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Tom O'Connor, London, UK

Re: An exclusive invitation to be one of only 20 people who take part in an unprecdented opportunity to transform their storytelling and influencing skills with direct feedback from a world-renowned NLP master....

Dear Friend,

An opportunity like this often comes along only once in a lifetime…

And, it’s quite likely to catapult your communication, change and persuasion skills to a whole other universe. Not to mention - change your relationships, income and career.

As a regular reader of my emails, you’re getting first notice of this news flash. Everyone else will have to wait at least a few days.

That’s important. Because this amazing opportunity may be gone by then.

Here’s the story: In 2004 I was sitting in a room with 1,000 people, eagerly watching a wizard of change transform people's lives. 

Not the kind of wizard like Dr. Strange or Gandalf but a wizard no less powerful who had the ability to do truly remarkable things. He could change people’s minds and alter their behaviour without any closed eyes, hypnotic rituals, techniques or gimmicky language tricks.


Instead, the ONLY visible thing he seemed to be doing was telling stories. 

Not the kind you can read in a book of ‘100 therapeutic stories of change’, no, this was something far, far more powerful and amazing.

I was witnessing a Wizard of Influence change people's lives using nothing but STORIES.

To the left and the right of me, all I could see was a sea of mesmerised faces. People were laughing, smiling, captivated, deeply present … hanging on to his every word. 

He wasn’t using any apparent techniques, he wasn’t using a funny hypnotic voice, he spoke entirely normally and yet, somehow people’s brains were CHANGING.

But our conscious minds didn’t realise it. His change work was invisible.

The effects; truly amazing. With the exception of Richard Bandler, I had never seen any teacher of NLP, hypnosis or self-help courses and trainings I had paid for, be able to do anything like that.

And I had paid for a lot!

The ease and speed at which he could change people’s minds, emotions and beliefs about themselves and what is possible, using just conversational stories, was truly extraordinary. 

Left, right, centre … people were changing before my eyes and frequently laughing while they did it!

Remarkably, although he was speaking to a 1,000 people, it was as if he was speaking to each of us individually, slipping suggestions into our minds, transmitting new instructions that were perfectly tailored to us, enabling us to change our lives with ease.

We were all mesmerised.

That speaker was one of NLP’s most respected change and storytelling masters - Michael Breen.

I knew right then I wanted to learn how to influence people powerfully, using nothing but conversational stories, where they didn't need to close their eyes and by hypnotised but were alert in a eyes open state. Because I wanted to be able to use this skill anywhere and everywhere.

Problem: No one was teaching this advanced communication skill. No book, course (and with very rare exception) instructor knew how to do it, much less teach it!

Even NLP and hypnosis courses that cost upwards of $20,000 didn’t cover it. Instead they focused on techniques, procedures and tactics that telegraphed to their listeners “I’m using NLP (or hypnosis) on you…”

I wanted to learn the really advanced stuff. 

The stuff that is so slick and sophisticated no one sees you coming.

Years later, an opportunity presented itself to discover…

The Elite Storytelling System Used By The Most Skilled NLP Masters To Influence & Change People Covertly

In 2008, a chance conversation with Master Trainer Michael Breen would start a chain reaction that saw me study and work with Michael for over 15 years, creating scores of NLP products for students all around the world.

If you’re not familiar with who Michael is... he’s a renowned NLP master trainer, master storyteller and executive coach to A-list celebrities, billion dollar CEOs and elite clients and organisations. He co-created the hit program “The Power to Influence” by Nightingale-Conant and for over a decade co-ran workshops with Dr. Richard Bandler & Paul McKenna.

He’s been the mastermind behind several innovations in NLP including the Framing Tool and has taught over a 100,000 students how to communicate better. He's also an Oscar nominated screenwriter with 35 years experience telling spell-binding stories.

So when he opened up about how he tells stories that change people, my team and I listen. To begin with, we recorded every workshop and training session, turning many into hit NLP products. This gave me unprecedented access to study Michael up close. I eagerly invested thousands of hours in conversations, training rooms and workshops watching him do his thing.

And sitting there, seeing change after change and transformation after transformation for the students and people who came to study with him, I noticed there was a pattern to his storytelling.

