BREAKING NEWS: A HUGE DISRUPTION For Coaches Everywhere Is On It's Way… 
“Why Life Coaches May Soon Be Replaced By A New Breed of AI Coaching Technologies That Can Coach Better, Learn Quicker & Cost Less...” 
...And How One Celebrity Coach Is Having Amazing Success
Teaching A Brilliant NEW Coaching System That Has Coaches Creating Far Better Results, Earning More by Doing Less!

(Propeling Them FAR Ahead of AI & The Competition... ) 
Dear Friend,

Behind closed doors in Silicon Valley and across Europe, computer programmers are working hard to disrupt the field of coaching as you know it. Serious VC investors are investing millions of dollars in 'coaching technology' companies,  each wanting to become the first 'Uber' of Coaching.

In Europe right now, one company has already secured an investment of $50 million in just the past 3 years, as they and other rivals  deploy Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology into their coaching  apps.

You may not know their name yet, but soon will as the fusion of  AI technology and coaching apps disrupts the traditional idea of coaching as you know it.


… if you’re reading this letter, you’re one of the lucky few who is getting an early heads up...

... and can be ready to prosper in the next big wave of change hitting the coaching industry.
“The Era of AI Coaching is Coming”
Are You Prepared?
Coaching is in the first stage of a technology revolution.

One that could see many coaches replaced by Artificial Intelligence (AI) applications and always on 24x7 virtual coaches that literally are just a touch or voice request away.

But I’m jumping ahead.

Let’s look at where coaching has come from to see where coaching is going.

In a few short years our industry has come very far.

Think about it.

Go back a decade and...
... life coaching was seen as a fad by many.
The world's biggest search engine - Google, showed the public had real concerns about the legitimacy of coaching.

Many bloggers and journalists were critical about life coaching and the ‘wash’ of people offering to life coach others, where they had very little experience of life themselves, yet promised to coach away any kind of problem.

If we’re frank, life coaching had a bit of a bad name.

People didn’t want to talk openly, for fear they’d be laughed at or ridiculed.

The NYT summed it up with:
“… having a coach was sort of a dirty little secret — you kept it to yourself.” 

- New York Times 
Then came the horror stories.

Poorly trained life coaches taking on clients that were in need of therapy not coaching. Disaster followed.

Sleazy sales people smelt an opportunity and started selling 'certified coaching' courses to anyone willing to pay  ... only to offer very poor training with zero education on how to get clients.

Various groups started calling for regulation of the coaching industry.

Then seemingly out of no-where, three trends took hold that would change the face of coaching forever, elevate it in to the mainstream awareness and pave the way for the ‘AI coach’…
Three Major Trends That Are Catapulting
Coaching In To The Mainstream

(And Paved The Way For The AI Coach) 
Every story has a beginning and if we were to drop a pin, a good place to start the story of how life coaching made the move from unknown to mainstream would be with the economic crash of 2007.

Three trends took hold…
Trend #1: Workplace Disruption
The Economic Crash of 2007 disrupted the global workplace. We all felt it.

The crash meant many individuals facing unemployment decided to become life or executive coaches and many people unsure about their next steps needed life coaching!

Ever since then the workforce continues to be disrupted. There has been a huge rise in the ‘gig economy’. Work has radically changed and continues to change.

Today in 2021 - with everything that has happened with COVID, the crash of 2007 and the subsequent disruption to the global workplace makes 2007 look like a minor blip. Everyone of us has been forced over the past year to work from home and the landscape of work has changed in ways unimaginable. As the world begins to come out of lockdown and begin the long road of recovery, the pressures for having skills you can use from anywhere like coaching, is even MORE important.

The second trend that  has become even more evident in the past 5 years has been...
Trend #2: Technology Disruption
Technology is driving innovation and innovation is accelerating change.

Investors are looking at the possibilities for disruption in coaching like they once did with Uber.

Today, change is all around us and changes are coming faster than ever.

From the tablets to smartphones to Facebook, Google, Uber to self-driving cars, genetic engineering and drone deliveries to your home - it seems a heck of a lot has happened in the past decade. 
“Change is avalanching upon our heads and most people are grotesquely unprepared to cope with it.” 

- Alvin Toffler, FutureShock
What’s for sure is much more change is yet to come.

What we all take for granted today, won’t be the same in five years from now.

Work will have changed.

Technology will have changed.

And coaching will have taken a leap forward - in fact; it’s already begun.

(More on this shortly)

Everywhere you look, we are living through a time of incredible innovation and increasingly automation.

And automation and innovation are bringing profound change.

That’s a good thing for coaches.

Because change brings uncertainty and when people feel uncertain they look to others for help and guidance.

That’s where coaches can help.

Great coaches are skilled at helping people move through the transition generated by change, and excel at helping clients catalyse their resources to achieve their dreams and goals.

It’s a skill more and more employers want as you’ll discover shortly.

And the interesting thing is: the rate of change is no longer constant.

According to researchers the rate of change is accelerating. This has big implications for us all. As you’ll about to learn shortly, technology and digital innovation is driving a revolution in coaching.

Unlike any other we’ve seen before.

But first we need to understand why.

And to do that we need to follow the money.

Or to know more about the big financial drivers behind the next wave of coaching…

It all began when…
Trend #3: Business Leaders Started To Want Coaching
(To Help Cope With Accelerating Changes & To Drive Organisational Performance)
With technology and digital disruption and innovation here to stay - entire industries are being turned upside down. And leaders know it.

No industry is safe.

To help handle the change, more and more leaders started to hire executive coaches… on the quiet to begin with.

You see, executive coaching once carried a stigma.

Now, it’s viewed as a perk, a sign of having arrived at the top.

And to cope with the never-ending changes, more and more leaders turned to coaching as a means to create high performance teams.  

Companies began to offer coaching for entire teams.

This lead to the rise of the ‘team coach’, 'the agile coach', the high performance coach etc.

Everyone seemed to be getting in on the coach phenomena, and the skepticism about the industry began to quickly change.
News articles started to show up talking up the ‘Secret Weapon’ of billion dollar CEO’s.

(Their coaches)

All of a sudden coaching in business was embraced. Not just because it felt good, or looked good - but because it makes strong economical sense too. 
For example, a global survey of coaching clients by PriceWaterhouseCoopers concluded that the mean ROI for companies investing in coaching was seven times that of the initial investment.

Companies like those kind of returns
Decision-makers, including Bill Gates, have embraced coaching as a powerful tool to create ‘high performance’ cultures in their organisations.

Word spread.


Other CEOs wanted to get coaching for themselves and their teams.

By this stage the questions about coaching had changed from:

“Is life coaching a real thing” and “should it be regulated?”

“Everyone Needs A Coach.”
“Does coaching provide a good return on investment?”


“Who does your coaching?”

Even Harvard University established a school of coaching, through it’s Institute of Coaching, while Forbes formed the Forbes Coaching Council.

Coaching has suddenly became the in-skill that people and companies want.

And it’s my belief that…
Coaching Is About To TRANSFORM
We’re still in the early stages of mainstream uptake of coaching.

