Celebrity Coach Reveals The 
Exact System His Ultra Successful Clients Use To Become Wildly Successful Year After Year…
and how to use the same system too...
to Get The Life You Want TODAY! 
Dear Friend,

What does Jeff Besoz, Warren Buffet, Mark Zuckerberg, Richard Branson and Bill Gates all have in common?

They all have built incredible fortunes by aligning their natural skills with their interests.

When you match the things you are really good at with the things you really love doing, you have the key to your personal success.

So why don’t more people do this?

Because they think talent alone is enough.

Unfortunately, it’s not.

Talent. Ability. Skills. Everyone has got them.

But what use is having great talents, abilities and skills if you can’t create the life you want?

What use are they if you life doesn’t work?

If you can’t realise the goals and dreams you once set for yourself.

If you keep hitting up against the same darn problems over and over again, despite your best efforts. It's deeply frustrating, right?

Well success may be closer than you realise. You see when you study the habits and patterns of highly successful people you discover that in addition to matching the things they are really good at with the things they love to do, there's one habit that every super successful person has, that most people dont; that's laser FOCUS.

2020 is without a doubt the year that everyone’s focus, priorities and goals got thrown a curve ball.

I think you’d agree, many people if they could wind back the clock on time, and knew how things were going to turn out for them, not just this year, but over the past 10 or 20 they would...

Yet most people don't.

We get stuck wanting different results but not doing things differently.

So the same painful situation in their life reoccurs.

Most folks out of frustration resort to moaning, whining and complaining, hoping things will somehow get better. But they (usually) don't.

Think about it.
The world is awash with people who want to be successful. To make more money, to have better health, deeper relationships, jobs they love, great friendships, the  big house, the Instagram kitchen or sports car… you get the idea. The dream of living life on their own terms.
Yet few do. 

Is it because they are not capable?


We each have tremendous capabilities, capabilities that would shock you, if you could just tap in to them

So what stops people from being more successful? 

They act like lobsters!!
Are You A Lobster? 
Dr. Orison Sweet Marden, who founded SUCCESS Magazine in 1897, (yes, that SUCCESS magazine. The one that had legends from the early world of Personal Development world like Napoleon Hill and W. Clement Stone grace it’s pages.) had a very interesting description of a very common human problem.

After studying the great achievers of his day, he realised that what separates those who achieved vs. the great majority who do not is the vast majority people act like lobsters!

Here's how he described it:
A Lobster, When Left High And Dry Among The Rocks, Has Not Instinct And Energy Enough
To Work His Way Back To The Sea, But Waits For The Sea To Come To Him.

If It Does Not Come, He Remains Where He Is And Dies, Although The Slightest Effort Would Enable Him To Reach The Waves, Which Are Perhaps Within A Yard Of Him.
The World Is Full Of Human Lobsters:

Men and Women Stranded On The Rocks Of Indecision And Procrastination, Who, Instead Of Putting Forth Their Own Energies, Are Waiting For Some Grand Billow Of Good Fortune To Set Them Afloat. 
Every successful person knows hope is not a strategy. Yet for many people all they do is hope.

Wishing your life to be better, is usually a plan to keep things the same.

Life changes when we TAKE ACTION.

But how can we condition ourselves to take action when we've trained ourselves in to keeping things the same?

Thankfully there is a another way... 
A Rare Opportunity To 
Wire Up The Strategies & Secrets Of The Ultra Successful 
A while back Celebrity Coach Michael Breen held a sold-out program where he taught participants (who paid $4,997.00 to join live) some of his most powerful Success Strategies and Inner Mindset tactics to get the life they wanted. The same secrets, that his ultra-successful, high flying corporate, multi-millionaire and celebrity clients use to thrive and create lives of abundance and freedom.

People who by the very definition are not lobsters, but rather the kind of people Orison Sweet Marden and Napoleon Hill would want to interview today.

