Renowned NLP Master Trainer Reveals…

“The ‘Missing Key’ That Unlocks Massive Motivation That Lasts”

Discover The Exact Step-by-Step System Michael Breen Uses to Turn Highly Distracted, Unfocused and Demotivated Clients into Highly Motivated Goal Achievers!

...and how to use the same system to trigger ample motivation for any dream or goal you desire… guaranteed.

Tom O'Connor

Dear friend,

Let me get right to the point: Motivational techniques don’t work.

You’ve tried getting motivated thousands of times – and thousands of times they’ve failed you, leaving you demotivated, distracted and frustrated.

Perhaps wondering – “What’s wrong with me... why can’t I be more motivated?”

And even when (occasionally) you get some motivation going on a goal, it doesn’t last, right?

Well, if you are like most people, when this pattern happens over and over again, you do one of 3 things:

  1. Quit on your goal. And get back to watching boxsets…
  2. Lower your standards and tell yourself the goal isn’t something you wanted (even though, the problem isn’t the goal … but the fact that you couldn’t get yourself motivated to do the work.)
  3. Try something new to flip the motivation tap ON inside of you…

And boy have you (and I) tried a lot of things to get the motivation tap to turn on.

Chances are … you’ve tried using willpower … only to discover willpower doesn’t work. You tried ‘getting inspired’. But inspiration didn’t last. You tried going to seminars. Reading self-help books. You even made repeated promises to yourself – “that this time it will be different!”

But the motivation technique never stuck.

So in between failures, you turned to motivational speeches on YouTube. But when the video ended. The feeling disappeared.

Finally, when giving yourself “a good talking to” didn’t work either – nor calling yourself names like ‘Lazy’, a lifetime ‘Loser’ didn’t work … you began to think perhaps that you don’t have what it takes … or there’s nothing you can do about it … or that maybe, that you are the problem.

But what if the problem wasn’t you at all?

What if the reason you haven’t been able to motivate yourself is cos you’ve been looking in the wrong place, using the wrong type of motivation.

You’ve been looking outwards for motivation … not inwards…

You see…

Self-Help Gurus Have It ALL Wrong.

Motivation Isn’t About Techniques, It’s About Engaging The RIGHT Psychological & Emotional Fuel!

For decades psychologists and social scientists have been studying what motivates us. And what they discovered in recent years flips just about everything you know about motivating yourself (or others) upside down.

Turns out, motivation isn’t about techniques or rewards like you’ve been told – it’s about FUEL. Leveraging the right psychological and emotional fuel that triggers massive motivation and drives peak performance, even when facing adversity.

We don’t have time to get into all the science so here’s the cliff notes version:

If you want to access and maintain motivation for any duration or goal, you’ve got to use the right fuel.

The kind of fuel that comes from deep inside you and gets you jumping out of bed, hungry to achieve your goals … not because you have to … but because you want to.

The kind of motivational fuel that makes challenge rewarding, not disheartening.

The is DIRECT OPPOSITE of what many ‘self-help gurus’ tell you to use.

The reason you struggle to get motivated no matter what you try, isn’t because of some failure or flaw in yourself … it’s because you are using the WRONG fuel.

But it’s not your fault.

The strategies ‘gurus’ teach as the way to motivate yourself - have been wrong for years!

The truth is:

The Motivation Strategies

Most Self-Help Gurus Teach

Are Out-Of-Date.

(Science Now Proves It…)

In 1977, around the same time that Richard Bandler and John Grinder were doing some of their best modelling and collaboration work, on the opposite coast from San Francisco, two other innovators were getting together to revolutionise the Science of Motivation.

Enter Edward Deci and Richard Ryan. Two young psychologists studying at University of Rochester who shared a passion for decoding motivation. And, as fortune would have it, they were about to making some incredible discoveries about what really motivates us…

They were about pit head-to-head, the two dominant types of motivation: intrinsic v extrinsic.

We’ll come back to what they discovered in a moment.

But first let me quickly explain what these two systems of motivation are all about.

(Step into the Motivation Lab)

Intrinsic vs Extrinsic Motivators

Decoding Massive Motivation That Lasts

Meanwhile, around the same as Deci and Ryan were beginning the breakthrough research, back in California, the self-help movement was kicking into high gear and what motivates people was front and center.

