30+ years in the making... by Britain's foremost business and NLP trainer...
Here's How You Can Get 
The Respect, Recognition, Status 
(or Pay) That You Deserve 
In Your Work Life...
 Regardless of your experience level, position or industry.

From: Tom O'Connor
London, UK
Dear Friend,

Every successful person in the business world knows:

Communication skills are at the foundation of everything we do. Everything.

It doesn’t matter what your job, position, or experience is…

And it doesn’t matter whether you’re running your own business, freelancing, consulting, working your way up the corporate ladder or hustling at a startup…

If you don’t know how to create and nurture relationships… how to communicate effectively… how to lead others… and how to help others… you’ll struggle to ever experience the achievements you want to see in your work life (and personal life).

That’s just a fact.

In businesses all around the world today, there are men and women who don't even know that professionally they have been placed on the sidelines.

Their careers frozen-out of the most career enhancing and exciting roles. These hard working folks are permanently kept outside of the corridors of power, decision making and influence within their organisation.


Through no fault of their own - it's simply because they don't know the real secrets of communication, problem solving, leading and managing... and so are forever being overlooked, crossed off a list as a "not him (or her)" and not getting the respect, recognition or status (and pay) they deserve.

Today is YOUR chance to join that top 1% of the business world… and finally become on the envied and respected ones.

Because today you have an unprecedented opportunity to get your hands on… 
The Most Comprehensive 
Business NLP Toolkit 
Not Available Anywhere Else!
Yeah, I know. This is a bold claim…

...only IF you don’t know who Michael Breen is.

Michael is Britain’s foremost business and NLP trainer.

Having cut his teeth in New York, Michael Breen moved to the UK in 1980 and since then has trained over 80,000 people…

...co-founded the largest NLP training school in the world.

...co-ran workshops with Dr. Richard Bandler & Paul McKenna for 10 years.
...created the first Business NLP Practitioner programme in the UK.

…consulted numerous Fortune 100 and Times Top 100 companies.

...listed as one of the Top 30 Elite Executive Coaches in Europe (there are over 150,000 coaches in the UK alone).

And most importantly…

Michael is known for teaching NLP in a way that makes it very easy to apply… in your work life, and personal life... without ever smelling like NLP.
That’s why members of the royal family (not just in the UK, but in other European countries)... elite athletes in the US… executives of the Fortune 100 companies… and top business people from all over the world call Michael when they seek help.

And that’s also why Richard Bandler (co-creator of NLP) personally asked Michael to create a special programme for business people ONLY.
Richard Bandler,
Co-founder of NLP
"Michael Breen's work is 
innovative, skillful and up-to-date. 
His training is first class."
Paul McKenna,
"You must attend Michael's Business 
Practitioner of NLP Course. 
There is nothing else like it 
anywhere in the NLP world."
And as a result, Michael created this business focused NLP toolkit…

...and has never ever stopped developing and improving it.

But if you’re coming from an NLP background, you have to understand this:

This toolkit is NOT an attempt to make counselors and “let's hold hands and cry” type people out of business executives.   
All These Principles, Applications
 & Techniques Come From
A Business Context
They weren't pulled out from therapy.

They were modeled within the business context in working with really, really top people in different domains.

That’s because Michael’s background was in business, long before he started training tens of thousands of people in NLP.

And it was Michael’s genius to see the recurring patterns in the business world across different industries…

...and develop the ultimate generalist toolkit that will allow you to penetrate any specialty in any industry.

 And over the years everyone from chief executives to secretaries knocked Michael’s door to learn this toolkit, which helps you to:

Think more clearly, creatively and calmly (even under pressure).
Create a broader spectrum of options for problem solving.
  • Sharpen your cognitive abilities.
  • Listen people in a new and powerful way (so that they’ll not only feel “understood” but also come up with their own solutions without you intervening).
  • Use language elegantly to change someone’s thinking
  • Become a better manager and leader. (Hint: NOT through force, but by being more “followable”).
  • Present your ideas in a clear and concise manner.
Basically, every foundational skill you need that saves you a vast amount of time and trouble and empowers you with  great deal of flexibility and power in your work and personal life.