The point is...
If You Weren't In That Training...
You Missed Out On Some Of 
The Most Powerful Inner Mind 
and Outer Goal Achievement Strategies In Existence 
Strategies far more powerful than anything you'll read about in books or find on other courses (because Michael distilled in to 24 modules many of the most potent tools, tactics and inner game success psychology that he has developed having worked with world famous celebrities, titans of industry and ultra successful personalities.)
There's no way to 'rewind time' and get you on to the live course. We ran it three times and it sold-out each time BUT, here's the good news (for you):
I've decided to make a finite quantity of the recordings of that sold out program - available in our all new 24 Week Home Study system we’ve called “Get The Life You Want".

Whether you are looking to transform your life, make more money, start a relationship, lose weight, change your career or take your business or life to another level, the success strategies taught in this program can change your life forever.

Before I delve in to details about this breakthrough program, I have a question...
There's no way to 'rewind time' and get you on to the live course. We ran it three times and it sold-out each time BUT, here's the good news (for you):
As 2021 Quickly Approaches,
Are You Willing To Drop What
Isn't Working To Get Ahead?

What’s that?” you say.

Well over the years I’ve noticed we each walk around with a prized anchor. The shiny heavy weight that represents everything that isn't working for us, but keeps things the same - our stories, our justifications, our heart-felt beliefs and rationa-lie-sations about why our lives are they way they are. 

Through continuous use of it, we've become hooked to creating more of our past (failures).

But for real change to happen, we must be willing to let go... or nothing will ever change.

This reminds me of a story, author Michael Grant in his novel the “Line of Duty” has one of his characters tell:

“A guy I fish with once told me a funny story. He’d just bought an anchor, and as he went forward to tie it to the anchor line, he slipped and fell overboard. Suddenly, he’s sitting on the bottom of the lake in fifteen feet of water, cradling his brand new anchor. He didn’t want to let go, but he was running out of breath. Realizing his choice was drowning or losing the anchor, he reluctantly let go and swam to the surface."

The character in the novel was a police detective and went on to say:

“My job has been my anchor and I’ve been holding onto it for 23 years. I don’t want to let go either, but I’ve run out of breath.”

Have you run out of breath? Are you willing to let go of your prized anchor? Are you ready to let go of whatever mental limitations that stand in your way?

If so I invite you to grab a copy of Get The Life you Want Home Study System today.

Finally, you too can get access to the recordings of the $4,997 training where Michael taught his most powerful secrets and strategies of Ultra Successful people... 

...people who have Created The Life They Want.

You'll discover how to transform your life including:

  • The 3 things super successful people do that makes them succeed in a way most can only dream about
  • The super easy way to get started and stay committed to making your goals come true, that doesn't require you to make a 100 foot screen in your mind, or try and force yourself to take action
  • The #1 thing super successful people target on every goal that allows them to 'leap frog' their way to success in 'half the time' and avoid chronic failure and stop-starts
  • How to think about your goals and dreams so they thrust you into action every morning
  • What to do when your plans go off track and how to recapture rock-solid focus
  • How to use sub-modalities and other cool techniques in NLP to wire yourself up to feel totally certain you've won, before you've even begun
  • Discover powerful strategies to eliminate fear, uncertainty and doubt and instill rock certain confidence
  • How to become 'the connector' in your work or social life and find people who want to help you
  • How to connect with groups and speak to audiences so you have them listening to your every word
  • How to engage with influencers so they become your ambassadors...
  • Discover how to retrain your brain so you are always growing and becoming your next best version of yourself... and new levels of success after success are drawn to you

    It's all revealed inside our exclusive new home study system.
The secrets taught in Get The Life You Want are like nothing you've tried before. 

Rather than merely sharing a bunch of 'success tips' and disconnected strategies hoping you will figure it out out, Michael teaches you the elite thinking, planning and action system super successful people use to take the success and life to the next-level. 
This unique program is organised into two concurrent tracks...