The common wisdom of the time was if you want to motivate people, you’ve got to use the carrot or the stick.

Good old ‘pain and pleasure’.

Many ‘gurus’ believed (and continue to do so to today) that the key to motivating ourselves (or others) is to entice the brain with external rewards and impose consequences and conditions for failure to perform.

To use extrinsic motivators. What are they? Think of having the big house, the big car, the trophy partner, the huge career, the stack of cash, your face on the stage with thousands cheering on … these are all examples of extrinsic motivators.

And the self-help industry is full of people telling people “this is what you should want” … “this is what you should strive for” … “if you can’t, you should. If you should, you must!”

In certain conditions, extrinsic motivators are effective, but they come with 3 HUGE drawbacks:

  1. They operate just like a sugar rush. The positive feelings come on quickly but dissipate soon after. So, you have to ‘push’, ‘force’, and ‘compel’ yourself to act. Sound familiar?
  2. If you are already comfortable, extrinsic motivators aren’t going to move the dial for you UNLESS you push hard on consequences and punishments.
  3. Scientists now know extrinsic motivators can backfire leaving you LESS motivated to act in the future, not more.

So why do self-help gurus promote them? Honestly… cos a) culturally, most of us have been conditioned to want these things and b) because they are easy triggers for gurus to evoke a dopamine response … to the idea of getting them.

But when you fuel your goals with extrinsic motivators, life feels MORE pressured, MORE controlling, and you have to fall back to brute-force tactics to try stay motivated.

If all this sounds like hard work, it is!

Intrinsic motivators are the opposite.

They are psychological and emotional forces that emerge from within you, where you find yourself driven to pursue goals because you the goal is inherently rewarding.

You see the goal as an opportunity to explore, learn, and actualise your potential. To be more in charge of your life. Any external rewards that occur, are a biproduct of doing something worthwhile, not the main motivator.

And here’s the cool thing about intrinsic motivators:

The more we access them, the greater enjoyment you tap into.

The more … little successes … reinforce and strengthen your motivation.

It’s Win-Win-Win!

And this is where Deci and Ryan return to our story.

Which fuel type trashed the other, when they put them in a head-to-head competition?

You guessed it - intrinsic motivators.

Intrinsic Motivators Are The Missing Key

To Unlocking Motivation That Lasts

The data is in…

Over the past few decades social scientists discovered intrinsic motivators are way more effective than extrinsic motivators (the stuff self-help gurus try to get you to use).

In fact, intrinsic motivators don’t just win most of the time, they win every time, except when one’s basic financial and safety needs haven’t been met.

And, as it happens this fuel type is what more and more elite performers - athletes, executives, champions and CEOs use.

You see…

When it Comes to Getting (And Staying) Motivated…

What Self-Help Gurus Tell You to Do,

And What Elite Champions Actually Do,

Is The Complete Opposite!

No one would disagree, the road to becoming an elite athlete and champion in any highly competitive sport - is gruelling…

Think about it: It requires remarkable motivation and drive to get up at 4AM day after day and train intensely … when any external reward is years, perhaps decades away.

But that’s what anyone who signs up to become an elite athlete is facing. Similar to what anyone who has a big goal must be able to do:

Be able to create motivation that lasts years, not hours.

One afternoon back in 1988, renowned NLP master trainer Michael Breen was hanging out with one of Britain’s most successful karate champions - Vic Charles. Vic, an 8th Dan black belt was World Karate GOLD champion and multiple times European Karate Champion.

Michael had been asked to discover how Vic’s motivation strategy worked. A very affluent client wanted Michael to ‘model’ Vic so he could transfer Vic’s unbelieve MOTIVATION AND DRIVE to himself.

What Michael discovered was fascinating.

Vic did the complete opposite of what self-help gurus have been telling you and I for years.

Instead of trying to get himself motivated by making huge pictures of himself holding gold, Vic tapped into powerful intrinsic drivers – curiosity, purpose, mastery…

… he constantly built the future he wanted to experience in the NOW in his head

… he continuously thought about the steps to take to make winning inevitable

… his motivation was so high his mind immediately moved from thought to action!

Along the way he racked up a whopping 22 medals at the European and World Karate Championships. Was awarded an M.B.E. (Most Excellent Order of the British Empire) from the Queen of England for his services to karate.