At first it seemed nonsensical but soon it made PERFECT sense and was totally game-changing.

I noticed that frequently the stories Michael told in his workshops, seminars or private coaching calls seemed to have absolutely nothing to do with the topic the students were there to learn! 

(I noticed this pattern when I went to see Richard Bandler, Eric Robbie and other legendary NLP masters.)

But whenever Michael told stories people would change. Often incredibly fast. Problems would disappear. Issues would go away, clients would be transformed, all from listening to ordinary ‘everyday’ stories. 

With zero resistance. No apparent techniques and no funny trance rituals.

At first, it was incredibly difficult to notice when Michael was just having a conversation with someone vs when he was doing change work. 

Until one day, while discussing with Michael how a spectacular change occurred in a seminar, when all he seemed to do was tell stories he said to me: 

"Tom, don’t look at my finger, look at where my finger is pointing…”

Suddenly the lights went ON. I realised what he and other legendary masters were doing...

Cracking The Code On Truly Masterful Conversational Change 

& Influence Work!

It was then I realised Michael wasn’t doing ONE thing, he was doing 3 things simultaneously. Richard Bandler was the same.

Wanna know what they are? Thought you might. I’ll tell you them in just a minute.

Prior to discovering this breakthrough, my storytelling was fairly average and my change work was very much “what technique should I use?” Mostly misses, with the occasional lucky hit. 

When I tried to tell ‘transformational’ stories I felt like I was just guessing. I felt nervous, the process felt clumsy and I frequently lost the attention of my audience. 

I had done a LOT of NLP and hypnosis training but when it came to applying it in the real world - I always felt like something was missing. That the true masters of the art knew something the rest of us didn’t.

And that day I discovered it’s TRUE

So I went back and reconsidered what I'd been told about storytelling. I knew when it came to using stories in everyday life I was nowhere near as skilled as I wanted to be. 

I also realised the techniques side of NLP wasn’t really that interesting to me, what I really wanted to know was…

How To Tell Stories Effortlessly

That Truly Impact & Influence People!

So I restudied the original masters of the field and watched hundreds of hours of trainings by Michael Breen, Richard Bandler and other wizards of influence who demonstrated this extraordinary skill, to see what they actually do.

And I discovered that whenever they were telling stories, they were combining 3 different skills together which were creating the magical effects.

Only ONE of these skills is ever taught in storytelling workshops - the first one, how to tell stories. Yet the other two are never covered in storytelling books or courses - which is why it’s been so hard to learn this stuff.

Yet when I studied every example of transformation via storytelling, I saw a master who had applied this triad of elite influencing skills.

The 3 inter-connected skills are:

  1. Storytelling to grab and hold people’s attention
  2. Knowledge of change processes
  3. Advanced Communication Skills to prime their listener's brain for change within which they would embed 'process instructions' to be picked up unconsciously.

With these 3 skills they could do remarkable things:

  • Captivate people with stories
  • Change their minds with ease 
  • Do rapid change work
  • Influence with zero resistance
  • Impact people in very profound and lasting ways...

When I tested this out for myself...

"I Was Amazed at The

Speed Changes Occured."

All of sudden, I became way more skilled at creating changes with zero resistance.

I found myself jumping into 'advice giving mode' less and less and instead found myself telling clients multiple stories.

Net result: My clients loved it! They picked up new ideas and new ways of thinking faster.

I stopped using techniques and instead started using stories to create changes. Client changes accelerated.

I finally began to feel like I knew what I was doing!

Even when discussing 'difficult subjects' and having 'crucial conversations' with friends, family and with clients, I was able to communicate in such a way where people didn't feel ‘pointed at’, ‘marked out’, or forced to change. Changing people's minds became easier. I quickly realised how useful these skills were in coaching contexts and corporate engagements.

In leadership situations, I used stories to help teams, senior leaders and clients arrive at new conclusions and adopt new ways of thinking and acting without evoking resistance. Amazingly, this method worked just as well, regardless of my rank. In fact, it was way more powerful than what I had been doing.

Once I got hooked on this style of leading and influencing people, I never looked back.