Track 1: Get The Life You Want - 12 Modules of Elite Success Training 

Here you'll enjoy twelve of Michael's most powerful training modules on the very same process he uses with his super-successful clients to create the life you want. With one new module per fortnight.

Remember: You'll get the exact same training as the live participants, who paid $4,997 to learn these secrets… for a fraction of the original price. But only for a limited time only. 

Track 2: Get The Life You Want - 'Hot Seat' Coaching Sessions 

You'll receive twelve life-changing coaching modules (recorded from the live sessions with our $4,997 a seat customers). Within them, Michael reveals his unorthodox strategies for breaking through limitations, transforming the vision you have for yourself and creating the life of your dreams. Again you'll receive a new coaching module every two weeks.

And in case you don't know who Celebrity Coach Michael Breen is, let me introduce you...
Get The Life You Want 
Is Delivered By Celebrity Coach And 
Master NLP Trainer, Michael Breen 
For the past 30 years Michael has coached A-list celebrities, Billion Dollar CEOs, Multi-millionaires and elite performers in Sports, Politics and Industry, along with everyday folks who simply want to radically elevate their game.
 You'll learn many of his most powerful secrets modeled from his ultra-successful clients, inside this multi-sellout program.

The secrets you need to kick life in to high gear are all revealed inside...
Meet Michael Breen 
One  of the industry's most well respected
Executive Coaches and Master NLP Trainers
This exclusive training is taught by a world-class master NLP trainer and celebrity coach Michael Breen. Michael has helped clients from around the globe achieve major goals including:
  • Get the life they want

  • Take their performance up several levels
  • Transition from worker to manager to leader

  • Change their careers and starting doing what they really love

  • Rapidly ascend the corporate ladder and secure that big promotion
  • Start the businesses they've always dreamed about

  • Grow their businesses dramatically...

  • Overcome those hidden blocks and "blindspots" that are getting in the way

  • Plus much more 
12 Breakthrough Training Modules
That Teach You Elite Skills
And Ultra Successful Strategies For 

Creating The Life You Want TODAY...
Get The Life You Want begins with… 
Module 1: 
Resourcing Up For Success... (Part 1)
Success is a matter of doing the right things, in the right order. In this training module Michael shares his comprehensive strategy for creating, arranging and organising resources for any sized goal efficiently and quickly so you get 2021 off to the RIGHT start.

Knowing how to resource up is essential for "going pro" and getting the life you want... whether you are a coach, therapist, consultant, trainer, manager or employee, Mother, Father, spouse or just general team member; it is your life. You will go through it how you go through it but, since you “bought the ticket”, don’t you think it would be wise to make the best use of the trip that you possibly can?

Our first training will examine how to assess where you are; what your options are; and then “get your act together” – whatever that means in the context of your own life and values and goals.

Michael takes the cover off a few techniques and shares the organizing principles for making the process as straight forward as possible. 

By the end of module 1, you will already be off to a great start to 2021.

Then you'll be ready for...
Module 2: 
Conditioning Rapid Action In Yourself
What becomes possible for your life if you KNEW you could get yourself to take action, consistently?

In this module you'll learn how.

One of the great realisations that has come from NLP is the the distinctions that how you organise and arrange your resources on the inside (sub-modalities) has a huge impact on your behaviour and performance.

This is one of those secret distinctions that when you learn how to apply can make you become the kind of super-achiever and action oriented person you're friends wished they could be.

You can trigger it like a switch, you just need to understand a few things about how.

That's some of what we'll be covering in this module along with: 
  • Strategies for moving into rapid action on your most important goals, easily and with minimum fuss (thankfully no wishing, wanting or hoping is required; you just find yourself taking effortless action.)
  • How to use sub modalities and other aspects of NLP technology to 'wire yourself up' to win (this stuff is super-cool)
  • You'll discover why there is very good reason why things have gone the way the have and what can be done to cause things to faster or slower depending on whatever your case may be. (Speed is important but so is control; you'll learn how to get both here.) 
Module 3: 
Rapid Skills Acquisition
In Module 3 we turn our attention to skills acquisition.