Vic Charles’s strategy to motivate himself and stay motivated was just one of many exceptional strategies Michael modeled from his elite clients.

Michael later told me “Tom, Vic’s strategy is one of the very few motivation strategies that always works. People struggle all the time to get motivated because they are doing the wrong things with their minds. Applying the wrong methods. Methods that don’t work and never will. No one has shown them how create burning desire for their goals.”

So I invited Michael to spill the beans and reveal his entire system!

And now, for the first time ever, he has!


What is it?

It’s the magic system to eliminate ‘motivation problems’ once and for all. The cure for anyone who struggles to get motivated and stay motivated.

The first, practical and predictable system, that shows you how to access enduring states of motivation so you can’t help but take action automatically … follow through on your goals … and finish what you start.

And best of all the process is so simple anyone can follow it.

It doesn’t require will-power, self-discipline or ‘mentally beating yourself up’ to get motivated. You don’t need to ‘pump yourself up’ either. The program is deliberately engineered so none of those inferior methods are necessary.

And we won’t be wasting a second on them.

Because you’ll finally learn the secrets to create powerful, enduring states of motivation.

How’s this possible?

Well… for 35 years Michael Breen has had the privilege of working with exceptional high achievers; world champion athletes, multi-billion-dollar CEOs and A-list celebrities - people who are highly driven to achieve huge goals that most folks would consider ‘impossible’.

This unique pool of super high achievers has given Michael unprecedented access to study and model how these people get motivated and stay motivated.

And let me tell you, it’s nothing like what you will read in self-help books. Or have heard on courses.

And for the first time in Build the Future Now, Michael decodes the step-by-step system for creating highly motivating goal states, for both yourself and others.

The entire program is organised into 3 results-driven modules.

Starting with...


How To Create Highly Motivating Goals You Want To Achieve, Now!

(Finally discover how to turn on motivation anytime you want.)

In Module 1 Michael reveals exactly how to create compelling goal states for yourself.

You’ll learn the essential elements that cause people to experience the ‘get out of my way, I really want this’ response … that highly motivated reaction when they think about their goals, catapults them to take action.

By the end of this module, you’ll know exactly what it takes (and how to create) compelling goals states for yourself, even if you have really struggled to get motivated in the past. Never again will you have to stay stuck with “I can’t get myself motivated to take action”… on a goal.

You’ll learn train your mind to turn ordinary goal states (that don’t trigger any action in you) into really compelling goals that you can’t wait to get after.

You’ll Learn:

What creating compelling goal states is all about that so many self-help books get wrong… Understand this and you’ll never have a ‘motivation’ problem again.

Why so many personal development students and coaches struggle to evoke strong goal states in themselves and with their clients (and how to avoid this)

The little-known process to creating HIGHLY COMPELLING goal states that will have you oozing to make big goals happen (And works just as effectively with clients.)

The ‘fundamental question’ that master coaches and NLP masters use to create rich compelling goal states in others. States that are highly motivational and enduring when setup right.

The #1 reason why people fail to achieve their goals and aspirations (and the solution to overcoming it.)

How people weaken their motivation because they never realise they are doing this one thing (unconsciously) and the one daily practice anyone can do to evoke wanton motivation…

How to quickly shift from not knowing what you want or what goal to pursue to knowing (this one heuristic is used by high achievers to crush it on their goals)

Tried using SMART goals but they don’t get you motivated to take action? Find out why and how SMART goals may actually be holding you back unless you do this one key thing.

What high achievers do consistently to win first in their mind … that people who struggle to get motivated and achieve their goals fail to do. (This finally explains why getting motivated is erratic for so many.)

What you must do if you want to evoke strong states of DESIRE that compel action

How to think about your dreams, goals and aspirations so they TRIGGER the desire to act so you can avoid the dreaded ‘Look-away Response’ … that guarantees failure!

What you must never do if you want to create compelling goal state … yet most do which results in quickly becoming demotivated.

Simple Fix: What Michael recommends if you don’t know if you really want a goal.

The unconventional truth about money that’s key to know if you are pursuing money goals.

7 POWER Questions to help you create powerful goal states that are compelling, motivational and worthwhile...

A Counter-Intuitive Insight: Why the ‘not knowing’ what you want is your friend and can be incredibly valuable when building strong goal states that endure...