I believe such a toolkit is not available elsewhere.

And, in fact, it was NOT available to many people in the first place.

You see, Michael is an in-demand consultant, coach and trainer.

Between his ongoing one-on-one consulting deals, coaching celebrities and running “600 to 100 people in one room” NLP training programmes (and an uncommon career, including writing an Oscar Nominated screenplay) he had little time and energy to run so few of these business focused NLP programmes for the public.

So, as one of his most devoted students in the past decade (that’s me, Tom) even I haven’t had the opportunity to join one of Michael’s “MBNLP Business Practitioner of NLP” courses live as a participant. Never ever. 
This Is The Training That
 Everyone Wanted But Almost 
No One Had Access To... 
 That was really interesting…

...because, Michael is most noticeably known in the NLP circles for his breakthrough work in the business world.

Even though at NLPTIMES we have released so many amazing developments of Michael in the past decade, he was extremely protective about his business materials.
And rightfully so.

That’s because this is Michael’s life’s work.

This is one of his signature training programmes.

And even I didn’t have access to the recordings of these seminars...

...until recently.
Michael Breen's 
*Private* Hard Drive
(And Here's What I Discovered Inside) 
You may have already heard this story…

A couple months ago, I had a Skype call with Michael to come up with new training for our NLPTIMES family.

That day, Michael was pressed for time because he was preparing for a very high-end business meeting.

Since Michael was running out of time, he suggested sending me his private hard drive, so that I could dig in for new and cool training ideas.

When his personal assistant, Peter, sent the private hard drive to my address, I didn't know what to expect (because I went through most of Michael's material myself - several times, and I also joined most of his live seminars in person). 
So, I started checking the folders… one by one.

And a folder named "Business" caught my attention.

I clicked on the first video file…

...but I was left with a black screen, with no sound.

But about 50 seconds later the video started with Michael on the screen, saying:

"This is the MBNLP Business Practitioner of NLP. Are you in the right room? Is that what you're here for?"
I don't remember what my exact reaction was at that moment (I was probably giggling like a 7-year-old boy who got his birthday presents)...

But the next thing I did was to extract the audio of that training and put the MP3s on my smartphone.

And I started listening to it at 2x speed, as usually do with any other training (in any genre).

But here’s what happened next, in the first fifteen minutes: 
What I Heard Was Mind Blowing 
I Slowed Down To 1.5x... 
And half an hour later, I slowed down to 1x.

I started scribbling notes…

Created several voice memos…

Even took notes within the notes about how to use some of this stuff on my own business.

And, I'm so excited to tell you…

I found out exactly what Michael Breen is teaching his top clients and students in the corporate world to help them solve problems, manage and lead people with NLP (in his unique, and uncommon ways).
Not only some of the principles, techniques, and heuristics he's teaching in this training is totally NEW (I don't remember hearing some of these in any of his trainings) but what makes this training very special is the way Michael weaves together everything -- almost magically -- specifically for the "business world" like you've never seen before
And I'm NOT Exaggerating When I Say...
"Like You've Never Seen Before" 
I haven’t told this part of the story to anyone before…

...so you may want to read the following paragraphs closely.

Right after I discovered these private recordings of Michael delivering one if his finest teachings on his ever-developing “business NLP toolkit”, I immediately contacted Michael to get his permission to turn these recordings into a product.

As I was waiting for Michael’s response, I also sent you (and 13,782 other NLPTIMES subscribers) an email about my new discovery.

And that he hasn’t given me a green light on releasing these recordings.

His message was clear, and it was along the lines of:

“Tom, this is my life’s work. I have never shared some of this stuff with anyone outside of my small circle. Not interested in turning this into a mass product”.