Every goal, dream and aspiration you have requires specific skills.

If you want to "crush it" you must be able to acquire new skills rapidly, learn faster and adapt yourself continuously so you become the kind of person who achieves their goals.

Nothing makes so much difference as your ability to learn, focus and adapt - these 3 skills are what I regard as successful people's "superpower" skills because without them it's incredibly difficult to make significant progress, and actually achieve your goals.

In module 3 we'll cover: 
  • How learning occurs & how to create powerful learning cycles to accelerate your success (so you can be one of the smartest people in the room and achieve your goals must faster)
  • Discover the number 1 distinction you must have if you want to achieve any skills based goal - you'll learn about how to extract the maximum learning point from any experience
  • Approaches to using the techniques of NLP on yourself so you make changing your self a breeze...

  • How people make problems with the technology but you will avoid 

  • How to deal with common patterns of overwhelm, lethargy and staying going when working on any challenging goal (every successful person is a good finisher or has someone who is working for them; learn the secrets to keeping going until your goal is achieved.)

  • How to borrow strategies from other cultures to help you - learn from everyone and everywhere... 
Module 4: 
Collaborate For Greater Success
Success is a collaborative process - which means we need to excel at working with others. In module 4 Michael’s going to help you elevate you thinking so you can work better with others, communicate clearly and create value in every interaction.
  • You'll learn the secret to working well with others who have different styles to you
  • Learn key insights about the pushing the boat out and choosing to show up for the people you work with so you stand out in any crowd and others want to work with you

  • Hear Michael coach do a special 'hot seat' with a participant on planning and thinking through a professional speaking engagement. What he shares here will help you in any public or work presentation context
  • You'll discover how to organise the "engagement process" for people who visit your web site, so you have visitors taking more of the actions that you want
  • Find out what are the essential activity list to think through when designing a profitable and memorable experience for your clients so they want to hire you and keep come back for more 
Module 5: 
Getting MORE Of What You Want...
In Module 5 Michael will reveal how to get more of what you want by getting radical with NLP.

Many students of NLP struggle to apply it to their lives and so fail to discover how easy, fast and lasting making change can be. If you have ever felt NLP is complicated or beyond you; then you will LOVE what Michael teachers in this module.

He's going to show you how you can finally get what you want by making a few adjustments.

You will learn:
  • What it really takes to use NLP simply, with minimum fluff and maximum effectiveness
  • Why you should not follow any framework blindly and how to recognise 'fake learning' vs. a direct experience (get this and you will be able to make connections and see insights about how to use your existing tools way better than ever before)
  • The #1 thing you must do if you want to develop real skill fast
  • What you are there to do when working with a client or helping someone change
  • The backstory of how practitioner and master practioner came about and what it really means (which few students ever know but is mission critical)

  • The one factor everyone who does well with NLP has almost universally in common and those who struggle don't

  • What kind of expereinces will make you masterful with the tools...
  • How to create "an easy walk on the path to mastery"

  • A review of sub modalities change techniques and how to use language to make a tremendous jump forward in what you can do
  • Sub modality thresholds and boundaries – how our sense of reality is held together for us and why flexibility is not merely a nice idea or an option but a requisite.
  • How some people's "big picture" is remarkably small in comparison to others. Some people's "detailed and sensory specific" is like an impressionist painting, created with floor mop (in other words... not terribly detailed, not terribly sensory specific) – you must develop the ability to go beyond your own preferences, to be able to create things that will fit into someone else's map... who is not like you at all... does this make sense?"
  • Experience new aha moments about how meta-programs and strategies operate on our own behaviour. As Michael says "If you can create a variety of cause and effect statements (and understand how they create specific strategies and sub modality changes); then Meta-programs become the jewels in your change-agent crown. 
Module 6: 
Become The Connector (& Influencer)
No Success and Transformation program would be complete without helping you become the connector.