6 Planning Questions to organise your thinking so you can quickly zero in on the resources that can help you achieve what you really want.

The GOLD STANDARD TEST to determine if you are ready to MOVE on your goal or if you need to do more work on the desired state first.

Overcome The Real Obstacle: Discover what really stands in the way. Hint: it’s usually NOT something in the external world.

Michael’s go to advice for moving through obstacles, challenges and road blocks that get in the way from you really going for what you want.

Have you ever wanted a goal for a long time … but haven’t been able to get it going? Discover why and what you need to do to get it started today.

Which type of action is better … little steps or big moves? Get the definitive answer.

What types of details you ALWAYS want in your goals and what happens when they are missing which causes people to repeatedly fail.

3 questions Michael asks clients (and you will want to ask too) so you invest your time, resources and money only pursuing goals you really want…

The little-known trick that supercharges goals states so the desire to take action become easy.

A simple hack to making your goals tangible before you have achieved them.

How to go beyond motivation and train in moving swiftly from Thought --> Action.

The ‘magic secret’ to overcoming the #1 reason people fail to evoke powerful motivate states.

A common misunderstanding about developing goal states that almost all ‘Gurus’ miss…

The one list every personal development and NLP students should have… that Michael’s been using for decades.

The Golden Rule you should always do before realising a dream or goal and why it matters. When is the right time to take goals off your list…? Discover Michael’s #1 criteria.

The simple power of WONDER in creating compelling goals states that thrill you…

3 powerful questions you can use today, to begin to create a sense of possibility and opportunity in your life…

Do you have a ‘hungry ghost’ problem? Find out what it is and how to fix it.

A brilliant insight about what creating NLP Goal states is really all about …that legions of NLPers have missed! But once you get makes taking action on your goals much, much easier.

Discover how small changes can lead to big changes once you practice one thing.

Confused about why popular NLP state elicitation questions haven’t worked for you? Discover why and the simple fix to turn frustrations into insights and insights into RESULTS.

Watch as Michael demonstrates each element of the process (many times) so you can do this for yourself with ease to create compelling goals states that really motivate.


How To Trigger Powerful States Of Motivation In Others

(By Unlocking People’s Inner Genius to Motivate Themselves)

After you have learned the secrets to creating compelling goal states in yourself, in module 2 we turn our attention to how do you create compelling goal states in others.

So many roles today require us to 1) help people get clear on what they really want and 2) get them to buy-in to an idea, project, initiative, or goal … yet nowhere does anyone tell you (much less train you…) on how to do this smoothly and effectively with others.

Basic coaching, NLP and SMART goal-setting questions just don’t cut it when one is dealing with someone who has lost the connection to what they really want and is clouded with the belief that whatever they want isn’t possible anyway.

(Usually because they have experienced many failures.)

How do you trigger that powerful state of want and arousal to act in someone who isn’t sure what they want … who only sees limitations … or who is heavily habituated to not taking action?

Thankfully you no longer have to wander around in the dark … looking for the LIGHT SWITCH to get others going. Finally there is a proven process you can learn here … one that Michael has refined over thousands of one-on-one coaching sessions to help trigger the ‘get out of my way, I want to do this’ response.

If you currently help people in any kind of coaching, consulting, training, mentoring or leadership capacity (such as parent, friend, manager, colleague etc.) then you’ll really benefit from what Michael teaches in this module.

Because he lays out the most important factors anyone looking to help create a compelling goal state in others needs to know. You’ll discover how to trigger feelings and thoughts that cause clients to TAKE ACTION.

You’ll Learn:

How to help clients discover what they really want that they weren’t even aware of.

The #1 trap that causes so many people helpers to fail to evoke powerful goal states in others.

The other-than conscious pattern behind why clients ‘stay in pain’ and fail to create change even though change is possible.

The key things you need to know when working with people who have “no idea” what they want or what their goals are… (So useful.)

How early childhood years can have a profound impact on the ability of clients to know what they really want (and what you need to do to help them overcome this)

The secret to gracefully facilitate someone from the dreaded “I don’t know what I want” to be being able to articulate a desire they would like.

The 1st move to make when working with someone who says they don’t know…

The real reason why people don’t see the abundance of resources that are all around them.

The truth about what really drives people’s behaviours that isn’t found in self-help books.

The unconscious ‘debtors response’ you need to know about … and how to work around it.