And I tried to prove him wrong.

Yes, these recordings definitely had something special about them, and some of the stories and exercises were totally new. But I thought, “Hey, we created over thirty products with Michael over the past 7-8 years, some of which were over ten hours. He should have shared almost all of this information in his other products. If I go him with these facts and research data, I thought I could get an easier ‘yes’ from Michael”.
So I went through the complete recordings (over 20 hours) for a second time to note one by one everything he’s installing into the minds of the live audience…
...and list which previous product that we have in the NLPTIMES library was referencing the same material.

After going through first twelve tracks of Module 1…

...I gave up.
Because I quickly realised:

a) Yes, a good percentage of this material is all-new.

b) His delivery of the material in these recordings is so profound, each time you go through it, you discover something else Michael’s is doing at a deeper structure.

c) That level of sophistication in his delivery was required because the audience he was teaching at these recordings were mostly new to NLP, while also being competent professionals in their respective fields.

So, while he was sharing lifelong skills that’ll easily change the lives of the seminar attendees forever (who are business professionals new to NLP), he was also offering a lot of value to people like me who are at the top of their NLP game…

...in a way only Michael Breen can do. 

And I’m NOT The Only One
 Who Thinks This Training Is Unlike
 Anything You’ve Ever Seen Before

Here’s what customers have to say about learning Michael’s elite Business NLP toolkit: 
 "The BEST info I've found..."
Michael Richard, USA
"Business Breakthrough is the best info I’ve found (40,000 plus hours of self education). Most useful, practical and sheer genius.

Module 1 is an absolutely amazing, further development of Framing Tool and Meta-Model.

Cannot wait to see Module 2!” 
"By far the best training program yet..."
Scott Paquette, Canada
Michael's skill is unparalleled and down to earth, and no one else is offering this kind of skill set to the public / business sector online. This is incredible, thanks!

I like the down to earth way that the material is presented and the impact that something as simple as [one of the skills presented in Module #1] can be so revealing of the problem at hand!
This is by far the best training program you've put out yet and I'm still working through it!

I would highly recommend it even if they have no previous NLP experience.

This is the real thing, and I know so many people who could benefit from this in their business interactions. It brings your communication skills to a whole new level.” 
 "One of the best trainings I've seen Michael do..."   
Alex Lowe, UK | Freelance Digital Marketer
I’m a Freelance Digital Marketer and I needed to get better communication, persuasion, leadership skills for my business.

Going through Business Breakthrough brought much more clarity on how to use NLP naturally and powerfully in a business and conversational setting. I can start to plan how to have more impact with others.
This is one of the best trainings I've seen Michael do.” 
"...and by far the best 
I've ever seen!"    
David Barcos, Spain | Therapist, Teacher 
And Business Coach
Business Breakthrough is by far the best I've ever seen! I enjoyed EVERYTHING about the training. There are so many things about this training that are priceless.

Going through it has given me a broader understanding of basic definitions of NLP and how to apply it in different contexts, and the impeccable service you provide to your customers. I feel I’m being cared for. 

So thank you very very much for the outstanding job you’re doing. 

Eternally grateful :-)
"Best stuff so far... I am getting FANTASTIC value!"   
Andi Hall, UK
I give this 5 stars!

This is the best stuff so far… I am getting fantastic value out of it.”  
"There is ALWAYS a transformational nugget... fabulous!"  
Brigitte Nix, UK |Life Consultant 
 am getting a great amount from the programme. For me. Michael Breen is the Polymath of NLP. The depth of his understanding and expertise in many different contexts - the arts, philosophy, metaphysics, business, teaching, general media and the digital world, human behaviour - I could go on - that I have witnessed when training live and online with Michael over the years, is the reason I return again and again. There is always a transformational nugget to be found and to be reminded of, to stay on track and avoid slipping into inattentive routine. Even though he is not my physical mentor, I look upon him as my mentor - and he doesn’t know that, not until now, anyhow!