The nah-sayers are done.

Coaching is "the new consulting" and is only going ONE way; Up.
The intersection of workplace, technology and business disruption has changed the face of coaching forever.

COVID has only amplified the need for coaches of every kind. Life coaches, career coaches, agile coaches. Entire organisations are adopting a 'coaching culture' starting from the top.

But the changes that have elevated and transformed coaching aren’t done.

There is a new kind of coach that is hoovering up huge market share.

And you haven’t competed with this type of coach before.

It’s going to change things all over again.

Neither life or executive coaches will be cocooned from the impact, that this new category of coach will bring.
It’s a coach that will cost less, learn faster, and do more.

And big names like Google, Facebook, Apple and Amazon have invested BILLIONS in the underlying technology that is at the heart of the this new breed of Coach…

… Artificial Intelligence.

In the next 36 months the coaching industry will see… 
The Rise Of The Automated Coach
(The Greatest Opportunity or
Threat to Your Career?) 
Everyone today has heard of Siri, Cortana, Google Assistant or Amazon Alexa.

They have become WILDLY popular. But did you know they are all examples of artificial intelligence applications (also know as AI chatbots) that are used by millions everyday and are getting better all the time.

Just recently Google demonstrated an update to Google Assistant.

Did you see it?

In the demo, Google Assistant called a restaurant and a hairdresser and booked a table and an appointment, without the human on the other end of the line ever knowing they were speaking to an algorithm! 
And it worked flawlessly. 

That’s how fast and good AI is becoming.

Microsoft has already got AI that’s as good as humans at listening… on the phone.

But what has Siri, Cortana and Alexa got to do with coaching you ask? 

People have problems.
People have goals.
People need help changing.

Big companies like Google, Facebook and Microsoft need to come up with new and better ways to capture and harness people’s attention and direct it to their platforms.

Because in todays’ world:

Attention = Value.
What better way to keep and guarantee people’s attention on their platform, than to provide FREE COACHING, ON DEMAND - from a smart AI Coach, available to every man, woman and child, anywhere.

The ones that do this best, will have built a very powerful reason to stay with a specific platform.

In the beginning these ‘automated coaches’ will focus on self-coaching.

They’ll listen, not judge, ask good questions, curate resources and be available 24 hours a day.

And do it for free.

How will YOU compete with that? 
“AI will be a far more formidable competitor than any human, we will be in a frantic race to stay relevant.”

- Harvard Business Review 
This type of shakeup is already on it’s way.

Once it lands, ‘overnight’ we can expect three things:

1. Coaching Will Go Mainstream.

Many more people will be exposed to a coaching dialogue through an AI app than was ever possible before, moving coaching in to the mainstream, beyond the current 17% market awareness that the International Coaching Federation (ICF) has previously reported.

2. Many Coaches Will Be Replaced.

In the AI age “Being a Good Coach” won’t be enough

Many coaches will struggle to compete against ‘free’ and won’t be able to stay relevant. Ultimately many coaches will be pushed out of the industry or replaced by AI coaches.

3. Forward thinking coaches (and coaching organisations) will prosper.

They’ll ride the wave of opportunity and up-skill themselves to stay relevant, charge more and use AI tools to augment their coaching offerings as more people enter the market and more companies seek to roll out company wide coaching.

This is an alarm and opportunity worth listening to.

But things are moving FAST.

Don’t take my word for it.

Look to the ICF:

The International Coaching Federation, a non-profit organisation decided to professional coaching with over 30,000 members.

In 2017 the ICF held their first ever forum for Artificial Intelligence and Coaching in Paris.

Among the key insights they shared was:

“The Future of Coaching is AI”

And industry:

Major tech companies have invested billions in AI and as you’re about to learn there is a host of startups working on AI Coaching apps.

And leading universities:

MIT, Stanford and University of Cambridge have all been involved with AI based coaching apps.

Even Tony Robbins recently invested in an AI Company.
“There’s An AI Coach For That” 
Think about it.

Facing a difficult conversation with a colleague?

Need to figure out how to motivate an underperforming team?

Need to get clarity on the next big move for your life?

Want to lose weight?

There are problems experienced by millions of people everyday.

And very soon, there will be an AI coach to help with them.

(And every other coaching request)

Available on your smartphone.

Embedded in to your chat messaging apps. 
“Virtual help is on the way.” 

Entrepreneurs are already creating AI apps that deliver coaching conversations and even therapy.

From ‘Coach Otto’ to ‘Coach Charlie’ to ‘Pocketconfidant'. A new breed of disruptive AI coaching apps are coming to the masses. 
“The Dawn Of the Robot Coach?”

Virtual coaches may sound futuristic but they are already in development.

Companies such as, PocketConfident, VoiceVibes, Orai and GiantOtter, are among a host of new AI-driven coaching apps that are already bringing the first generation of AI coaching apps to market. 
Accessible at a moments notice, to provide feedback, coaching and help.

And many will be FREE!

And used extensively by everyday people and across entire business organisations.

Major corporations (Walmart, Citi, GE) and Venture Capital firms are already using and funding the new wave of coaching AI applications.

But it’s not all bad news, because… 
The Coaching Field is WIDE OPEN
(For Coaches Who Can Do This
As I highlighted earlier, coaching is about to go truly mainstream and be used by more people than ever before.


... a lot of coaches will be left behind.

The first generation of the 'AI Coach' is already here and is having great success being used by organisations.

However it’s not all bad news because the field of coaching is wide open - for those who can get RESULTS for their clients.

But not by looking and sounding like every other coach or AI robot!

You see most coaching schools teach the ‘theory’ of coaching and give a prescriptive set of coaching tools like ‘wheel of life’ framework and basic coaching questions which anyone and everyone uses.

(Not unlike what a first generation AI coach will do.)

Using the same approach everyone else is using isn’t going to help you stand out or stay relevant.

Especially if you are competing against FREE and 24x7, ‘a coach in your clients pocket’ that can learn faster than you, is supported by a TEAM of bright engineers and mentor coaches, and will be available anytime the client wants.

Nor is using the same coaching tools and techniques going to help against the ever increasing numbers of people who are churning through the big coaching schools every day.

Your coaching needs to go to the NEXT LEVEL 
To Get To The Next Level You’ve Got To Go Beyond Traditional Coaching Models 
That’s what One Maverick Coach - Master Coach Michael Breen has been working on.

You see as a coach, manager, or aspiring coach to be - you know that coaching is about unlocking people’s potential.

But more than unlocking potential - if you want to stay relevant and be valued by clients in today’s highly competitive coaching world, a world soon to see an influx of free automated and always on AI coaches…

… you must be able to create measurable RESULTS.

And create MORE VALUE for your clients than the competition.

Most coaching programs today have you  follow a fixed procedure and it’s your job as a coach, to fit their coaching models onto the coachees problem or desire!

For the most part, the traditional approach seems to be that it doesn’t matter what worldview or challenges a client brings to a situation - traditional approaches have a perspective “do it our way”, use ABC tool approach.

An approach that must be easy to duplicate and limited in its usefulness if it is to be taught to tens of thousands of coaches.