The 1 thing you must do when helping clients who are stuck … so you can get them moving towards a brighter future.

The key question that change masters focus on first and why doing this frequently overlooked step first, is so important.

How to stop ‘solution bounce back’. Discover why good ideas bounce off clients when you present them with a clear solution and what to do about it.

Avoid common pitfalls like why you Don’t want to push ‘solutions’ too early…

How to work with people who have rigid rules about life, the world, themselves which make it difficult for them to know what they really want and have even less chance of getting it.

When the client knows what they want, the next step is to figure out how to help them get it, right? WRONG! Discover why, even when you know what a client wants, you aren’t done the elicitation of the desire goal state.

Hear multiple examples of how to ‘language suggestions’ in such a way that the defensive mechanism doesn’t get triggered and the person you are speaking with can hear and listen to your suggestions.

A crucial insight about ‘The Belief Change Technique’ even NLP gurus overlook

What top notch coaches do as soon as they know what their client wants, that ordinary people helpers do not.

Why it’s a huge mistake to take what your client says they want as the truth … and what Michael recommends you do instead that makes your change work far more effective.

How to experience greater levels success by doing on one key behaviour that sets you up for MORE success. (Hint: You won’t find this in any self-help book.)

The key activity that 99% of people helpers miss in the early stage of helping a client figure out what they want.

The 1 question that should ALWAYS be at the front of your mind … if you want to help clients get what they really want far quicker. This one question can save huge time, money and energy by avoiding pursuing goals that won’t get clients what they really want.

What we must understand about how people build desirable goal states…

3 core skills you need to be good at if you want to help people get what they really want with minimal hesitation or resistance.

The tell-tell signs to watch out for, when someone is pursuing a goal that will not make them happy and how you can help them reconnect to what they actually want.

How to help client identify and focus on goals they really want and release goals that will never make them happy.

Hear about Michael’s goal that he had for 30 years and how he freed himself of it.

Which types of goals should trigger ‘warning signs’ when you hear them from clients and which ones are not.

Why the ‘second brain’ function is and why it matters when helping clients create powerful goal states.

How to create the space for clients to access compelling goal states

Get clients moving: Ever have a client who is looping around a goal or dream they’ve had for decades but haven’t been able to realise it? Learn how to help them get the insight they need to take action on it or drop it, so they can create something better now.

A critical step to setting (and achieving) future goals that 99% of coaches miss.

The magical step to turning dreams, goals and future desires into reality.

The real secret why clients struggle to create strong goal states and the #1 thing you need to do to make it easy for them to get excited about their goals.

Why every top NLPer must graduate beyond the ‘usual NLP state elicitation questions’ so your coaching, facilitation and people helping has no smell or sound of NLP…

The key waypoints you need to lead a client through so they come up with rich and compelling goal states that propel them to take action.

Learn how to avoid the most common mistakes people helpers make when helping clients elicit strong goal states.

Discover the secret trick to get someone to associate into potential goals

Plus much more.

By the end of this module, you’ll stop asking questions like "How can I motivate people?" and instead have a unique set of tools you can use anywhere with anyone, to help them motivate themselves.

So many people struggle to get themselves motivated – this will be your secret weapon to helping others unlock massive motivation in themselves.


Build The Future Now:


Join Michael Breen Live via Zoom, April 21st

In Module 3 you’ll get to join Michael Breen LIVE over Zoom for the “LIVE DEMONSTRATIONS” of the entire process.

Michael’s a true master at helping clients tune into powerful states of intrinsic motivation and helping clients build the future they want, now. And to do it in a way that is highly conversational and doesn’t look or sound like a technique.

In this exclusive live training, you’ll have a front-row seat as Michael reveals little known secrets to helping yourself or others create compelling goal states that really motivate.

Watch and learn as Michael shows you how to help others ‘build the future’ before your very eyes.

If you’ve come to believe the way to motivate yourself (or others) is to make huge pictures as promoted by some gurus, you’ll find this system entirely refreshing and a whole lot easier.

And as an inaugural customer, you’ll have the opportunity to request to be coached directly by Michael live. This is a rare opportunity, strictly limited to inaugural customers only.

In Module 3 you’ll learn:

The master strategy used by world class athletes to ‘win’ at getting motivated and staying motivated so you can achieve big goals…

How to create a system that makes sure your motivation lasts, for those aspirations and goals that take months or years to achieve.

