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NLP Master Trainer Perfects
The Story Telling Formula 
Proven to create spellbinding stories for meetings,
trainings, change work and everyday conversations. 
You will know exactly how to mesmerize your audience by… 
  • Planning and selecting The Right Story for your specific situation and your specific audience.
  • Structuring your stories so that you can communicate your message with Maximum Impact!
  • And delivering your stories using Michael Breen’s easy to implement Personal Framework
No Other Story Telling Course
Is As Simple Or As Effective! 
From the desk of Tom O'Connor, NLP Times
The secret to masterful story telling is not in the words.

It’s not in the stories…

It’s not even in the content of the stories!

The ability to tell a story that will mesmerize your listener…

Have them following your every word (with their mouths wide open) is found in something very different…

Something I have never seen taught in any other storytelling course or book.
And, while it may seem obvious, I can guarantee you that no one is teaching this.


It is only by knowing and understanding this ‘secret hidden in plain sight’ that you will become the type of person that can read a phone book…and still have a crowd cheering you on!

Empty your mind of everything you have learnt about story telling...

Because I am about to show you a fool proof way to plan and think through your stories and deliver stories on the spur of the moment.

Stories that will hold your audience’s attention and deliver your message in an interesting, fun and impactful manner!
Discover The Most Simple, 
Elegant Storytelling Tool Ever Devised 
A while back I attended a seminar run by Michael Breen. I was there to film the live 2 day event for NLP Times.

However, what I heard changed the way I think about storytelling forever.

It was so sophisticated…

That I cancelled all my plans and spent my weekend writing this letter to tell you all about it!

This training was unique in every way!

First of all, Michael spends the whole first day working on you!

Not in a NLP therapy type of way.
He spent the day making the audience confident story tellers that can command the story telling resources of their unconscious mind at will!

He showed the audience exactly how to remove fear, uncertainty and doubt around their story telling abilities.  You will be able to easily and confidently deliver your message and package it in the form of a memorable story!

And it doesn’t require any mind movies or NLP submodality techniques.

(In fact, manipulating a forced state change…and using large exaggerated pictures to make you feel powerful, is exactly the wrong way.)

There is no mind manipulation involved.

And as Michael always does, he simplified the entire process into a very simple 3 step formula – the storytelling triad!

3 steps will guide you on how to think through and plan your stories… AND, that will put you in a peak story telling state.

The exact same state that allows top NLP trainers to keep their audiences attention for 10 days at a time.

A state so powerful you will be able to deliver your message even if you are not ready!

But that’s not all he covered on the weekend…
Revealed: The Two Laws
To Becoming Larger Than Life 
Michael then went on to reveal the secret to being larger than life when communicating with your audience.

He summarised this into the two key laws of storytelling.

Understand this and you are on your well on your way to becoming a more interesting and more exciting storyteller. 
The Law Of Requisite Variety (Also known as plus 1) 
The law states that the person with the most congruent and powerful state will determine how the rest of the group will respond.
Michael demonstrates and shows you how to do this in great detail including; 
  • How to use commitment and energy to suck peoples into your stories! 

  • What it really means when Richard Bandler says “you will change or die while I'm trying!” … and how you can apply this level of commitment to your storytelling!
  • How to master the art of charisma and energy management so that you literally create a mini theatre in your body capable of enchanting an audience for hours at a time!

  • The 5% technique to becoming a magnetic communicator (this works in any area of your life).

  • And how to tell a spellbinding story sitting down in a meeting but with the energy of someone entertaining an audience of hundreds
The Law Of Response Attentiveness
This law is based on the core principal that it doesn’t matter what you say if you don’t have your listener’s attention!
It doesn’t matter if the listener is your spouse, a team meeting or an audience of thousands.
Michael shows you;
  • Exactly how you can use the art of listening to intensify your audiences state. 

  • What you need to do to amplify the response to your stories and create the state changes that you want in your audience - you can even do this while you’re telling the stories!
  • And how you can ensure and confirm that your story has connected with your audience before you move on to the next part of your message. 
Together, this ability to manage your own energy and hold (and amplify) your audience’s attention… is what leads to people whispering behind your back “I wonder how they do that”!