Over the course of the next few years, I went on a life-changing exploration... investing well over 500 hours... researching and studying how NLP masters and wizards of influence use stories to change minds. I transcribed talks by hand, analysed what different speakers were doing. Patterning what worked.

I compared 'ordinary storytellers' to elite change masters and I began to discover deeper patterns used by the best wizards of influence, like Michael Breen, Richard Bandler, Tony Robbins and more.

Every chance I could, I would discuss with Michael how he and other masters of this form of advanced influence used stories to change people's minds so effortlessly.

Finally, after hearing over and over again from customers:

"Tom how can I do change work like Michael, that's so effortless and conversational?"

I said to Michael:

"This method is far too valuable to be kept to just the elite masters in NLP."

Michael agreed.

Six weeks later, a brand-new never before seen training and live feedback course was born.




This is an opportunity for you, for the first time ever, to get your hands on the real secrets and a bullet-proof system to telling stories conversationally, that gives you the power to do "invisible" change work.

When you deploy what Michael Breen reveals inside this brand-new course, no longer when you are giving advice or helping people change will you experience resistance, have your suggestions ignored, your best advice dismissed, or your ideas overlooked without consideration.

Because you'll finally know the real secrets to "magical communication styles" used by extraordinary communicators that are light-years ahead of everyone else. The stuff you've only ever seen elite storytelling change masters demonstrate.

You'll learn how to have the kind of influence and impact with friends, family, colleagues, and clients you've always dreamed of - the ability to tell stories conversationally that change people's minds fast!

And if you work with groups, when you use this method, you'll be able to influence people at scale.

When you've mastered these skills, I can confidently predict that you'll be in the top 1% of communicators you know. This may sound like a bold claim, but it's entirely achievable for anyone who applies what Michael teaches in his results-focused course.

Influence and impact isn't like other things you've tried. It won't handicap you with unnecessary theory, weeks of content or storytelling scripts that work today but stop working tomorrow.

Instead, Michael Breen teaches the most important principles and strategies used by masters of NLP for decades to influence people outside of their conscious awareness - the stuff that so few people know, the knowledge that changes everything.

Frankly, this is not just stuff you should know; this is stuff you need to know. If your job involves coaching, influencing, persuading, leading, or helping others, this information is crucial!

And with it, propel you into a league of one, in everyday change and persuasion situations.

Equipped with these distinctions and skills, you'll finally be able to do covert change work conversationally and influence people powerfully, in ways that you can't even imagine. And along the way, you'll find yourself changing too, as Michael shows you how to rewrite your own inner story.

And because we're serious about you making a massive leap forward in your ability to tell stories and create changes conversationally for others, we're doing something highly unusual for this kind of training and unheard of for a training at this price point.

You'll have the opportunity to submit your own storytelling videos and have renowned NLP Master, Michael Breen review and give feedback and suggestions to help you improve your storytelling ability!

This opportunity is strictly limited to just 20 spots. (see "Storytelling Critique" below for more info.)

But before I jump ahead of myself, let me outline exactly what you'll learn in this course.

Here's a taster of what this course covers:

Discover The Secrets Of Great Storytelling

You Need to Know to

Captivate & Hold Anyone’s Attention

When it comes to telling stories and telling them well conversationally, there are many myths and misconceptions that get in the way. So to set you on the right track, Michael kicks things off by debunking common myths before quickly diving into big ideas and little known secrets anyone can use to become much, much better at telling stories that captivate, create a real connection and have a lasting impact!

You'll Learn:

How stories work in the brain and how to apply the brains ‘natural inference engine’ to keep an audience hooked in your stories…

The master skill to telling truly great stories - Watch Michael show you how much more interesting and engaging your storytelling can be when you learn to do this masterfully.

The fascinating truth about why two people can recall the same event with vastly different stories and how to leverage this storytelling insight to your advantage...

The #1 reason why many people’s storytelling fails to work to create change and the ONE method that if you follow it, will dramatically increase the chances your stories hit their target every time...

Big myths about storytelling that most people believe but are true that are damaging your ability to hold and keep attention.