In business and in life, your success will be greatly linked to your ability to engage and influence others. Expanding who you know and who knows you is a key step in increasing the opportunities and probability of reaching success in any area of your life.

Inside module 6 you will learn: 
  • Why it is key that you become the connector in your network

  • The core heuristics behind the One Strategy That Always Works To Build A Business

  • What is the real currency of networking and relationship building that when you use creates powerful results
  • How to create your master plan for becoming more connected and influential in the contexts that matter most to you

  • How to present requests in a way that lead the people you want to take action
  • How to connect your goals to the activity you take with your network
  • How to influence others so they will want to work with you and for you to become part of their community 
Module 7: 
Secrets of Focus, Decision Making And Effective Action...
In Module 7 Michael will teach you one of the MOST important and underrated skills to success - prioritisation and highly effective planning.

Those who enjoy the most success are the ones who do the best job prioritising the day’s activities and accomplishing the most important tasks — not the greatest number of tasks.

People who are successful know that the most precious resource they have is their time. So they prioritise and plan differently. The spend more time doing "the most important things" so they are more likely to hit their target more of the time.

However many people who set goals never learn how to breakdown the goal into actionable tasks and make solid decisions so never produce effective action and so their goals roll on and on and often not much gets done.

Inside module 7 you will learn:
  • What are the essential strategies for making sure you stay focused in on your primary goals and keep moving toward them (working with inner sub-modalities)

  • How to think through "problems" and come up with effective solutions fast
  • How to discover what are the small few things they you should be focusing on

  • How to make decisions and how to create structures and processes to help groups make decisions in business contexts

  • Discover expert game rules that lead to rapid decision making 
Module 8: 
Group Dynamics & Client Engagement 101
Regardless of your job type, these days almost everyone has to engage with groups and work with clients in some form of professional capacity. Yet many people fail to hear and see the subtle clues that let you know what is really going on inside their client's mind or that of their audience.

Inside this training Michael shares fundamental principles and practices for working with groups and clients that make you look like a rock-star!

Specifically you will learn: 
  • How to scope new client engagements

  • How to create trust and confidence with your clients
  • The critical role of contracting each and every session
  • How to manage expectations so you and your clients are consistently on the same page (and you avoid complications and unmet needs afterwards)
  • Discover powerful insights on group dynamics
  • Learn key distinctions about how to work with groups that vary in size from small groups to large crowds.
  • Discover the the true function of the trainer and hear examples of how to handle unruly members of an audience 
Module 9: 
Taming Fear, Uncertainty & Doubt
Uncertainty is the new norm. In Module 9 you will learn to embrace (and thrive) with uncertainty, change and hear Michael’s insights on the best ways to transition to being an entrepreneur (should your career or life choices decide you want to have a bigger impact and reach.)

Inside this module Michael will teach you...
  • How To Deal With Fear, Uncertainty and Doubt In Business & Life
Fear, uncertainty & doubt (FUD) often rear their head when starting a new venture or changing direction in your career. We all experience FUD at key points through life. Left unchecked FUD IS your master. In this training learn how to use it and transform what you do whenever FUD arises for you. Michael will be covering strategies on how to use FUD to your advantage, how to tame the roar of fear when it arises and how to trust in to the unknown.
  • Highly Effective Patterns For Career Change & Career Advancement
Specifically you'll learn the thoughts and behaviours that will keep you on course for greater career success and advancement along with how to navigate a career change when the time arises. You'll learn about the essential triad of being pro-active, outward looking and short and long term thinking. 
  • Life As An Entrepreneur 
  • If you wonder if entrepreneurialism is for you then you'll want to hear Michael's take on... 
  • How to know if you are cut out for being an entrepreneur 
  • How to avoid "jumping" without a parachute when starting your first business 
  • What are the critical skills for an entrepreneur during the early stage of a businesses life 
  • And much more 
  • Your text here...
Module 10:
The 3 Essential Skills For LONG Term Success 
Your behaviour is the biggest determinant in your success.