It will make you larger than life… more charismatic… and more influential in your communication than you could imagine.

But it doesn’t end there… 
Straight Forward Storytelling Frameworks 
Michael has spent some more time in his simplification laboratory. 
This is where he goes to create novel and powerful NLP tools that work. 
It is only after he has spent time in his white lab coat and mind magnification goggles that he teaches what he has found.
And, based on my attendance at the two day seminar - I can tell you that
yet again, Michael has managed to simplify the real patterns and techniques underlying the most successful story tellers.

Patterns that he has fitted into a simple 3 step formula that anyone can easily implement.
So, once you have gone through day 1 you will have…
  • Mastered the ability to command your unconscious storytelling resources 

  • Know how to select, plan and structure your story using the triad 

  • Have the ability to manage the state of the room and 

  • Know exactly when you have connected with the audience so you can move on to the next part of your story… 
Then and only then does Michael start looking at the narrative aspect.
Michael uses the second day to explain and demonstrate these with simple easy to follow directions.
But he doesn’t just hand you the story telling structures on a sheet of paper to memorise…
No, no… that would be what old school story telling courses would do!
What Michael does is show you how to use the information in the world around you to identify and create your own story telling structures.
This is how you can become a true storytelling wizard – plucking powerful, change inducing and enchanting stories from everyday occurrences!
Being able to make even the most mundane event into a fun and memorable story!
He also gives you the most powerful structures he knows of and uses on a daily basis like…
Story Telling's Golden Keys
2 Days of Expert Story Telling Training
From Michael's 'Golden Keys' Workshop
Gives you the structures, tools and skills to make your story telling more powerful and more effective. Unlocks the doors to the real treasure that is helping people to change… without getting in their way. 
Inside This Masterclass, You'll Discover: 
  • The storytelling triad - the single most important tool a storyteller needs. More important than frameworks, language skills and even the stories themselves.

  • How to use hobnosszedofogication to become a master story teller … and the secrets to making people listen by using less predictable language.

  • How to use image language to make your listeners brain sparkle, glisten and glow!
  • Metaphor, Analogy and Anecdotes hidden in normal everyday conversation.

  • How to tell stories so that peoples brains will hold and remember your content.

  • How Brain Markers work and how you can use them in your stories to ensure your listener remembers what you said.

  • Structure your stories to manage, direct and change people’s states.
  • The tarot card approach to storytelling, fortune telling and any other narrative story telling structure you can think of!
  • Understanding how and WHEN to use Time, Space and Sensory predicates in your stories and when not to!
  • How to create drama in your stories by using modal operators of desirability.

  • Understanding submodalities and language.

  • Changing the font of your story

  • And Much More...
But the real key to becoming a masterful, persuasive and captivating story teller is not in techniques and structures.
The real key is that story telling is about people.
It’s about relationships.
It’s about intention!
It is this dance of intentional communication that makes story telling magical.
And this is where Michael's 2 day seminar really excels because Michael reveals…
What You Need To Know And Do 
Before You Tell A Story 
You see, there is no one size fits all approach to storytelling!
You can’t just take a storytelling structure and apply it to your situation… that’s what average storytellers do!
Exceptional story tellers realise that they need something more.
They understand that the story you chose and the words you use all depend on the interaction you are having at that point in time with that specific person!
They understand that your story depends on your relationship with the listener and your intention behind telling the story!
It is this aspect that all other story telling courses miss out on and what Michael delves into head first!