The conversations between Tom and Michael, Tom’s excellent questions, points and summaries make for a great team. And there is the technology which I believe Tom puts together. Fabulous!”
"It opens someone's eyes to a completely new way of perceiving the world"  
Filipe Duarte, Portugal
I had NLP training before with very good trainers. I improved my life with those teaching but a specific context was missing. In other words, I had the knowledge but I was taking too much time for me to adapt the what I learned to different contexts (at work, with friends, family,...). I was able to do it but the process of "ok, if this works like that, with work colleagues at work I might do this" was taking to long. With Michael it's easier to start with a specific context (business) and extract to other environments. I noticed that the learnings are fasterand easier. I'm a factory worker about to become an assembly lines manager, and I'm just accelerating.

I definitely recommend this to everyone! It opens someone's eyes to a completely new way of perceiving the world, giving great improvements in the quality of life as they go around." 
"The BEST business course 
I've ever done..."    
Dave Wedgwood, UK 
This is the best business course I have ever done. With a very demanding workload I was looking for something to help.

There are so many gems in this course that I am still learning and discovering and I suspect that it will continue for a good while!

The level of practical skills you can take away from Business Breakthrough once you put in the time is fantastic. I definitely recommend it to others. Can't thank NLP Times enough for releasing this material.
And NOW, for a short time…

You can get your hands on the complete recordings of Michael’s life’s work (and MORE)...
Business Breakthrough
An Uncommon Guide To Problem Solving,
 Leading And Managing With NLP
This is quite easily the most complete training that “walks-you-through” all the steps and gives you everything you need to IMPROVE your “people skills” and UPGRADE your “thinking strategies” to deal with the “automatic brains” and “irrational decisions” of other people.

And it’s the most COMPLETE system you’ll ever get your hands on…

...which took over 30 years to put together: 
Course Module 1: Nine Hours Of Professionally Edited VIDEO
Drawing on material from “MBNLP Business Practitioner of NLP” and advanced business training programmes… the result of Michael’s thirty years of work as a management consultant, trainer, and executive coach.

This 9-hour VIDEO module (in 22 tracks) gets YOU up-to-speed with the principles of NLP in a business context and gives you an easy path to UNDERSTANDING other people’s “automatic” and “irrational” behaviour patterns that puts you at the top 4% -- or, more likely, at the top 1% in your industry.

In training Module #1, you’ll discover: 
  • The EASIEST way to help your colleagues or clients come up with creative solutions to their problems. (It only requires a $1 tool -- which is available in every office and household -- and just six words. It doesn’t get any easier than that!)
  • Whoever has the strongest frame controls the group, right? WRONG! Discover what’s more important in Module One, Track #6
  • How to use “ordinary communication” to get the results you want? (Without smelling like NLP, without memorising language patterns and without looking like a weirdo). 

  • How to MOTIVATE yourself… and others? This goes way beyond the carrot-and-stick strategies. (PLUS, how to avoid the biggest trap “The Secret” folks fall into).
  • The truth about changing beliefs. What other NLP trainers don’t tell you (because they don’t know it too) will waste your years. (See Module One, Track #11 for the ugly truth).
  • The ONE word you need to change in your communication to get other people to take action on what you want them to do. (Hint: No arm-twisting involved).
  • A sneaky little technique to sound credible (and talk for as long as you want) WITHOUT being an expert on the topic.
The quickest way to get your proposals understood and accepted.
(An indispensable strategy for anyone in the business world).
  • Why “Nothing personal, it’s just business” is a big fat lie, and why it’s always personal. (Even in the most competitive corporate environments).
  • “There’s always a constraint” and “there’s always someone” in the corporate world. Discover HOW the most successful people find ways to move forward and get desired results… regardless of these inevitable limitations.
  • What’s wrong with the 5-year and 10-year plans? And what’s the better alternative? (Hint: Shorter plans are NOT necessarily better either, unless you know this one secret).