We have one brain that creates stories, right? Wrong! Hear the fascinating discovery about how the brain comes to believe certain stories and how you can trigger this too

Are you making this very common mistake when listening to people tell their stories? Find out what it is and how to avoid it so you can help them get what they really want.

Quick Wins to Influence: Discover how the brain literally will believe just about any story so long as it adheres to this one key function. Use it in your stories and dramatically increase your ability to influence anyone.

Why you can’t trust story scripts and canned “language patterns” to create the outcomes you want – and what storytelling masters like Michael Breen, Richard Bandler and Tony Robbins do instead, that works FAR better!

What To Avoid Doing: 7 common storytelling mistakes you should never make but so many people do.

Transform Your Inner Story

with Michael Breen's

Powerful ‘Rewrite’ Method

The stories we tell ourselves are the most powerful and impactful of all. They create the boundaries in our minds about what we think is possible for us. They shape our relationship with the world, with others and most importantly ourselves. Yet many people’s inner stories are holding them back. 

That’s why in this section of the course, Michael will show you how to transform your inner story fast.

You’ll Learn:

Are you caught inside a story that is holding you back from living your true potential? Find out and discover how to change it – FAST!

Transform the hidden language that keeps you stuck in your stories. This powerful insight took Michael decades to discover and is something he uses daily to raise the bar for his life.

Break Free of The Past: Discover how your past decisions and choices shape your future, and learn how to harness them and construct a new story to to your advantage.

Unlock more of your true potential today, with the master's method for rewriting your inner story.

Fix Your Motivation: Watch Michael elucidate on how so many people are unconsciously screwing up their motivation and why the day by day choices we make can have a profound impact on our ability to get motivated and stay motivated. (Pure Gold!)

Rewrite your inner story in 3 simple exercises. Michael calls these “great, great, great development exercises” that will “teach you more about how stories function and what can be done with them than any amount of talking about it!”

The sneaky way our brain can quickly become convinced that you can use in your stories to help create new unquestioned beliefs!

The truth about ‘self-concept’ – and why it’s not what we’ve been told…

The sneaky way we can program our brains to quickly become convinced of something, that you can use in your stories with yourself and others; to help create new unquestioned beliefs!

Start living a life with far greater excitement and possibility … when you adopt this one simple method you can start using right away!

Uncover the Secrets of Conversational Storytelling that Spark Rapid Change...

Being an engaging storyteller isn’t enough to help someone create a change. You need to know HOW to structure and choose stories that will cause others to change. So in this section Michael lays out what you really need to know about conversational storytelling and change work to make sure your stories don’t just delight but create change!

You’ll Learn:

How to think like a “change master” if you want to quickly shift limitations and quickly move people from being stuck to well on their way to acting on their desires and goals.

The universal pattern that causes people to get stuck … and how to use stories to overcome it.

Unlock Michael's little-known heuristic for accelerating change and delivering entirely conversational work. Apply it to your own practice and experience faster, more effective change work.

Are you failing to catch and hold attention? Chances are you are making this mistake in the selection of your stories. Find out the quick and easy way to overcome this common mistake.

3 distinctions that instantly cause you to be far more effective at changing minds and making it dead easy to have people accept new ideas.

Do you waffle in your stories? Or do you struggle to keep your stories concise and engaging? Then try this Ericksonian inspired storytelling exercise that will have you able to tell short or longer stories on the fly.

When is the right time to ask ‘the why question’ and when is it very counter-productive…

How to dramatically change the meaning of any word simply by doing this ONE trick. Pro storytellers use this all the time to make covertly change other people’s states.

Tap into the “hidden” information people are leaking all the time. You’ll be amazed at how much more effective your stories becomes when you can do this.

Discover how to use isomorphic metaphors to create new possibilities and overcome challenges.

An essential mindset adopted by conversational storytelling masters that makes creating change far easier. Install this mindset today.

The ONE practice Michael Breen adopted early in his career that transformed his ability to get better and better perpetually, come up with new insights and ideas and get recognized by high profile clients and leading experts, as someone to watch…

How to make change work go much quicker – by changing one variable in how you setup your suggestions, recommendations and interventions.

The real secrets to delivering stories conversationally … get good at this one killer skill and never again will you struggle to hold people’s attention when you need to.