As you know everything is in a state of change; of growth or decline. Our behaviour, attitudes and success practices are just the same. They require tending and growth in order to ensure you are ready to thrive... whatever the future brings.

Inside module 10 you will:
  • Discover how to gain clarity of thought and action - how to get really clear on what your actions are producing and wire yourself up so doing the optimal things become the natural and obvious activity for you to do. Specifically Michael will be looking at career, health and relationships
  • Learn critical distinctions about frame control... so you can lead and be have people happily follow your suggestions

  • How to identify and set optimal frame(s) of reference elegantly
  • Mastering the frame of reference you or your listeners have around a given topic is an essential skill for any effective communicator
  • Learn how frame become highly skilled at identify, tracking and changing the organising frame of reference on the fly so you can influence effectively
  • Discover heuristics for getting new skills… into the muscle fast. Michael will be sharing several heuristics that can rapidly accelerate the rate at which you can acquire new skills in any area 
Module 11: 
Resourcing Up For Success... (Part 2)
By Module 11, you will have internalised and begun to demonstrate many of the new SUCCESS skills and behaviours Michael has jam-packed into the program. Applying what is taught you will have made tangible progress on your most exciting and important goals… making 2021 your best yet.

In part two of Resourcing Up Michael returns to the essential foundations for ongoing success.

You will learn: 
  • How to build strong foundations so you can continue to shorten the gap between setting a goal and making it coming to life
  • Hear useful strategies on how to work with known "leaks" you'll have uncoveveredthat affect your performance
  • Figure out how to easily de-clutter any noise in your life and streamline your focus
  • How to set up conditions and structures in your life so you are setup to continue your success trajectory
  • And much more...
Module 12:
Strategies For Advanced Change
Michael closes out the programme teaching several “simply advanced change processes” that make everything hum and practically guarantee your life will continue to get better and better.

Here’s a sneak peek of what you will learn:
  • Strategies & Artificial Design for Change - Including both sub-modality and content based change plus what Charles Faulkner calls Michael's "environmental NLP" approach
  • Re-Visioning Goals & Desires - qualifying and quantifying what you want so that it works!
  • How to get your brain to run so you are always moving toward the next best step in pursuit of your goals and desires
  • Peering Inside "Physical NLP" 
But That's Not All...
In Addition To 12 Success Training Modules 
You Will Also Enjoy 12 Elite Coaching Modules... 
... recorded from the orginal sell out training where you'll hear Michael coaching participants in "hot seat" sessions showing you how to quickly transform obstacles, breakthrough limitations and uncover hidden resources you never knew existed...

When it comes to coaching, Michael has a track record of coaching high profile and celebrity clients list like few others.

For 30 years he's coached the who's who of business leaders, celebrity clients and high achievers including: 
  • A list celebrities 
  • Royalty
  • World famous Pop stars
  • Leading politicians
  • Billion dollar CEO's and multinational CXOs
  • Start-Up and tech founders
  • And 'everyday' people who really, really want to get on and are tired of 'talking' about changing their life
But Michael's not just a master celebrity coach, he's also an Oscar Nominated Screenplay writer, Master NLP and Hypnosis trainer and has worked with over 100,000 people around the globe, teaching them how to create success quicker than they ever thought possible.

And that's where "Get The Life You Want" will work for you.
Because the secrets and strategies taught have been been fully 'field tested' through meticulous experimentation and application in the real world, used by ultra successful clients and students around the globe.
In short, it teaches you the secrets of how the ultra successful think, plan and act so achieving everyday goals to huge stretch goals becomes much easier... even inevitable!

You'll get access to all 12 elite coaching modules with dozens of 'hot seat' sessions, recorded from the live $4,997.00 program, but for a fraction of the price. 