  • The #1 mistake NLP’ers make about “mirroring”. (Hint: Less is more… but how do you know what to ignore?)
  • A stupidly simple exercise which brings CLARITY and a DEEPER UNDERSTANDING to any problem you may have... in 15 minutes or less. (PLUS, you’ll be handed the exact next steps you need to take to move beyond that problem).
  • How to use NLP toolset in a group setting? (Most NLP’ers don’t even understand how to use these powerful tools in one-on-one situations, and 99% of them have zero understanding of how to apply them to group environments).
  • The secrets to using the right tool, in the right way, at the right time. (Not just in the business world, but in your personal life too). 
How to discover “the small BIG” in any interaction, process, problem or project? (The smallest changes that spark the BIGGEST influence…)
  • Here’s why 99% of the advice on “listening skills” out there is total rubbish.
  • The #1 leadership skill that almost all leadership trainings fail to address. (Listen to Michael as he explains it in four words… and you’ll remember it for the rest of your life)
  • “Everything you need to know about shaping human behaviour is in THIS book.” Which book? Discover on Module 1, Track #6.

  • The little-known requirement for working with submodalities.
  • What NEVER to do during a problem-solving session? (This mistake almost always brings more problems to your way).
  • 21 WAYS to come up with creative solutions. (Hint: Most people you consider as “creative types” use only two or three of these strategies at most).
  • And more… a LOT more... 
Michael likes to call the contents of this module “foundational” but I urge you NOT to underestimate the power of them.

These are the foundations that make a master like Michael himself… a master.

So, in Module #1, there are a lot of different components, elements, and parts that have been put on the table.

But Michael isn’t done yet…
Course Module 2: Thirteen Hours Of Digitally Remastered AUDIO
Then in Module 2, which is presented as a 13-hour AUDIO recording ( in 29 tracks )…

Michael starts to connect things up (so that you’ll finally USE these powerful principlesand strategies in your day-to-day life)... and introduce even more ADVANCED concepts :

If you have some experience with NLP, you’ll be connecting your previous learnings differently,
perhaps, than you might have had things explained to you before. (And he’s revealing a ton of misconceptions about various disciplines, like meta programs or personality types… and helps you get in the right mindset to avoid falling into those pitfalls -- coming from your previous learnings -- that are actually slowing you down or completely stopping you from getting the results that you want). 
If you are fairly new to NLP, don’t worry, Michael gives you a chance to connect the dots pretty quickly through repetitions and constant exposure… and applying what you’ve learnt to yourself, to your work life and personal life (thanks to numerous demonstrations and exercises).

In training Module #2, you’ll discover: 
  • REVEALED: The only two types of problems you will ever have to deal with and FOUR PATHS you need to know to solve 99% of them! (Incredibly powerful framework... revealed for the first time).
  • WARNING: Your knowledge of Myers-Briggs and personality types might be ruining your communication in the workplace. Discover why in Module Two, Track #1.
  • What to do when you come across a personality style (or learning style) very different than your own?
  • The single most important skill every manager and leader should have. It’s very easy and quick to acquire this one skill, but even most CEO’s don’t know about it.
  • What NEVER to do before you attend a meeting. Never! And a very easy solution to get the most of any meeting you attend (even if you’re not the facilitator).
  • The TRUTH about “learning types” and how to utilise them during presentations, meetings and trainings.
  • Most people are better “storytellers” than they think. Discover WHY that might be a bad thing and learn how to take your guard against these sneaky and disempowering stories. 

The £80,000 technique": The secret to cutting your meeting time in half, giving better presentations and closing more sales.