An approach that looks and sounds like every other coach, that learns those prescriptive frameworks.

What’s been missing up until now, is a model that goes beyond coaching techniques and tools to one that focuses on the actual functions of coaching - what is happening when coaching is working well.

The patterns that underpin great coaching when it is occurring.

For the past several years Master Coach Michael Breen has been developing a NEW coaching model.

It’s not like any coaching model you have seen before.

It’s called the ADVISORS PLANS model...

... and for the first time ever you can learn a better way to coach from the comfort of your own home inside our BRAND NEW program - Coach Right. 
Created by Master Coach Michael Breen, Coach Right gives you an ALL NEW professional coaching system so that you can…

… coach like a pro and run professional coaching sessions with confidence (even if you're NEW to coaching)

… get results for your clients in every session

… win more clients and stay relevant

while building a thriving professional practice.

Coach Right ensures that you know what to do and when to do it even if you’re a novice coach.

In this program you’ll learn a simple and effective coaching model that will get you started fast - it’s called ADVISORS PLANS and students love it for its simplicity and effectiveness.

If you’re just starting out, Coach Right will show you a step-by-step process for “starting strong” and running professional sessions.

You’ll discover the 6 stages to delivering great coaching and learn how to do what you LOVE better than you ever have…

… in a way that clients love the results and the experience too.

If you’re already a coach, Coach Right offers the opportunity to take a look at how you coach in a whole new way, where small tweaks can lead to dramatically increasing your coaching skills and the RESULTS you can get for your clients.

If you’re a manager or leader looking to up your game; Coach Right gives you the tools to work effectively and elegantly by better coaching your people.

Coach Right is different to other coaching courses.

Rather than give you more fixed techniques and fixed ways of coaching people (which assumes everyone should be coached the same procedural way), you’ll learn to coach by the actual functions of coaching – not the ideas, styles or theories of coaching – but through what is happening when coaching is working well.

Finally, you’ll go beyond mere techniques of coaching to learning the functions, used by elite coaches to get results for clients in every session.

And now for the first time ever available to the public the recordings of Michael Breen’s two-day masterclass workshop are available.

 The program starts with: 
Your Personal Transformation
The biggest difference you’ll have on your clients is the transformation work you do on yourself. If you want to become the best coach you can be, who consistently creates results for clients, you need to go to work on you!
You'll Learn:
  • The surprising truth about your feelings that clients don’t know that you can use to help them recover emotional choice fast…
  • How to train yourself to discover possibilities beyond where you have been so you can have a whole different life! (Track 2 -  7:00)
  • The amazing occult insight about money and how to liberate yourself from the idea that you can’t make the money you’d like. (Track 08 - 7:00)

  • Michael’s killer question to help you quickly discover a version of yourself that is more able and capable than the person you are being right now so you can create the life you want. (Track 07 - 00:08)
  • Great question for getting distance on yourself when you feel stuck.

  • Simple process and 3 brilliant questions Michael recommends you ask that enables you to let go of the past, eliminate incompletes in your life and frees you up to arrange your resources to get more of what you truly want. Works great with clients too! (Track 06)
  • Why paying attention to your past dreams and fantasies can unlock powerful states and resources you had long forgotten but can recover in a moment.
  • Why and how you should vet your dreams, and help your clients do the same, so you don’t fall in to the ‘danger’ of getting what you say you want - but it doesn’t make you happy (extremely common and yet most coaches don’t know how to do this).
  • What Michael regards as the real demonstration of your learning that he looks for in himself, his clients and encourages you to look for in yourself that moves you light years ahead of most coaches once you do it. (Track 15 -17:55)
  • The mind-blowing insight about reality that top coaches know, that once you embody will transform your attitude to problems, limitations and feelings of any lack. (Track 09 - 2:00)
  • The one pattern Michael uses with clients that you can apply right away on your dreams and goals so you enjoy greater happiness and fulfillment today and drop goals that don’t serve you.

  • Why there is no such thing as ‘clean language’ or ‘no influence coaching’ once you realise one fundamental insight about language that most coaches miss.
  • Why as a coach you don’t have to be the one who knows… and what Michael suggests you do instead.
  • 4 questions to unblock feelings of stuckness in yourself or others.
  • Why you always want to be retraining your perpetual filters if you want to excel year after year. (Track 2 - 11:45)
  • Discover what a coach really does (it’s much bigger than what you’ve likely thought before).

  • 3 strategies for dealing with all the negative programming that is holding you back and was programmed in to you (do this and your life becomes far easier). (Track 09 - 08:00)
  • The #1 thing you MUST do if you coach high performers that makes you look amazing.
  • The secret about the secret that most coaches don’t know! (Understand this and manifesting things become much easier…)
  • The “fantastic gift” Michael suggests you give to yourself that powerfully affects your clients. (Track 13 - 6:52)
  • Tips and tricks on how to self-coach yourself so you lead by example.
  • The Secret of people whose lives are continuously expanding and growing. (Track 16 - 19:20)
  • The attitude inspired from a hit Hollywood movie that when you embrace will transform your life

  • The one mental ‘trick’ Michael recommends every coach train themselves to… that eliminates fear/uncertainty/doubt when you don’t know what to do next. (Track 23 - 1:10)
When the foundation to transform yourself has begun Michael introduces… 

Coach Right
Principles And Mechanics:

Here’s where you’ll build a solid foundation on how to coach right from the start. With a strong foundation and solid first principles for coaching right, you’ll be able to help a much wider group of people and create value and results in every session. 
You'll Learn: 
  • Overcome common misunderstandings about what coaches do so you start right, start strong and create results in every session.
  • What top coaches do and how they prepare to coach; so they always show up to do great work that gets results. (Track 12)
  • Learn Michael’s unique framework for penetrating a client’s belief and value system so you can effect change quickly (super powerful). (Track 04)

  • The vital role of duty of care and what it means that many new coaches don’t know.
  • The 5 reasons why top coaches keep notes and you should do… (Track 19)
  • 4 things you should keep in your notes. (Track 15)
  • The most important piece of advice Michael received about note taking as a coach... after spending millions on professional legal advice…
  • Michael’s foolproof process for keeping clients happy, keeping their focus on what’s working and stops issues from arising -  a must learn strategy. (Track 06 - 18:00)
  • Explore what the function of a coach is (it’s not what you’ve been told) so you always know exactly what you are there to do when working with your clients.

  • Discover what clients really want that many new coaches overlook at their peril. When you fail to do this, clients don’t stay clients for long!
  • The big magic trick of coaching that once you can do this for your clients, they’ll hire you again and again. (Track 08 - 1:25)
  • How to pattern and pay attention to a client’s map or model of the world so you can uncover opportunities to catalyse change and evoke them into action.
  • Learn Michael’sSwiss Army Knife of Change” toolkit refined and developed over 3 decades as an elite coach and one of the worlds foremost NLPers.
  • The two things that you must get right before you start working with someone if you want to create results your clients love (even seasoned coaches miss this).