This is the secret hidden in plain sight!
Or as Michael put it
"As I get older, the secrets that I was told were secrets when I was younger are actually almost always right there on the surface. They are hidden in plain sight. They are the elusive obvious. They were always there. We just didn't know what we were looking at."
See, the ability to tell stories is not in the words or the memorised structures.
It’s not about what you say … it’s about how you tell the story… this is the information Michael reveals in his Storytelling triad.
It is this Storytelling triad that results in you becoming a more powerful and interesting communicator.  It is this information that allows you to tell stories that hold people’s attention and stories that they remember.
It is by understanding this 3 step framework that you master the skill used by only the best storytellers...
It is by using and applying the information Michael teaches on day 1 - information that works on YOU that will make YOU a story teller.
It is this framework that will allow you to command your unconscious to deliver the stories you need as and when you need them!
It is by thinking through and planning your stories in the way Michael shows - that you are able to master the 2 laws of storytelling success - the law of requisite variety and the law of response attentiveness.
The two laws that make you larger than life
Most people worry that they don’t have enough stories and they want techniques to create and build stories - or worse - they memorise pre-written stories and patronising Ericksonianmetaphors!
Listen, it’s not that you don’t have enough stories, or that you don’t have enough experiences…
There are stories, analogies and metaphors all around you every day!
It’s that, up until now, you haven’t been given the framework to find, plan and think through the story before you tell it!
This course gives you that information!
This is the ultimate golden key to storytelling - a powerful framework that will allow you to plan, think through, identify and tell memorable stories at will!
That’s what this training gave its audience.  And that’s what it can give you!
Read What Others Say
About This Training...
 “ StoryTelling's Golden Keys is a superbly constructed training that covered all of the aspects needed for any type or length of public speaking or writing. It is also one of the most interesting and absorbing trainings that I have attended. I am beginning to be asked to give more public talks and this course was ideal to see what I'm doing right and what I need to either do, or do more of. 
Francesca Lubenko, Business Coach 
 “ This training was both challenging and inspiring. As someone who writes stories... I had an a-ha moment with the templates. The course is a compelling insight to ground you in the here and now of your narrative and stories you tell and live. It provides valuable tools for development... your story is everybody's story, isn't it about time you shared it? 
Maura Framrose, Wordsmith 
“ Surprisingly what I benefited most from this course was not the detailed do this, do that, but the realisation that it's the energy and vividness of telling personal stories that really connect with others.  
Richard Stacey, Confidence Coach 
[Story Telling's Golden Keys] is a game changer... The single most sophisticated and at the same time very basic NLP learning experience I had so far. When you want to have impact on yourself and the people around you... it helped me a lot to open and refine a toolbox that I thought lost far far away in my childhood...and now is the right time to open it again with all my life experience... really great!
Helmut Jegust, NLP Trainer, Germany 
I'm always on the hunt for ways to improve my coaching and sales abilities. Storytelling's Golden Keys is a gem for adding clarity and effectiveness to my communications... not to mention making things more fun.

It works well for better parent/child conversations, also ;-)
I heartily recommend it.
Basil Gilger, USA
“Right after listening to the tele-seminar, I used metaphors with my girlfriend & I was able to use metaphors MUCH easier. Instead of fumbling for words or circumstances, everything just flowed and.. everything just felt so much easier. Michael really connected the dots for me and explained why I was so confused. Many, many, MANY thanks to you guys!!! 
Sean McCleaver, USA
“This training has given me a different way of thinking about the storiesI tell and made me hungry for collecting examples to have in my toolkit,

Thank you both so much. 
Gina Glot, UK 
“In the movie the Matrix trinity learns to fly a helicopter with an upload.... This training course is a conscious & unconscious knowledge upload.... Simply put it’s a “how I do what I do” by one of the worlds great trainers... 
John, UK
 The Ultimate StoryTeller's Toolbox
If you want to be a magical storyteller, an influential and elegant communicator, a larger than life weaver of words or… just a hell of a lot more interesting - you need to get this package.
Because, here is what I have done for you…
I went through all the NLP Times products and put together what I think is the storytellers dream come true!
I built the Ultimate Story Telling Package
This package consists of 3 parts…
2 Day Video Training - Digital Access
VALUE USD $495.00 
Video recordings of the two day live training where Michael goes beyond the structure of your stories.
He reveals how to get that ‘something extra’that makes the difference between competent delivery and telling memorable stories.
You will learn:
  • How to master the storytelling triad so that you can easily plan, structure and think through your stories.
  • How to wipe all traces of fear, uncertainty and doubt from your mind allowing you to elegantly and confidently communicate your message through the art of stories!
  • How to make your unconscious mind work for you and provide you with the stories, metaphors and analogies.