  • How to use conversational language to find out who is the *real* decision maker in the room. (Get this wrong and all your persuasion efforts will not only go to waste, but they’ll also backfire!)
  • The underlying reason why you feel “stuck” in your life… and the surefire way to free yourself. (PLUS: How to help other people get unstuck. This is an essential (but rare) skill for managers and leaders).
  • What to do when your team members know what’s next, but they don’t/can’t take action? (You can blame them for “being lazy” or take the lead and follow this proven strategy to help them getting things done).
  • What to do when your team members know what’s next, but they think it’s an impossible goal? (Henry Ford, Steve Jobs, Elon Musk used this same strategy to lead other people to do the seemingly impossible possible… now, you too can!)
  • Office Politics: A critical topic that’s never discussed on in-house trainings. (Listen to Michael as he shared controversial, yet very important insights for women and newly grads).
  • CAUTION: The way you ask open-ended questions to other people is wrong! (At least 70-80% of the time). Let Michael show you how to structure your questions in a way it doesn’t send people down the rabbit hole anymore… and, instead, leaves them at a better, more powerful state you’ve found them.
  • The #1 reason why most of the meetings you attend don’t produce any desired outcomes. (And how you can fix this even before you enter the meeting room). 

The SECRETS to getting someone to do something
that they don’t want to do.

  • The curse of routine: While everyone talks about “morning routines” and “evening routines” for success, why it’s usually better to deliberately seek non-routines. (In other words: Know the best way to get to work, but choose a different path every once in a while).
  • The amazing “dictionary” gimmick that fosters your creativity… and forces you to come up with unique solutions to your problems.
  • How to use “tarot cards” as a problem-solving tool. (No, you don’t need to believe in tarotology or astrology to make use of this surprisingly effective -- and fun! -- technique).
  • 99% of what you’ve read and heard about NLP Meta-Programs are wrong! Discover why on Module Two, Track #16.
  • Three questions you need to ask yourself at the beginning of each month to have your best year ever… year after year.
  • Status Meetings: Why they don’t work… and how to (finally) make them work.
  • The genius behind Steve Jobs’ famous “walking meetings” and how to achieve similar results from your meetings without actually walking outside.
  • How to copy-n-paste strategies that work for other people and make them your own. (The questions you need to ask, the pitfalls you need to avoid… EVERYTHING you need to know to elicit a successful strategy).
  • And… all in all… 
You Will Finally Know How To Use 
The Unbeatable Combination of 
“People Skills” (That *Really* Work)

In Concert With “Thinking Strategies” 
Of Top-Performers In The Business World 
Which Automatically Leads To The 
TOP Of Your Profession! 
That’s right.

When you’ve gone through this exclusive modular training programme (Business Breakthrough) you’ll get to the stage where you can easily and comfortably influence people in your work life (and personal life).

And this is a LOT easier than you might think.

Especially because this training will be delivered to you via 2 separate monthly modules - one module per month…

...Module #1 carefully divided up into 22 video tracks.
...Module #2 delicately split into 29 audio tracks.

So, instead of getting all the training in one long session, the whole programme is… 

Organized Into Easily-Digestible “Bite-Size” Tracks
That Progressively Builds Upon Itself...

Which means...

You’ll never get overwhelmed.

You’ll always stay on track.

You’ll cultivate a sense of purpose and progress through the training.

And you’ll experience Michael’s genius and his “unconscious installation” skills (through ordinary language and seemingly irrelevant stories) first-hand.

So that you’ll start to TRANSFORM your “people skills” and UPGRADE your “thinking strategies” at an unconscious level… without experiencing the resistance of learning something new.

That’s right…

And if you’re critical about all this “unconscious installation” phenomenon, I urge you to check the “Poor Metacognitive Awareness of Belief Change” scientific paper which was published in “The Quarterly Journal of Experimental Psychology” on July 2017.

This paper suggests that…

We actually have very poor “metacognitive awareness” of our own belief change, meaning that we tend to underestimate how much we’ve been swayed by a convincing article (or a masterfully delivered presentation, like what Michael does throughout this Business Breakthrough programme).