  • The one vital pattern you must find out if you want to truly create breakthrough results for your clients, that almost every coach misses. (Track 3: 11:39)
  • Limitation Transformer: Discover the linguistic structure of limitations and how clients express them; and how to change them with ease once you do this. (Track 09 - 5:49)
  • Goal Clarifier: Discover the counter-intuitive insight about what clients say they want that ‘average’ coaches mistakenly take for granted about clients’ goals but top coaches do not because they know it very often is NOT what they are actually seeking. (Track 06 - 00:10)
  • Winning Attitudes: Learn the mindset and attitudes Michael recommends every coach starts with, that top coaches demonstrate before every client session (Track 09)
  • Commitment: Hear examples of the lengths Michael is willing to go to, to make sure his clients follow through and get the results they want out of life.
  • The 4 key questions to ask yourself anytime a client presents a problem that transforms problems in to simply a series of activities your client can do.
  • The 3 positions most coaches overlook that top coaches never do - that enables them to co-create powerful results with their clients. (Track 10 - 11:00)

  • #1 thing you must NOT do if you coach high performers or you risk getting fired and ruining your reputation. (Track 5 - 6:30)
  • 5 great questions to ask at the beginning of every session.
  • Troubleshooting tips and questions to help clients who aren’t getting what they want.
  • What makes human-to-human coaching unique that no automated coach can match (Track 13 - 2:30) and great coaches exemplify when coaching clients.
  • What NOT to do. It may be a surprise but some people who are certified as coaches have been taught principles that simply do not belong in coaching and get in the way of their clients getting results.
  • The 2 types of coaching (Track 5 - 4:30) and why it’s important that you’re aware of which type of coaching your clients’ need so you can adjust or tailor your style to fit their needs and create results FAST

  • Values - How to work with them… discover what a value really is and how to find out what makes it important to your client … so you can help your clients get what they actually need and want; which may be different from what they have expressed! Pro insight. (Track 5 - 16:35)
  • The 2 key attributes of great coaches, Michael trusts and hires vs. those he won’t and never recommends. (Track 13 - 00:45)
  • A “fantastic question” every coach should ask themselves on a frequent basis that instantly helps you elevate and change your coaching game. Perfect for new coaches and experienced coaches to consider. (Track 4 - 5:50)
  • Discover how the human mind makes up our maps/models of the world; and how you, once you pattern the mapping process of the mind, can quickly shift presumed problems and uncover new solutions and resources in a flash. (Track 04 - 1:28)
  • The #1 thing you MUST do if you coach high performers that makes you look amazing.
  • The 4 types of coaching issues coaches bring and 6 ways to address them.
  • Why your previous coaching sessions don’t work.

  • The secrets of bringing your A-game to every coaching session.

  • What to do anytime a client comes to you and says “I just want to be happy” so you can quickly help them get what they actually want.
  • Principles of ethical practice.
  • What NLP is really all about that many NLP trained coaches miss or fail to create with their clients.
  • The #1 thing Michael suggests new coaches do that dramatically increase your confidence and competence as a coach. Hint: It’s something many coaches under-estimate. (Track 15 - 20:00)

  • Why if you are the kind of coach who likes to jump in to help solve your clients problems right away - you may actually be making a huge mistake! (Track 20 - 07:05)

  • The 1 thing you should focus on if you only have time for one thing.
  • Learn Michael 2x2 coaching framing that shows you there are only two kinds of problems and only four paths you’ll need to use in most coaching situations. (Genius)

Along the way you’ll also learn… 
Coachee Psychology
(Or what makes them tick... so you can facilitate
effective change and transformation)
Many coaching programs tell you people are different but don’t teach you tools or underlying process to help you track and change unwanted behaviours.

Throughout the course Michael shares insights and tactics learned from almost 3 decades as a coach on how to discover what is unique and relevant for you to know that will help you do effective coaching that gets results. 
You'll Learn: 
  • How to find out what your clients are really pursuing that’s rarely expressed in their overt communication but is vital to understand if you are going to do effective work.
  • How to quickly map out what keeps your clients stuck and what to change so you can work like a pro and create meaningful results in every session
  • What vampires can teach us about being becoming better coaches!

  • Discover the easy way to work with a client's beliefs the seat of deep and rapid change.
  • Why you want to pay attention to how a client makes choices in everyday activities so you can uncover how they are organised and what they are really seeking so you can help them get it.
  • How the cultural programming process starts as a babies and continues on to adulthood. Once you realise how it happens you can help your client (and yourself) more easily let go of past conditioning, fears and labels and explore new possibilities. (Track 5 - 19:45)
  • How to detect and uncover what a client is actually valuing and doing that is getting in the way of what they want.

  • Why suggestions and offers to help bounce off of clients when you make this mistake and what to do instead so your questions and suggestions are happily accepted and acted on.  
  • The #1 thing you need to do first with clients stuck in a loop of “I can’t do it” or “It can’t be done”.
  • DTS: The mechanism by which client’s stay the stay and struggle to change. (Track 19 - 16:30)

  • The 3-Word killer question that you can ask any client when they are stuck or unsure what the next step is that immediately gets them going. (Track 23 -  1:10) 
Take Your Coaching Skills To The Next Level
With Elite NLP Tools And Advanced Tricks
As a coach or aspiring coach to be, NLP offers an incredibly powerful set of tools and insights about how to create change and learning.

In Coach Right you’ll learn some of the best insights about how to use key components of the NLP toolkit to create dramatically better results.

 You’ll learn to apply the power of NLP to coaching from one of the worlds leading NLP masters and thought leaders.
You'll Learn: 
  • Discover how inference, scope and cause-effect works below the conscious level for your clients to create seeming fixed realities and stuck states.
  • Belief change: Discover how you can quickly break ‘limiting beliefs’ once you understand and do this. (Track 08 - 2:15)
  • Learn deep insights about how to use the Meta Model to create the seeming impossible and quickly change your clients’ beliefs without sounding like a robot!

  • Radical Insights - Why there is no such thing as values (and why you’d do well to remember that when working with clients, plus what Michael suggests you do instead that makes working with ‘beliefs’ and ‘values’ much more effective and easier to change…)
  • Discover a remarkable idea about the unconscious you’ve almost certainly overlooked that could be holding you back as a coach.
  • Hear a perfectly clear definition of what installation is and watch Michael demonstrates it over and over again; really useful to know since coaching is all about learning. (Track 05 - 10:31)
  • See Michael demonstrate the important role non-verbal communication plays in coaching and how paying exquisite attention to your clients’ states can unlock doorways to faster change.

  • Discover exactly how language binds constrains in to place and constructs clients’ world views and how using some simple questions you can easily change them. (Track 08 -  1:50)
  • Why it’s important to pay attention to the verbs a person uses to describe their goals if you want to quickly enter their map/model and help them get what they truly want
  • Learn 3 powerful NLP models that every coach should have in their toolkit that will dramatically elevate what the quality of results you create for your clients
  • Plus more… 

The Jewel In The Crown:
The ADVISORS PLANS Coaching Model 

Most coaching program fixate on techniques and procedures for coaching others, at the expense of knowing the principles and functions upon which great coaching occurs.