  • How to easily manage, amplify and change you listener’s state at will.

  • What you need to do and say to connect with your audience and how you can tell when you have made that connection.

  • And how to use the storytelling golden keys to create memorable high definition movies in your listeners minds - planting images, thoughts and ideas through your stories. 
You get access to the full 33 Video Module recording of Michael's most up to date training on Storytelling – information delivered in a 2 day live seminar.

The modules are all labeled for easy reference.

In addition, you will get a 214 page transcript of the entire seminar and the 27 page training manual given to the participants.

But that's not all

To really fire up your storytelling skills and take you well beyond techniques…

To actually make YOU a storyteller…. Not just someone who tells stories (there is a subtle difference but this shift in identity is what makes all the difference!)

I am also going to add in two Storytelling NLP Master Classes 
StoryTelling Secrets - StoryTelling Fundamentals -
Become A Brilliant StoryTeller

VALUE USD $49.00
This is a 90 minute recording of a live teleseminar where Michael teaches you the art of the storyteller - the ability to tell stories that will make your listener laugh, cry, or be inspired? How to effortlessly change their states and lead them into new worlds.

Story Telling Secrets - Become a Brilliant StoryTeller is your introduction into the practical and time tested skills required to become a persuasive and masterful story teller.
This is our fundamental story telling course to ensure you have the basics mastered.

You will learn:
  • The eight key concepts for masterful story telling
  • Learn Master Trainer, Michael Breen's way for organising story design 

  • Discover the 14 point strategy  to creating magical storytelling experiences. 

  • Proven exercises, that you can do anywhere, to make you a powerful story teller

  • How to build and collect a wide array of stories that you can tag and pick and choose from as and when needed. 
  • Mastering the fundamental story format core to all stories… beginning, middle and ending.
  • The art of tonal anchoring and nested loops. 

  • And much more
Story Telling Secrets Volume 1, consists of two audio tracks, specifically converted to MP3 format so you download and listen to them instantly.

In addition you will also receive a ten page accompanying PDF guide that summarises the key points from this content rich and highly popular story telling training product. 
Story Telling Secrets - Get Magical With Metaphors
Value USD $49.00
This is a 2 hour recording of a live telseseminar where Michael teaches you the magic of metaphor – not only is this a pre-requisite skill for great storytelling it is also the tool of choice for powerful change work.  This is how Milton Erickson and Richard Bandler are covertly able to create such powerful changes.

Story Telling Secrets Volume 2 is a master class designed to demystify the magic of metaphor.

Michael will take you through an intense training designed to make you a metaphor machine.
  • How to use metaphors to bypass someone’s critical mind and seed ideas in their unconscious  - this is the key to delivering covert instructions wrapped up in a story
  • Learn a step-by-step framework to help you generate metaphors that create change 

  • How to help others conversationally, without resorting to “here’s a technique I know, now let me do some NLP on you”

  • The exact strategy that Michael uses in business to deliver conversational metaphors this one strategy will give you endless ways to use “stories” to influence your boss, team-mates, prospects and customers in any business context.

  • Finally get a “real picture” on the unconscious mind and what being “artfully vague” is all about

  • Learn the two main ways of arranging metaphors, what homomorphic and isomorphic metaphors are, and when to use one vs. the other 
Story Telling Secrets Volume 2, consists of a two hour MP3 that you can download and listen to instantly.

In addition you will also receive a 34 page transcript, a 12 page assignment workbook and a 67 page training flash card PDF that highlight the key processes discussed. 
That’s a total of THREE story telling programs, 
each designed to teach you a key aspect of storytelling! 
  • 33 Module Video recordings of the two day live story telling workshop that will ensure you understand the overarching framework required to become a story teller.  As well as specific guidance on how to plan, think through and deliver your stories.
  • A storytelling master class covering the fundamentals of story, become skilled at the beginning middle ending frameworks core to all stories, building your own library of stories and understanding how to work with states.
  • And a master class on the magic of metaphor covering the covert change tool used by Milton Erickson and Richard Bandler.Truly understanding how the unconscious mind works and what you need to do to become a metaphor machine. 
All delivered by NLP Master trainer and Storytelling Wizard; Michael Breen 
You Can Get Started In Just Minutes
 I can tell you that people who attended the live 2 day seminar paid over £300.00, circa USD $500.00 per seat.