"Surf on Michael's shoulders" as you listen and learn... as Michael transforms seemingly 'tough' problems, stuck behaviours and reveals the secrets behind the change... so you can do this for yourself too.

Throughout each hot-seat module, Michael highlights key take-away so you can use them on your own goals to overcome challenges, discover hidden resources and get the life you want.

And you can replay each session in the convenience of your own home or on the road, with our easy to play MP3 downloads.

 Here's A Small Sample Of The 
'Hot Seat' Sessions And Expert Solutions 
That Will Be Available To You Too...
  • How to define success so it is meaningful for you
  • How can you make decisions that give the highest ROI
  • How to stay focused on your goals and most important priorities
  • How to think your way through seemingly stuck problems
  • How to handle changes in work and how to make the best of a new work role
  • How to mend fractured relationships and re-establish trust

  • How to access your best resources when you need them
  • How to communicate the return on investment when pitching your service offering 
  • How to build real momentum using simple processes, fast

  • How to figure out what is really driving you and if your goals are taking you where you REALLY want to go

  • How to figure out how to arrange your resources to give yourself the best chance of achieving your goals

  • How to plan when facing uncertainty and what things you'll want to pay attention for
  • How to focus on the important things and organise your thinking about your goals so it leads to action and so you don't get distracted
  • How to create strong boundaries and avoid getting pushed around

  • How to refine and elevate your pitch so more people want to do business with you
  • How to deal with challenging emotions and inter-personal relationships 

Each coaching module is up to 2 hours in duration, typically with multiple 'hot seats' session and has been professionally edited so you can download and play on your computer, smart-phone or tablet.

And remember Michael takes the time to consciously explain key learning points and intervention tactics for your benefit.

Whatever aspirations or goals are working on or would like to start ... Michael's depth and breath of knowledge, along with his immense skill in coaching, training and consulting will make this one of the best programs you have ever invested in.
What Others Have To Say About 
This Life Transforming System
Konstantinos Bimplis 
“[This Course] Has Made A Tremendous Difference... It's An Amazing Investment” 

"One year before joining Elite Group Coaching, I was disoriented struggling to learn Turkish and come to terms with living and working full time in a foreign country (Turkey). All my social business connections were left back in Greece and basically I was starting from zero.

Elite Group Coaching has made a tremendous difference in my personal and business life... The program helped me setup my business from scratch, taught me how to network and develop business connections in a foreign country where I can't even speak the language properly yet!

On the business front I am very happy (I have to thank you again because your coaching programme made a tremendous difference in my life).

My consulting business is picking up, I am focusing on networking and building more contacts.

As a result (and out of the blue) I was asked to provide coaching and training to members of the governing party in Turkey!

I wholeheartedly recommend the course.

It is an amazing investment and you will thank yourself for signing up."

Jenny Smith 
“From Overwhelm... to Confidence & Success” 

"When I started the program ... I really needed help with the business side of coaching and not knowing where to start was really impacting on me. I was all over the place and often in overwhelm.

During my time in the program I created my niche which helps divorced women and that's working so well for me... I'm more confident, focused and on track."

Janne Heimonen,
“Helped Me Tremendously... It's A Massively Beneficial Programme” 
"EGC helped me tremendously over the course of 12 months to transform my thinking at a crucial moment in my life and career.

I had recently taken a major step to running a multinational, multi-office operation with constant and rapid expansion. I was hiring new people each week, opening new countries, dealing with various challenges and needed to up my game accordingly. I don't think I would have done it half as well without the help of EGC.

I see bigger opportunities and I know what I need in order to achieve my goals. It has helped me to think on a "different level" and to keep constantly moving forward.

I recommend it as a massively beneficial programme to anyone serious about their life, happiness and career and it's a potential life saver for those who might be struggling and simply need to sort things out."

Jim Conway, USA
“Excellent Training & Coaching... I Published My First Book” 

"I joined EGC with an open mind and no expectations. I was given a vast amount of great information. There is A LOT here. I had a lot of eye opening realizations.