In Coach Right Michael teaches you the actual function of coaching.

Get this right from the start, and no matter what theory or style you'll wrap around it – your clients WILL get results.

(And you’ll take your coaching to the next level.) 
You'll Learn: 
  • The Advisor Plans coaching models - Michael’s all NEW coaching methodology showing you step-by-step on how to coach others to create to measurable results
  • Why you don’t need to be the ‘Guru’ or ‘Expert’ to coach others to breakthroughs, once you understand and follow Michael’s framework and know this one thing. (Track 19 - 8:40)
  • How you can do less, earn more by doing the fundamentals better (which the ADVISOR PLANS model will show you how to do).

  • The antidote to resistant clients - discover this and you’ll be able to help even so called ‘resistant clients’ to take action. (Track 10 - 3:20)
  • The 2 dynamics to encode in each session that will change your client’s filters to notice for and act on opportunities that will help them get out of their own way and capture more of what they want. (Track 10 - 10:35)
  • Why you only need to get the client to this outcome to build and maintain coaching momentum. (and get win after win)
  • Discover ‘MOM’ and how to get it to work for you and your clients and not against you. This is one of Michael’s power coaching tricks that your clients will LOVE.

  • Go beyond ‘ordinary coaching’ focused on goals and outcomes; to one where you are able to quickly penetrate beyond the presenting desire or want to help your clients uncover and get unrealised goals.
  • The secret to making Coaching a ‘breeze’ and evoke powerful states of desire from your clients. (Track 14 - 5:19)
  • Discover the two aspects of your pre-session preparation every top coach intentionally attends to which ‘average’ coaches do not.
  • Visioning: How to collect the right level of information so that you know precisely what the client wants, how to use it to arouse action and know when “the job is done”. (Track 13 - 08:10)

  • Tips, tricks and questions you can use to connect up your client’s vision to their goals (Powerful).

  • The 1 trait that the world’s top coaches all hold that when you do too, your coaching already begins to transform to the next level. (Track 17 - 7:48)

  • Why Michael says “Success is meaningless without…” this one thing! (And lessons about happiness from highly successful people.)

  • Why you’re NOT there to run your clients through a goal setting model (e.g. SMART goals) and the #1 killer tactic Michael recommends instead … that ensures the client will act and stay in motion.

  • What you never want to do to your coaching client… if you want to get repeat bookings

  • The real reason why you can give clients all the help in the world but they won’t take it up, unless you know this ONE thing about them first. (Track 15 - 12:15)
  • Why it’s not a good idea to always require clients to state their goals in the positive; if you want to
  • The #1 key characteristic Michael discovered each one of the the world’s best coaches did religiously in every session that ‘average’ coaches do not. It’s easy to do, and creates big benefits right away… once you learn how.

  • The ‘secret’ strategy Michael uses for note taking that means he remember far more and can generate killer questions much, much easier… (Track 19 - 6:45)

  • A vital question to ask before you walk in to the room to coach a client; that practically guarantees your client WILL get results. (Track 16 - 10:50)

  • The elite coaching power move for dealing with ‘cross motivational’ issues, where clients say they want one thing, but really are pursuing something else…
  • Personal Kaizen: 6 magical questions to ask your clients in every session that creates happier client’s and more referrals! (Track 19)
  • How to transform obstacles and discover better ways for the client to get in to action even if they’ve been stuck for ‘years’.
  • What you should do once you have dissolved the apparent obstacles your client faces.
  • The critical part you must get right if you are going to create the success (and results) in your sessions. Get this right and your clients will love you.  Blow it and they won’t hang around for long. (Track 20 - 2:41)

  • Secret of how elite coaches create raving fan clients by doing and delivering these two outcomes in every session.
  • Discover the powerful coaching diagnostic process Michael has built in to the ADVISORS PLANS model.
  • Simple expert tricks every coach should know and use with their clients that makes you look like a Coaching BOSS. Michael’s a fan of simple heuristics that anyone coach can use that clients love - he shares them here…
  • The one question every top coach asks of themselves - that when they apply to their coaching, has them leave their competition in the dust… (Track 21 - 5:35)
  • The 3 things you always need to track in every coaching session. (Track 23 - 2:30)
  • The 1 thing every elite coach does at the end of their sessions that leaves their clients delighted!
  • Who Michael looks to model and learn from that you should too if you want to be the very best coach you can be. (Track 22 - 15:46)
  • Live Hot Seats: Watch Michael demonstrate key aspects of the ADVISORS PLANS model through coaching interactions with participants throughout the two day workshop
  • Go to questions and power coaching moves Michael uses anytime a client doesn’t seem to have resources, appears stuck or for whatever reason isn’t able to make progress (Track 23 - 5:55) 
Discover The Key To Creating A Thriving Practice
(Or As Michael Calls It 'The Business of Your Business')
One of the most important aspects you’ll learn inside Coach Right are insights about how to run a professional coaching practice, so you start strong, avoid pitfalls and attract more clients by offering a service that people want -- and happily refer others to you.

Thinking of becoming a coach? Get the facts about coaching before jumping in.

 Already a coach? Learn key insights to help you build momentum and attract and retrain more clients.
You'll Learn: 
  • What the coaching business is really all about from someone who has built MM coaching and consulting businesses and operated as a coach at every level to board level and across multiple industries.
  • Discover a dirty little secret about the ‘business of the business’ of coaching that will surprise you!
  • Uncover Michael’s top 22 mistakes he looks for when helping other coaches grow their practice, which if you’re making can quickly result in your coaching practice spiraling downward.

  • Discover why you must keep your attention on the ‘business of the business’ if you want to stay in business!
  • The number one question you should ask yourself to discover the business of your business and make more money…
  • The trick to how top coaches work less and charge more; do this and your clients will gladly pay more to be coached by you.
  • The 2 things you must get clear about that once you are can elevate your performance and amplify your effectiveness. (Track 12 - 00:45)

  • Why you MUST create this one structure in your business if you want to avoid the trap of self-employment. (Track 19)
  • Michael step-by-step strategy for immediately getting more practice clients - it’s so easy you’ll wonder why you didn’t do it already. (Track 19 - 11:40)
  • Discover a radically different (and more powerful way) to communicate what you offer to clients as a coach by just changing one word!
And in case you're new to NLP Times and don't know Michael Breen's story,  let me share a little bit about his background and why he is someone worth learning from.

Michael is passionate about helping you to get more of the results you want as a coach or aspiring coach to be.

In Coach Right, he shows you what to do and how to do it... so that you get it right from the start. You'll learn how to create measurable results for clients in every session.

Whether you're a volunteer coach, want to start up your own coaching practice, are in business as a coach, or you're a coach internally in your company, Coach Right will give you the start (or jumpstart) you need to do what you love -- Coaching.
Meet Michael Breen
Michael has:
  • Spent nearly 30 years as a coach working at the top tier of the coaching world with a dream list of clients from A-list celebrities, royalty, politicians, board level executives, and everyday people looking to improve their lives.

