Minimum Viable Offering', I rented a location in central London and put on a 2 hour workshop called 'Confidence Tricks'. The idea was to try things out as soon as possible, gathering feedback along the way.

Using just one of Michael's marketing techniques ('The One Strategy that Always Works') I targeted potential attendees, and got a 10% conversion rate. The response was great, and I've now run the workshop more than a dozen times to paying clients, with many of them expressing an interest in further workshops." 
Over 24 Hours Of Expert
Start-Up Training.
200 Expert Video Lessons Covering All 9 Key Areas Of Starting A Successful Coaching, Training or Consultancy Business.
Jam Packed With Market Tested Start-Up Strategies, Hundreds Of Pages Of Step-By-Step Assignments. Everything You Need From Coming Up With Your Idea To Testing Your Offering, Generating Sales & Hiring & Joint Venturing With Others.

It's All Here.

Inside One Life Changing Course.
 What's The Structure & Time Commitment?
Start-Up CTC is delivered  entirely online over 16 weeks.
Every two weeks for the first seven modules you will receive a new training module and accompanying action workbooks. The final 4 modules are delivered over a 4 week period.

Each training module workbook is designed to guide you step-by-step through exactly what you need to do next to progress your business to a successful launch.

The good news is whether you've got just an hour a week to work on your start-up or already have taken the leap and are working on it full time...
Start-Up CTC has a time commitment that will suit you. 
Each training module is designed to work around your schedule.
  • Modular training - focused on key business start-up topic
  • Short 'bite sized' video lessons, each typically 5 minutes in length
  • Instant download access
  • Overt and explicit step by step instruction
  • All ready for you to view online or download and watch on your computer, Ipad, smartphone and tablet.
All 11 training modules are available online and available for download 
for your own convenience. 
This way you can consume each module while you’re on the go, commuting to work or out and about.

So even if you have a very demanding schedules (like many of our other happy clients), you'll can still make major progress with this program.

By investing a couple of hours on yourself and your business each week putting in to practice the powerful start-up strategies you’ll learn inside this course, you can go from a complete stand still to getting a new business up and running (or grow the one you have).

You will spend most of your time quickly moving from learning to doing; applying what Michael teaches and using real work feedback to grow your business.

Your main investment of time will be in putting the strategies into action. Using real world market feedback to then grow your business.
 Who Is This Training For?
Start-Up CTC is for anyone who:
  • Wants to leave their ‘day job’ and start their own business, but isn’t sure where to start and wants the lowest risk and highest chance of success. You’ve got a passion for doing your ‘thing’, but not sure how to make a reliable business from it.
  • Has already left their ‘day job’ and wants to discover how to get more clients, develop an offering people want to buy and fast-track their young business using proven strategies and systems that attract more clients.
  • Has already started building their service business e.g. doing coaching, training or consulting etc, had some early successes and would like expert step-by-step training on how to grow or rebuild your business with the help of a veteran business building mentor. Basically you've started but you are not yet satisfied that you are getting the results you want but keen to take things to the next level.
If any of these describe you and you’re willing to put in the work then Start-Up CTC is right for you... 
With that said, let's talk about who this program is not for... 
  • People who want success without effort (or looking for get rich scheme or instant 'magic bullet'). Building a successful business, one that give you the financial, time and personal freedom you desire is not an overnight affair. It's a transformation process. It takes work and effort. Success comes when you are doing many things right at once.

  • People who have mature businesses or are beyond the 'start-up' phase (typically beyond the $200,000 per year)
If either is true for you please do not apply.

Lastly, Start-Up CTC will teach you the key areas you must get right, however Michael cannot do the work for you. Implementing what you learn will be up to you and will require work on your behalf.
When you use what is taught inside Start-Up CTC you'll enjoy dramatically increased prospects of creating and launching a successful business, cut potentially years off 'trial and error' learning and will discover precisely what to do and stop doing so you can create the lifestyle you desire faster than ever before.Doing so will make this course easily worth ten times your investment.
How Much Does Start-Up CTC Cost?
Answer: Very little... for the major benefits, advantages and increased success you can enjoy when you put these powerful tactics and proven startup strategies to work with Michael Breen as your guide.
What Michael teaches in this program is the product of 30 years of building multi-million pounds businesses. Highly successful coaching, training and consultancy companies that dominated their markets.

As a renowned Master Trainer, Celebrity Executive Coach and leading Management Consultant Michael's used what he knows to build highly successful businesses in the coaching, training and consultancy sectors. In this powerful programme, he lays it out for you in step-by-step easy to follow fashion.
In this course, he takes you behind the curtain - teaching you what it takes and how to build expert time tested business-building advice and strategies that are absent from just about every coaching, training or consultancy course in operation today.

For a limited time only we’ve put together an exclusive offer for you… before I reveal it let me show you exactly what you’ll receive inside this breakthrough Start-Up training programme. 
Arm Yourself With The Very Best In-Depth 
Start-Up Education For Coaches, Trainers and Consultants
Available Today And Enjoy Our Special 
Promotion Price
Michael Breen has invested well over $170,000 on his own training and more than 50,000 hours of real-world business building experience to learn what he teaches in this program.

You'll benefit from the best of 3 decades of business building experience by an entrepreneur who has dominated the markets he has entered.

Over 1200 MAN hours were invested in creating this course.

An entire team of behind the scenes resources worked night and day (literally) many times to meet the demands of the pilot version of this course.

Up until now the only way to learn what Michael teaches in this course was to be either:

  • A high paying private client paying big consultancy fees, or

  • A member of an elite pilot group who paid USD $4,997.00 to learn these strategies. 

But I understand that not everyone can afford that kind of investment.

In total, we've jam-packed $9,482.00 of value into this course.

Yet you won't have to pay anything close to that.

Past customers paid more than USD $4,997.00 to attend the live training of this course. 

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  • Employing Powerful Sales & Marketing Processes To Make The Cash Register Ring 
  • Hiring The Right People & Recruiting Key Partners For Your Business 
  • Narrowing Your Focus & Elevating Your Commitment 
  • Targeting The Right Actions For Starting-Up And Running Your Business 
  • Leveraging The Power Of Metrics On Your Business 
  • Business Building Secrets For Building A Successful Coaching Company 
  • Business Building Secrets For Building A Successful Training Company 
  • Business Building Secrets For Building A Successful Consultancy Company 
MP3 Audio Downloads 
You'll also receive 200 MP3 audio downloads of each video track for easy offline listening.
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