The secret of building any skill FAST! Do this simple fun thing and you’ll become far, far better at telling stories that influence and impact in no time at all.

The easiest way to find people to practice your NLP skills with. Use the master’s strategy for finding tons of people to apply and practice your skills with.

Discover the Art of Masterful Storytelling

Learn to Craft and Deliver

Conversational Stories that

Influence, Persuade & Change Lives…

As people helpers, managers or thought leaders, we aren’t telling stories simply to entertain but to change lives. So in this part of the course Michael will walk you through step-by-step how to craft and deliver stories that influence, have the power to change lives and have an impact! You'll witness for yourself the power of advanced conversational skills in action.

You’ll learn:

How ‘reality tunnels’ and entire worldviews are created … understand this powerful insight and dehypnotize yourself from seeing things just one way and the secret to how to create ‘reality tunnels’ for others…

The first task you have to do no matter what kind of story you tell. Many people completely miss this step. Without it, nothing else you do will work.

Say goodbye to worrying about what story to tell with this technique: you'll be able to share stories that powerfully influence and impact people on the fly, without the need for planning or second guessing.

Confused about which story you should use … when…? Let Michael show you a simple and powerful story selection method you can use to know exactly which story vehicle to use.

Discover why memorizing scripts (or relying on a 'big book of therapeutic stories') can hold you back and learn the method used by world-class change agents instead.

Reality is fixed, right? Wrong! Discover an esoteric exercise created by Robert Anton Wilson that shows you how easily the brain (and the people you communicate with) can be invited into their own ‘reality tunnel’.

 The #1 reason people resist your suggestions – and how to avoid getting ignored and your suggestions bouncing off of people.

The life and career changing practice that transformed Michael Breen's career, allowing him to continually improve, generate new insights and ideas, and gain recognition from high-profile clients and leading experts. (And how you can use it too.)

How the brain makes things feel ‘real’ and causes us to believe stories … even if they aren’t  true and how you can use this to your advantage.

Explore how non-verbal communication, used by your audience, can be used to influence people in a very powerful and profound ways … outside of their conscious awareness.

A super covert way to change people’s states that Michael has used tens of thousands of times that ‘flies under the radar’ and people never see it coming…

Uncover the power of unexpected words and how to use them masterfully to steer attention and guide arousal. (Very powerful)

3 killer questions every change master asks themselves to rapidly figure out which story to use next… (Very powerful)

Zero Resistance Influence: Discover what causes “resistance” in people and how to use stories so you experience zero resistance to your ideas, suggestions and proposals. (Super powerful)


Easy To Use

Techniques and Heuristics

Used By Elite Storytellers

When first learning how to intentionally tell stories that change people it can feel like there is a lot to do and keep trackof. That's why in this section of the training Michael simplifies things so you know the most essential 'elite power moves' used by top storytellers and change masters that turns storytelling newbies into slick communicators in a fraction of the time. Which means there's no need to wait months or years to get good at storytelling!

You can get started applying what you learn in as little as a few hours...


You’ll Learn to:

Level Up Your Stories: Craft engaging stories that captivate and lead people to make new conclusions using the brain's inference machine.

Discover the power of story stacking – the tactic that real NLP masters use to seed ideas and get people to form conclusions without even telling them.

Harness Storytelling Heuristics – Discover different storytelling heuristics you can use right away to capture and lead people’s attention.

Choose from 3 little known elite story structures, used by masters to share stories that change people’s minds and lives.

Never run out of compelling stories with this little-known tactic swiped from great storytellers. Get ready for having HUNDREDS of stories at your fingertips!

Leverage the power of Priming: Discover what priming is, how it works and how it can be used in storytelling to get people to make connections without you having to point the connection out!

Is it possible to use conversational hypnotic processes within your stories? You bet! Watch and learn as Michael demonstrates many different ways he captures and leads attention to create specific effects in his audience.

Why you don’t ever want to choose the stories you’ll use BEFORE you first get a handle on this! (It’s amazing how many ‘gurus’ completely miss this.)

Should you make stories up or tell only true stories? Get the definitive answer and why doing it this way works far better.