  • Built 3 multi-million pound business in the coaching, training, and consultancy space and lead international coaching projects for major multinationals.

  • Revolutionized the design and delivery of NLP training in the UK, co-founding the largest NLP training school in the world.

  • For decades, he co-ran workshops with Dr. Richard Bandler & Paul McKenna

  • He was even hired by a major multinational to model the world's very best coaches (folks who charge tens of thousands) and teach what top coaches do to other coaches and business leaders.

  • Michael's also a top-notch management consultant to numerous Fortune 500 companies and is known as the coaches' coach, and one of the top 30 Elite Executive Coaches in Europe.
So you're in great hands... But don’t take my word for it. Hear…
What Customers Have To Say
About Coach Right And Training 

With Michael Breen
Ahmad Kassem, USA
"Honestly, this was one of the best online classes that I have ever taken."
"Honestly, this was one of the best online classes that I have ever taken. I have only watched the videos once, and I plan on watching them again multiple times. This course has given me so many more insights on how to work with other people, especially in the coaching field, and it has given me good processes to follow and a good structure to follow to be effective. 

Even though I have only watched the videos once so far, had I not taken this course, I am sure I would have not been able to sustain a coaching career in the future if that's what I decide to stick with.

Even if someone does not want to be a coach, the information in this course goes beyond benefiting the coaching realm and the ideas and strategies in this course can benefit anyone.
Tim Beyer, Coach Germany
"This course took me to the next level."
"If you ever think about to visit one coaching course or one additional course to what you learned before. Here it is.

This course took me to the next level, how to prepare, what to focus on and how to keep track of where am I in the coaching process to serve my clients better. Highly recommended!
Ben Green, Coach
"Very happy… it’s getting me much better results … delivering the very best coaching for clients."
"I’m very happy I enrolled in Coach Right. I’d recommend it to anyone just getting started in coaching or anyone who wants a fail-safe methodology for approaching coaching sessions and delivering the very best coaching for your clients.

Michael’s training style is like none I have encountered before. He patiently walks with you to the edge of reality then shows you how much more lays within easy reach if you take simple and appropriate steps.

I really enjoyed his delivery, the memorable structure for what makes an awesome coaching session, the gold in the handouts and the attention to individual needs. [Coach Right] is getting me much better results personally and with the people I’m talking with.

[Coach Right] positively re-organises your day-to-day thinking. In the weeks that follow you start noticing yourself getting results as if you had a coach by your side 24/7 facilitating your very best thinking, being and doing.

The money you invest in the programme keeps paying you back for months and possibly years after you attend.
John, USA
"The program exceeded my expectations. I got a lot of clarity from going through it"
"The program exceeded my expectations. I got a lot of clarity from going through it. I also really liked the 3 lists. I'm not a big fan of Opera, but I love rhe mix of humor. Competence, and directness that Joyce DiDonato demonstrates in her master classes!"

I enjoyed the humor, the music stories in the CTC bonus and the tight integration of the coaching sessions that rock with the 'Coach Right' Program."
Robert Pierson, USA
"The learnings from this training were very profound..."
"I entered this course, having discovered a better way of looking at food and health and was looking to “coach” people on the process of changing how they eat to improve their wellness.

During Coach Right I realized I was going into coaching sessions with my own agenda for my future clients.

I learned that what I wanted to teach people may not work because that is not what they really want.

That was very profound for me.

Being able to determine what a client really wants is more important than trying to get them to do what I think is right for them.

That was quite a shock to the system.

Listening to Michael teach I began to realise that it is important to understand why you are really there.

I now understand that some of my clients will not really want wellness, at least not initially, they may need to save their job, business, marriage etc. before they want to focus on their health.

So I have expanded the scope of services I will offer, and what I am willing to coach people in.

I was going into this with my own agenda for my future clients, now I am going into the relationship with the intention to serve my clients best interests.

I now have the tools to understand what I need to do as a coach, know how to help my clients succeed and a better understanding of what success with a client really means."
Laurent Beretta,
"It's the REAL deal on self coaching, executive coaching and high performance coaching"
"Michael's philosophy for self transformation and self reflection have had a profound effect on my thinking, Michael's honesty and no holds barred approach is really transformational and makes you face your own reality brutally. 

If you're coaching real high performers you need to take a good hard look at yourself first. Michael is really blunt and uses real language to make his points. This  a major plus to hit you where it belongs. I recently coached 2 CEO's of major companies and these chaps can FEEL if you have high standards or not.

Had I not been exposed to Michael's hard truths, I would have not worked as hard on myself and might have been able to face people with such stature."
Michael Geerdts, 
High Performance Coach
"Raise The Bar … and get a lot of valuable, practical advice."
"If you want to improve your coaching skills, I highly recommend Michael Breen’s workshop “Coach Right”. 

It doesn´t matter if you want to optimize your client conversations, improve your marketing or just raise the bar in general: you´ll get a lot of valuable, practical advice. And it´s a lot of fun." 
Rohit Vashisht,
"Now I can easily plan my coaching sessions and solve their problems with ease."
"I am already enrolled in PANC so I got a lot of insights from there but in Coach  Right, I got the right direction to go in. Earlier I was having no strategy to make a long-term relation with client. I tried to solve their problems in one or few sessions. Sometimes I just gave them advice without invoking the right resources but ADVISOR model sorted these issues. 

Now I can easily plan my coaching sessions and solve their problems with ease."
What You'll Receive 
MP4 Format
Coach Right is organised in to 24 VIDEOS (MP4) recorded from the live TWO DAY masterclass which you’ll be able to watch directly after your purchase.
MP3 Format
You'll also have 24 MP3 audio tracks downloads of the workshop for easy offline playback as you commute
PDF Format
You'll also receive 51 page Coach Right reference manual (PDF) which includes 6 assignments to help you bed in your learning.
In total you’ll have an entire arsenal of coaching tools, frameworks and insights not available anywhere else, taught by one of Europe’s finest coaches that will take your coaching skills to the next level.

(And future proof yourself against the competition and the forthcoming shake out that is coming to the Coaching Industry with the rise of AI coaches.) 
Your Investment
(An opportunity to0 good to miss...)
When you order Coach Right today you’ll get to learn from one of the finest coaches in the world today and someone who has 30 years experience teaching, mentoring and coaching others to transform their lives.

He has worked as a coach at every level, coaching a-list celebrities, business leaders, board level executives and top sports people.

He’s helped organisations turn their coaching programs around, advised tech coaching startups, and been hired by world class organisations to advise them on their coaching practices globally. He’s become known as the ‘the coach’ to other coaches.

So you’ll be learning from someone who has seen and pretty much done it all.

He’s also a world class NLP modeler. He’s been paid by companies exorbitant sums of money to figure out what the world’s best coaches do and teach it to them.

When you have that kind of experience and access; you discover things about coaching and how it’s done that other people don’t know.

That’s the kind of experience you won’t find anywhere else.

For the first time ever Michael has put together a step-by-step system that gives you the tools, insights and model you need to become the best coach you can be in a short period of time.

(*Practice is required, but if you’ve read this far - that shouldn’t be a problem for you.)