Each month Michael over deliver on my expectations. I've begun to externalize my thought process. I've got a goals work sheet where I think about what resources I have, what I need etc. I've started a monthly newsletter for my clients.

I also developed a website and published a book via kindle to support my health insurance career.

I think the thing I benefited from most was to always review what available resources I have by externalizing my thinking.

There are a number of things I learned that I have not yet had the opportunity to apply. But, now I have them in the tool box when I will eventually need them.

EGC it is of great value, it's an excellent course. I'm looking forward to exposing my grandchildren to NLP times when they are old enough."

Adrian Reynolds, Scriptwriter, UK 
“Imagine you can bend the ear of someone who's super smart and experienced about whatever is bugging you most...” 

"Imagine you can bend the ear of someone who's super smart and experienced about whatever is bugging you most. That he'll listen and respond in way that will support you to move forward. And that he'll do all this without making you feel like a chump, or laughing at you, however dumb your shit happens to be.

That's kind of what Michael's coaching programme is like.

I've taken concepts and strategies Michael taught and use them on a regular basis with myself and with friends and clients. One of the key wins for me was learning how to spot what I've taken to be absolutes in a situation, and realising that they are variables. Variables which I have more choice about and control over than I ever considered."

Sean McCleaver,
“[This Course] Changed My Life.”

"[This course] changed my life. Often in the past, I was very hesitant to use obvious resources like connected people. I would do my best to do things "myself" without any help. I see how naive and immature this frame of mind is and am using whatever advantage I can.

The course taught me how to recognize, collect and apply my resources. To see where my thinking and doing wasn't always aligned to what I want. It helped me straighten things out... I've been able to recognize resources in places I've never looked before and implementing them immediately has proven to be a strategy that never ceases to surprise me.

I've truly gotten back what I've put into it and I found the direct communication with Michael extremely valuable.

Using what I've learnt I got a better job, got a promotion, lost weight, become more motivated and optimistic, cut down my wining, developed strong thinking and thorough planning skills and developed better relationships with my girlfriend and her family (always a good thing!).

The coaching is straightforward and concise however not always easy. Becoming committed to my life has made the challenges less intimidating and the successes more enticing. After a while, organizing myself has become habit and I'm enjoying a feeling of greater control over the choices I make whether it be mental or physical."

Mark Matten, UK
“Making Decisions More Easily. Less Procrastination. More Motivation - New House & Major Software Project Almost Complete Too. EGC is Excellent” 

"In my busiest, most demanding, year ever in my current job, and with large personal projects already planned and/or in progress I was concerned about taking on even more (this programme).

There's a vast amount of training material ... that is especially valuable. For example the tips on extracting most value and highest priority material from information, instead of analysing every word, forever!

As a result of doing the training I'm making more decisions, more easily. Doing far less procrastination! and have more motivation.

I've completed my mammoth house moving project... and my major open source software project is almost completed too.

The value of this product is excellent." 

Chris, UK
“I’ve Already Achieved My Main Goal 
(Getting a 20% Better Paid Job!).” 

"Before I joined [this program], I wasn’t at Master Prac level, or a self employed coach, and I thought the training was really for them rather than for me as a regular company employee.

The quality, value and usefulness of the material taught is exceptional.

Michael’s breadth of knowledge on NLP and wide business experience ‘in the trenches’ and knowing his approaches were credible and tested, even if they seemed a bit ‘out there’ at times was really valuable.

The truth is sometimes those different approaches make the world of difference.

I’ve already achieved my main goal (getting a 20% better paid job!).

My self-confidence is way higher… and I feel in the driving seat.

I also learned a lot of new perspectives which has changed what a lot of my other goals are now, and learned many useful strategies... and invaluable heuristics to apply both in business and home life.

Having a library of information to go back through again to build on for the future really helped me.

Having the confidence now that life is what you make of it, not what it does to you.

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