How the famous NLP ‘Chocolate Godiva pattern’ really works

The right way to use submodalities so you trigger ample motivation to do whatever you want.

Witness ample LIVE demonstrations of how to create compelling goal states that really motivate.

And much, much more.

By the end of this module, expect the way you motivate yourself and others to have changed forever.

Meet Your Instructor - Michael Breen


Michael has:

Spent 30+ years as a coach working at the top tier of the coaching world with a dream list of clients from A-list celebrities, royalty, politicians, board level executives, and everyday people looking to improve their lives.

Built 3 multi-million pound business in the coaching, training, and consultancy space and lead international coaching projects for major multinationals.

Revolutionized the design and delivery of NLP training in the UK, co-founding the largest NLP training school in the world.

For decades, he co-ran workshops with Dr. Richard Bandler & Paul McKenna

He was even hired by a major multinational to model the world's very best coaches (folks who charge tens of thousands) and teach what top coaches do to other coaches and business leaders.

Michael's also a top-notch management consultant to numerous Fortune 500 companies and is known as the coaches' coach, and one of the top 30 Elite Executive Coaches in Europe.

What's Included In This Brand-New Program

21 High Definition Training Videos From One Of The World's Best NLP Masters

Ready to learn the secrets to creating compelling goal states and lasting motivation in yourself and others? Then you’ll LOVE what Michael teaches in this BRAND-NEW training.

Watch and learn as Michael decodes the step-by-step system patterned from elite performers and world-class achievers.

21 Audio Files

Sometimes it’s not suitable or possible to watch videos. That’s why we’ve also made the entire program available in MP3 format, so you can listen and learn as you commute, exercise or take it with you on the road.

Each video comes with an accompanying audio track which you can download and use on your smartphone, tablet or computer for easy offline listening.

2 Training Transcripts

To help you get the utmost from this training, you’ll also receive training transcripts for module 1 and 2, so you can capture and study every idea, distinction, strategy, and insight shared.

Not alone will you be able to watch Michael teach you how to Build The Future Now... you'll also be able to study word by word, what he's doing as he's doing it.

5 Training Assignments

In addition to the high-definition videos, training transcripts and audios, you will also receive five expert assignments to help you quickly apply what Michael teaches in the course, creating compelling goal states that really motivate.

This process is so simple. Michael’s cuts all fluff and teaches you one of “the very few motivation strategies that always works and is frequently used by high achievers.”


In addition, inaugural customers will have the opportunity to join us for Build The Future Now: LIVE DEMONSTRATIONS, where Michael will demonstrate key aspects of Build The Future Now, deliver live coaching and deconstruct the missing key that unlocks motivation that lasts.

You'll be joining Michael for this live masterclass on April 21st.

But That's Not All...

I'm Going To Sweeten This Deal For You...

With $1,490.00 of Bonuses!

When you act now, as part of this brand new release, I’m also going to give you some free gifts (and exclusive access to Michael live) that is ONLY available to our inaugural students and Michael's high paying private or group consulting clients who pay thousands of dollars to work with him.

Bonus #1:

Perpetual Progress:

How to Learn Faster, Make Progress & Get Better Year after Year.

VALUE: $495.00

When it comes to achieving big things, motivation will get you moving, accelerated learning is what will enable you to WIN. That’s why I’ve included several great bonuses to help you WIN, starting with Perpetual Progress.

In this exclusive training program you’ll learn:

Transform Your NLP Skills

Lose The Fear Of Looking Foolish: Adopt this attitude and you lose the fear of looking foolish forever.

Trigger Your NLP Breakthrough: Ditch the beliefs and attitudes that have been holding you back from becoming really good.

Realize The Promise of NLP: Discover why so many NLPers never get to realize the promise of NLP and what you can do instead…

Make Endless Progress

The SUPER PRO formula to make improvements every time you use your NLP skills (works just as well for any kind of skill development!)

The EASY WAY to stay motivated when you are developing your skills.

Clean Up Confusion: The truth about how skills are acquired that many NLPers misunderstand… but once you get will change the way you practice.

Discover The Secrets Of How NLP Masters Really Practice...