And I currently sell the two story telling master classes for USD $49 each on NLP times.

That’s a total value of USD $598!

But that’s not what I’m going to charge you.

For a limited time only as a loyal reader of our newsletter you can get...

The Ultimate Story Telling Package for

... $598.00

... just $495!

This really is your chance to become a storytelling wizard.

To be able to communicate with skill and elegance.  Be it in meetings, relationships, training rooms or coaching sessions!

You can become more fascinating to your listeners.  Deliver impactful messages packaged in a story and even covertly influence and change your audience’s state!

Storytelling is a key skill that works on kids, adults, and suits!

Very few people have the natural ability to deliver spellbinding stories and the ones that do are nearly always seen as more interesting, entertaining and successful communicators!

Today I am offering you the chance to learn from a master trainer and storytelling genius.

To develop your skills and gain the ability to communicate your message with power, precision and panache!

With the Ultimate Storytelling package, you get 33 video modules of a LIVE 2-day seminar.  This 2-day seminar alone will change the way you look and feel about storytelling forever!

This is one of Michael’s newest seminars and involves his latest research, simplified and explained in a way that you will remember and be able to apply right away.

Add to that, the two storytelling masterclasses to really refine your storytelling skill and give you the tools, tips and techniques that will make you a storytelling sorcerer!
Grab The Ultimate Storytelling Package AND
  • Yes Tom! I'm Ready To become a powerful and capable storyteller. I understand the material taught in this program is based on Michael's 30 years of experience training, coaching and consulting using story to wow audiences, capture attention and change lives. 
Story Telling's Golden Keys
The Ultimate Storytelling Package
Get Storytelling's Golden Keys Today...

For Just $495! 
I understand when I purchase StoryTelling's Golden Keys today I get ... 
  • All 33 professionally edited video training modules from Michael's live two-day workshop - Value $495.00

  • The complete 217 page word-for-word PDF transcript of the entire course so I can review every story, unpack every nugget of wisdom and strategy shared.

  • Story Telling Secret's - Volume 1 - Become A Brilliant Story Teller, which includes a 90 minute audio training on the art of story telling plus an exclusve ten page PDF guide that summaries the key points from this training. - VALUE $49.00

  • Story Telling Secret's - Volume 2 - Get Magical with Metaphors, which includes a two hour audio training on how to use metaphorts in story telling plus an exclusve 34 page PDF transcript 67 page 'Flash Card' PDF and 12 page PDF assignment.
    - VALUE $49.00 
If I don't feel that the training isn't easily worth several times my investment then I can simply contact Tom before my 30 days are up and get a complete 100% refund. 
Try It Completely Risk Free For 30 Days
I'm convinced that this program can make a dramatic difference to your life and your storytelling skills that I'm willing to let you try out the entire course risk free for a full 30 days.

Try out the training, listen to the expert strategies shared and apply what you learn to start getting results right away. If you feel this training isn't easily worth several times your investment then simply contact me and I'll give you a full refund.

You have everything to gain and absolutely nothing to lose. 
Get Story Telling's Golden Keys Today...
For Just $495
This is your chance to get your copy of the Ultimate Storytelling Package!

To your success,

P.S. Storytelling's Golden Keys formula is a proven winner for storytelling, developed and tested by NLP Master Trainer Michael Breen to captivate audiences through story and give you that 'special something' to make your storytelling much more effective and powerful. For the first time ever the entire process has been captured in 33 videos for you to learn and apply in everyday contexts.

PPS: The fact is that success in nearly every field comes down to your ability to communicate and influence.  And this is even more so if you are a trainer, coach or therapist.  Having been involved in this field for over 17 years, I can tell you with absolute certainty that one of my most used and most powerful tools is the ability to tell stories! Grab this package and add this valuable (and in my opinion) mandatory skillset to your communication toolbox!
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