Discover what novice and even some 'expert' communicators do that can make audiences tune out, and learn the ONE thing you should do instead to keep them engaged and wanting more.

What’s the difference between content and frame of reference? Find out and discover why paying attention to the latter is so important if you want to tell stories that have an impact! (And stop people ignoring you.)

Do you ever feel under pressure to be the expert? Discover the super skill that INSTANTLY takes the pressure off of you!

Make Your Message Unforgettable: Learn the critical distinction about memory that can make or break your influence. Master this distinction in your storytelling to leave a lasting impact on your audience. Do it wrong and your message WILL be forgotten!

PLUS: Lots of little known storytelling secrets used by storytelling masters that you can apply right away to take your storytelling skills to the next level and beyond.

Plus Enjoy Tons of

Demos, Case Studies & Michael Breen’s

Storytelling Best Tips 

(And Wisdom on Creating A Life Worth Living)

To help you pick up this new found skill or extend it to new heights, we've jam packed this training with tons of examples, demos and case studies for you to watch.

Here’s a taste of what you’ll learn and experience:

Storytelling Demonstrations: Watch Michael demonstrate tons of different types and styles of stories so you can get a real experience of what is possible when you apply what Michael teaches.

How one can use questions and anecdotes together to create powerful even quicker change. Super useful.

Expert tips and tricks for experienced students designed to a dramatically improve their skills.

Powerful Client Case Studies: Watch and learn as Michael setups the story and then deconstructs real examples of client interactions where he used stories and simple questions to create real breakthroughs…

The “Multi-Million Pound Story Review Strategy” that practically GUARANTEES you will quickly get really good at telling stories … stories that have the power to influence and affect others powerfully! (This strategy will literally transform your work and storytelling.)

One of the most important practices Michael recommend you take on today if you want life to get better and better. Best of all, this doesn’t require you to use ANY techniques!

Plus! Learn Advanced Storytelling Tips Including:

Powerful ways to slide people into your stories so they can’t help but get sucked into your story and eager to hear more.

How to use time and space language elegantly to unlock new possibilities.

Discover where the real magic happens when telling stories that create change … it’s not where you’ve been told. Find out what the real masters of influence of change know.

Discover how to evoke states and build massive response potential in an audience … watch Michael demonstrate and unpack what you need to know.

How storytelling masters create causal chains that compel people to take action and go ahead and change their lives.

The pro way of using inferences so you can affect people powerfully with their own thoughts!

Shortly after you complete this course you'll have the knowledge, skills, and strategies to seamlessly integrate conversational storytelling into your everyday life. You'll be able to captivate and influence your audience - at home, at work, or in front of a crowd - and have the power to change their minds and behaviors like never before, using advanced communication skills.

As your skill and impact grows with every story, you'll find your confidence explodes too.

You'll thrive in the contexts where others have failed to influence (becuase they're still using out-of-date tools). And whether you need to have a "cruicial conversation" at work, deliver a presentation to a group, or radically shift a person's perspective on a situation, you'll have the tools to disarm them with a story and communicate in a way that deeply influences them and creates a lasting impact.

Get ready to revolutionise the way you communicate!

What's Included In This Brand-New Program

24 Brand-New High Definition Training Sessions

Watch and learn as Michael Breen reveals his best kept secrets to telling stories that influence and impact, so you can tell powerful stories that change minds.

24 Audio Files

Sometimes it’s not suitable or possible to watch videos. That’s why we’ve also made the entire program available in MP3 format, so you can listen and learn as you commute, exercise or take it with you on the road.

Each module comes with accompanying audios which you can download and use on your smartphone, tablet or computer for easy offline listening.

8 Bespoke Exercises

PLUS Supplementary Influence and Impact Training Notes

To help you quickly take your storyteling to influence skills to the next level, we've included eight helpful exercises along with supplementary 'cliff notes' to help you extract the most important key ideas and distinctions shared.

Wait, There's More!"

To Sweeten The Deal And Make This An Easy Decision For You, I'm Offering $3,500.00 Worth Of Bonuses!


Expert Storytelling Critique

(Expert Feedback & Praise Direct From Michael Breen)

Value $1500

Because we're serious about helping you make a massi