Whether you’re just thinking about getting in to coaching, have recently started (0-2 years) or have been in the game for several years and looking to ‘crack the code’…

What Michael shares inside Coach Right will elevate what you can do as a coach to new found heights.

Your confidence will grow and so will the range of people you can work with and the kind of results you create for your clients.

More clients and better coaching = a bigger income.

Coach Right shows you how to do less while earning more - by creating results for your clients in ever session.
And now for the first time ever, you can order this incredible coaching course and study it from the comfort of your home.

You’ll get to learn Michael’s LATEST thinking and NEWEST model - the ADVISOR PLANS framework which shows you how to coach right so you become the very best coach you can be…

… by learning the functions of coaching, not a bunch of techniques that everyone else uses and can be outdated in weeks or months.

Coach Right gives you field-tested tools distilled from over 30 years of coaching to help you do what you LOVE; change people’s lives - better than you’ve ever done it before.

While I could easily charge $1,997 for a course like this alone (without any bonuses), and in fact many coaching courses are taught by people with far less experience or expertise regularly do so (only to teach you things you could learn in a book.)

I’m not going to during this time limited offer.

Yes it’s true that we could have focused this product to high paid executive coaches, a field 10x bigger than life coaching and one Michael knows well as one of Europe's leading executive coaches.

It’s also true that past corporate clients have paid Michael 6 figures + to have him teach them many of the secrets you’ll be learning inside Coach Right.

However Michael is adamant that he wants to offer as many serious coaches and aspiring coaches a way for them to get world class coaching training at a truly affordable price.
Get access to the entire Coach Right training for…

        Just $495!

Coach Right Really Is Not 
Like Other Coaching Courses

A quick search on Google reveals there are hundreds of coaching courses that one could take.

Coach Right isn’t like other coaching courses.

I say this for 7 reasons. 
1. You’re Learning An All NEW Coaching Model From It’s Creator - A Renowned International Celebrity Coach and NLP Master…
Michael’s the real deal.

(Check out his bio above if you need more information.)

He has invested 30+ years of his life mastering coaching, NLP and how to create transformations for clients. He’s taught over 80,000 students and worked all over the world with an incredible list of clients and across multiple industries to the highest levels.

You’ll be learning from one of the best coaches alive today.

He’s a thought leader and coaching maverick who is constantly innovating and applying new insights to the field of coaching to help his clients transform faster. Now you can learn how to do this too - using his latest thinking and newest breakthrough coaching model. 
2. You’ll Learn The Missing Piece - The Real Deal - Of ‘How To’ Create Change Through Elegant Coaching Conversations 
Most coaching courses teach you a series of ‘tick the box’ techniques and framework, not what to pay attention and how to track for what is unique, relevant and actually important to a given coaching client to create transformation.

Hence why so many peoples’ coaching looks and sounds like everyone else's.

This makes it increasingly harder to stand out from other coaches when trying to attract clients.

Most coaching courses teach you a theory of change.

Coach Right is different.

Long before Michael Breen became a celebrity coach and an all-star executive coach to athletes, multi-national business leaders and elite performers, he was an NLPer and a modeller.
NLP is focused on how people change. It’s not a field of ivory ‘theories of change’ or promotes fixed approach to working with people.

At it’s essence, NLP is about modelling and doing what works.

How people change (when they do so automatically) and how top performers think and act different to create a far superior outcome.

Coach Right reveals the secrets behind how to change work and can be triggered to occur.
You’ll learn how to do it too. (Even if you have very little or no prior NLP experience.)

This could very well be the best coaching course you’ve ever bought. And if you’re not happy for any reason we provide an iron-clad 30 day satisfaction guarantee so you can test it out for yourself.

Can’t be fairer than that. 
3. Youll Learn To Coach Through the Actual Functions of Coaching 
(Raising Your Reputation, Building a Personal Brand That Attracts More Clients) 
One of the ways Coach Right is unprecedented as a coaching course is that it shows you how to coach through the actual functions of coaching – not the ideas, styles or theories of coaching – but through what is happening when coaching is working well.

This is VITAL if you want to;

a) make meaningful and measurable progress in every session

b) have a style of coaching that is fluid and able to integrate the very best of other models so your work is first class and...

c) stay far ahead of the competition building a reputation that is in demand by clients.

You see, when you are able to pattern for and coach through the functions of coaching, you’ll be able to fluidly adapt your coaching to the individual and presenting needs of each client!

This means you won’t need to follow a cookie-cutter or ‘Wheel of Life’ approach to coaching; so you’ll be able to create much more bespoke and powerful coaching sessions for your clients.

And when you can do that, and get results - you can charge more.

A whole lot more.
4. It’s Incredible Value...
(A World Class Coach Delivering The Equivalent of 4 Days Expert Training For 1 Incredible Price...)
Coaching trainings can be expensive. We get that.

Some training is expensive and worth it, most expensive coaching trainings are not.

They give you theories of coaching and cookie-cutter tools that look good and create the impression that something magical is going on…

… BUT they don’t teach you the how of effective creating coaching change.

They don't tell you what it really takes to start and grow a successful coaching practice.

And hook you in to their system at the cost of learning the very best ideas from anywhere.

Plus many often hit you with yearly fees to stay a member.

Coach Right isn’t like that. You’ll pay one low fee and that’s it. It encourages you to look for and integrate the very best ideas you find.

(And Coach Right has lots of them.)

Coach Right is about what to do and how to do it... so that you get it right, from the start.

Right now Coach Right is available for a FRACTION of what it would cost you if you wanted to learn these skills and framework from Michael direct.

But this opportunity won’t be around for long.

The price is only guaranteed to last during the launch. 
5. Future Proofs You With Skills You Need To Thrive As A Successful Coach 
Coach Right is about teaching you the skills to future proof yourself and thrive as a coach.

It’s about raising your game to the next level.

After you apply the Coach Right models to your work; you won’t look and sound like an ordinary coach.

You’ll have the room to incorporate as much or as little of other people styles and frameworks as you like.

But you won’t be limited by them.

If you are a die-hard fan of [enter your favourite coaching model], no problem. You’ll be able to incorporate it.

With Michael’s ADVISORS PLANS model you can incorporate all the other useful models and tools you’ve acquired while adjusting your style so your coaching is fluid, effective and doesn’t look or sound like someone else's.

Think of Coach Right giving you a toolkit and upgrade - so you can thrive.

And in business what’s unique and not like other offerings; is hard to imitate.

And when you learn how to GET results faster for your clients, as you’ll discover in Coach Right, AND offer a unique service; you become more in demand.

Which means you can charge more. A lot more.

(And you’ll have the results to back it up.)
6. It Will Work Today, Tomorrow And Long In To Your Future
Coaching tactics come and go.

That’s why Coach Right doesn’t teach you fixed procedures and tactics that your competition (AI or human…) can easily replicate or find in any $10 coaching book.

Nor does it drown you in a ‘theory’ of coaching and pretend there is only ONE right way to coach - the XYZ school’s way.

The best coaches don’t believe that and nor should you.