From Ordinary to Extraordinary: The 3 behaviours every top NLPer employs to go from ‘ordinary NLPers’ to Top-flight PROs…

Lock On & Don’t Let Go!: The 3 questions a master learner asks when assessing how to develop new skills or elevate skills you already have, fast.

The 3 Step Process To Improve Anything: Discover how the process of improving your skills can be broken down into a simple 3 step process.

Get Better In The Shortest Time Possible

Get Better Faster: What you need to consider when developing your practice routine. Do this and you can’t help but make massive progress.

Kick-Ass On Your Learning Goals: Discover how to become much more effective in accomplishing any learning goal when you master this simple tactic 

Implement Checkpoints: How to know when you stop planning and move into action.

Go Higher, Deeper, Further, Faster with your NLP.

Training Alone - Use This: Don’t have someone to give you feedback? No problem - listen to Michael’s sage advice on how to get feedback from every situation.

Must Know Insights: Learn a MCD you have known if you want to leverage the full power of NLP. (Hint: Most students are trainers are miss this key insight.)

State Accelerators: Which states Michael recommends you access to accelerate your development.

Skill Accelerators: The 3 questions that when you ask that speeds up your ability to learn new skills faster.

Get The Edge. Forever.

Discover the real enemy of progress and how through this one ancient exercise you can vanquish it…

Get Wicked Smart with your goals by applying deep insights on how to get much more done.

Step Up: Michael’s 4 Power Questions you should ask yourself anytime you want to change your life.

Plus much more...

Bonus #2:

Task Decomposition: Strategy of Superachievers

The Secret Skill Used By World Class Champions & Super Achievers That Turns Dreams into Reality

VALUE: $495.00

Armed with your new found motivation and a superior process to learn whatever you need, it’s time to turn those dreams into executable action plans. That’s why we’re also including this rare 2 day live workshop training.

Finally discover how super achievers think, plan and act to achieve their goals up to 10x faster and how easily you could do the same...

Here's a quick taster of what you'll learn:

The Mindset of Superachievers

The big difference between superachievers (folks who consistently create great results) and everyone else. Hint: It's not found where you've been looking…

The 3 power phrases that top achievers live by that call forth more success

The startling realisation of what stops people from enjoying more success and achieving their goals

The counter-intuitive strategy that super achievers use to take action that is the opposite of what many personal development gurus teach

The Real Secrets Behind How To Get Disproportionate Rewards For Your Efforts

The #1 rule top achievers live by when starting any goal or project by that builds momentum fast

Discover the force you are always fighting against when trying to make things happen and you need to do to overcome it.

The one strategy Superachievers use before they start any major goal. Use this strategy to save yourself countless hours, money and effort.

The three questions you should ask if you see someone has something you want, that can rid you of a envy, help you achieve your goals in fraction of the time and make sure you really are happy when you've achieved them

How Superachievers Achieve Goals FAST And With EASE...

How to keep your brain really clear and on focus on what you need to do

The #1 thing super-successful people do when they pursue their goals

The best thing you can do to make progress on tricky or goals that seem to have got stuck

The Real Secrets Behind How Successful People Act

How to think and plan out the achievement of your goals, so it become practically inevitable

The little known habit Michael noticed painters use that you can apply to achieving your goals fast

Learn a powerful 3 step framework to quickly think through and organise what resources are required to get you what you want

The Real Secrets Behind How Successful People Act

The one debilitating mindset that if you have accepted is almost certainly choking tight huge portions of your potential

What representation causes people to STOP dead in their track and fail to move forward and what to do about it

Why how you think about your goals has a tremendous impact on whether your brain is likely to freeze and get stopped; or take action

Plus much more...

Bonus #3:

Ask Michael Anything LIVE

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As an inaugural customer, you'll also get the chance to Ask Michael Anything about how to get yourself or other motivated, live. The field of self-help is full of ideas and motivational techniques that don’t work and leave people frustrated and demotivated. Don’t be duped. Find out what really works. Leverage Michael’s unique experience working with high performers for over 35 years to find out what really works … and will work best for you.

Bonus #4:

Build The Future Now Support Group

VALUE: $250.00

In addition to being able to get your question answered during the live AMA, we've got your back as you work your way through the course and begin to apply what you learn. That means you can ask questions of Michael and I, and engage with other customers directly in our Private Message Portal setup exclusively for this program.

So you have multiple ways of getting expert feedback, when you need it.