Coach Right gives you something you can’t find anywhere else.

Deeply practical, solid foundation and advanced coaching skills… in how to deliver great coaching and transformation for others, from one of the world’s best coaches.

What you’ll learn is timeliness.

You’ll discover timeless principles and advanced tools to coaching like a pro, that will propel your coaching to the Next Level in days and weeks, not months or years.

Would that be of use to you?

Then this course is for you.

Michael has coached everyone from CEO’s of billion dollar companies to A-list celebrities to Athletes and leaders of every kind. He has taught over a 100,000 students through his courses and workshops and built highly successful international coaching practices.

He knows what works. And he’s passionate to share it with you.

Now you can discover his best and latest ideas to help you take your coaching to the next level.
7. It Gives You the Foundations to Build a Business You Love.
Coach Right doesn’t just teach you how to become a much better coach by teaching you to focus on the functions of coaching in pursuit of specific objectives for your clients.

So your clients GET RESULTS in every session.

Michael has also jam-packed this program with essential advice, expert strategies and business building insights from nearly 30 years in the industry - that will help you build a business you love.

You’ll discover what is really needed to build a successful coaching practice (the honest unvarnished truth and insider only insights) so you can start strong and attract and convert more clients.

Isn’t that what you ultimately want?

To create a professional practice where you get to do what you love and transform people’s lives.
Helping people achieve their goals, overcome limitations and get more of what they really want is an incredibly rewarding and enjoyable practice. It’s truly valuable work.

If you’ve ever felt a calling to help others, or you are a coach or manager looking to up your coaching game then I invite you to enrol in Coach Right today. 
What are you waiting for?
Yes! I'd Like Instant Access To 
‘Coach Right’ So I Can Take My Coaching & Professional Practice To The Next Level & Thrive In The Next BIG Wave of Coaching...
I understand that if I order today, I will get… 
  • Lifetime access to Coach Right
  • Michael Breen’s Latest Breakthrough & Insights on Coaching including an in-depth training on Michael’s ADVISOR PLANS breakthrough coaching model
  • Access to all 24 expert videos recorded from a live 2-day workshop in MP4 format
  • Access to all 24 audios recorded from a live 2-day workshop in MP3 format

  • 51 Page Coach Right Reference PDF Manual (including 6 custom assignments)
Value: $495.00
Do Less. Earn More. Make A Difference
Get Coach Right Today For Just...

30 Day 100% Satisfaction Guarantee 
I'm convinced that Coach Right can make a dramatic difference to your career as a coach and may well become the very best coaching training you buy - if not the best return on investment you make; once you apply what Master Coach Michael Breen shares.
I know the unique insights, strategies and all NEW frameworks Michael shares have the potential to be transformative for you and your clients. You’ll be future proofing your skills and making a real difference to people’s lives.

And giving yourself a real advantage - come what may in coaching over the next decade.

But I don’t want you to take my word for it until you have tested this out for yourself.

That’s why I’m willing to let you try the entire course out risk free for a full 30 days.

I want you to feel safe and secure that when you complete the course and do the assignments you are going to start creating results you LOVE.

Here’s my guarantee: Engage fully in Coach Right, complete the videos, do the assignments, listen to the audios and do what Michael suggests in the training. If you are not fully satisfied with this course then simply contact me within 30 days of purchasing, show me you have completed the assignments so I know you gave it a fair try and I'll refund your entire tuition and give you all your money back.

Most publishers of coaching courses don’t guarantee your satisfaction with their courses so why would I be willing to take all the risk and offer such a strong guarantee?


We want you to be satisfied with every purchase you make from us. We know that if you engage fully with the course and do the assignments you (and your clients) will get results you’ll be delighted with.

And if not, we think it’s only fair you deserve your money back.

I can’t think of a more fair or reasonable offer than that. 
Do Less. Earn More. Make A Difference
 (The trends that will define coaching and your career are already under way.
It’s here.

It’s happening right now.

The pandemic has made the need for great coaching that can create real value and return on investment even more important.

Today your competition woke up and are looking for new clients… YOUR clients.

Today folks at Google, Facebook and heavily funded startups you don’t yet know the names of - are busy writing code to make YOUR skills redundant

Today executives in companies all around the world are looking at ways to increase performance of their workforce, while cutting costs to recover from the pandemic. They'll need skilled coaches to transition their people through a dizzying amount of change that is yet to come...

Will YOU be one of them?

Tens of thousands of people are looking for coaches every month.

Startups in Europe and America are having huge success deploying AI coaches to their business clients. It’s just a matter of time before you see the rise of the AI coach on a smartphone you own.

Can you afford to be left behind?

The future of coaching is happening right now.

 The question is;

Will you leap ahead of the competition and develop next level coaching skills ...  skills that empower you to  prosper in the next big wave of the coaching revolution?

... skills that are hard to replicate and have you doing less while earning more. Building your reputation and client base.

Will you stand still while the Coaching revolution explodes … and be left behind holding regret?

Holding on to a bunch of 'techniques' and outdated skills that are really easy to copy and accessible everywhere for FREE in the age of AI coaching.
Looking back and wishing you had ‘got in’ earlier and advanced your skills sooner so you could have thrived in the greatest opportunity in coaching for decades.

The good news if you are reading this there is still time.

Coach Right is Michael’s Breen most accessible and practical work on Coaching. It shows you how to get results for your clients, quickly, easily and in every session - using models and tools other coaches simply don’t have. 
It’s what he uses and has trained others to now use too that transforms your coaching.

Models and tools he created just for a select small group, and you’re the first to be invited to learn them in this never before released training.

Those who don’t adapt to the changes occurring in coaching right now, will I predict come to regret it.

Many people didn’t think the ‘app store’ was going to be big when it started. Even so called 'experts'.

They were wrong.

The coaching revolution is here. It’s about to explode.

Don’t be left behind.

Regret is a pain that doesn’t get easier with time.

You owe it to yourself to be the very best coach you can be.

I look forward to seeing you in the training.

To your success,
Tom O’Connor

P.S.  You’re just moments away from learning celebrity coach Michael Breen’s brilliant NEW Coaching System that takes your coaching to the next level. It’s so easy to use and gets such fantastic results session after session, you’ll be delighted you invested in this training for years and years to come.

P.P.S. The Advisors Plans model is Michael’s secret weapon for coaches who want to get to the next level. It evolved from proprietary models he made for corporations and institutions who realised their coaches need an edge; now for the first time YOU can learn it too.

Right now you can get top notch coaching training from a renowned coach for just $495, you’d be crazy to let this slip through your hands. Many coaching courses want to charge you thousands of dollars for a fraction of what you’ll learn here (and come from far less experienced and celebrated coaches and trainers).

When you think about - you can make back in one to two coaching sessions the price of your tuition - this  course is amazing value. But… this price (and special bonuses) can’t stay around for long.

P.P.S. Coach Right works and will work for you. Whether you’re thinking of becoming a coach, relatively new in to the field or have been coaching for several years, Coach Right gives you a tremendous set of tools and edge over the competition. You’ve got nothing to lose and everything to gain.
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