Accordingly, with each track of this two-module training... your knowledge and understanding of these critical people skills (that work in this “automatic brain” age) will build upon itself.

 And by the end of module #2… 
You’ll Be Able To Talk, Write And Present 
With Absolute Precision To 
Get The Results YOU Want To Get 
In Any Situation
And all of that is just for starters…

Because in addition to the video recordings of module one, audio recordings of module two... we’re going the “extra mile” to deliver you the absolute best training you’ve ever seen… and to ENSURE you get the kind of your are looking for from his powerful training:

These extras include:
BONUS: Reference Manual
Personally, I’m not a big fan of courses and seminars that don’t come with a well-structured manual.

Lucky for you, Business Breakthrough comes with a 68- page reference manual that you can use to brush up your skills or use as a reference.

Note: Michael doesn’t believe in structuring training programmes linearly around a manual or book. So, don’t expect any of the module one or module two recordings revolve around this manual only. Still, this is one of the most comprehensive manuals we’ve ever offered for any of Michael’s products.

But there’s something that’ll help you integrate all these skills into your day-to-day life more than anything else, and it is...
BONUS: 20 Training Assignments
Assignments are the blood vessels of the Business Breakthrough programme.

They help you internalise some of the principles and techniques that Michael is teaching and demonstrating.
But sometimes it’s not easy to keep track of each exercise…

That’s why Michael has recently written down all the exercises that are at the heart of the Business Breakthrough programme, and we’ve compiled it into two volumes.
Exercise #3Jump Over the Problem

Exercise #4The Submodalities of “Love Doing” vs. “Avoid Doing”

Exercise #8Detecting/Tracking “Good States” vs. “Bad States”

Exercise #13Automatic Trigger Patterns

Exercise #15Capture Attention & Make Yourself Followable

Exercise #19Copy ‘n Paste Other People’s Success Strategies

And fourteen MORE exercises to help you get the most out of this training programme and have the competitive edge in your professional life.

However, this exclusive training does not stop there…

...because we’ll include something truly fantastic (which is worth more than the price of the course itself):
BONUSES: 7 Executive Level Career Advancing Programs…
Michael has never stopped developing this toolkit, and his delivery skills. (That’s because he’s using every single principle, technique or heuristic that he’s teaching in his own life first… which gives him an unfair advantage to continuously improve and refine his skillset).

And in early 2018, Michael has shared his *latest* breakthroughs and developments with a very small and select group of business professionals… in seven individual Masterclass events.

This was a rare opportunity absorb every distinction, heuristic and tool that Michael has developed over the years…

...to discover some of his least known secrets that will TRANSFORM your professional life forever.

Now, if you act today, you can get access to the full recordings of these 7 exclusive Masterclass events… 
Masterclass #1
The Trusted Adviser
How To Communicate With Gravitas, Earn Trust and Win Respect At Work
VALUE: $250.00
Developing personal gravitas and becoming an adviser other people seek out is one of the most valuable skills you can develop in business. It’s the proven fast track to getting ahead and climbing the corporate ladder or being invited in by clients.

If you have ever wondered why some people earn attention and command respect when they speak, while others don’t, it often boils down to one simple word:


In this 1 hour 56 minutes training Michael shares essential distinctions and simple steps you can implement today to increase your gravitas, elevate your executive presence and become a trusted adviser for others.
In this Masterclass, Michael reveals: 
  • What a trusted adviser is and how to become one? (Both regarding mindset and behaviours).
  • What is “gravitas” and why is it important?
  • How to develop an executive presence without appearing arrogant, aggressive or self-serving.
  • How to communicate with CEO’s and leaders so that they’ll listen to you and seek out your input.
  • How to become better at reading situational contexts and politics
  • Simple steps you can take TODAY to start developing an executive presence right away.
  • How to develop “asymmetric” influence.
  • Effective ways to spot and overcome “weak spots” in how others perceive you.
  • And more... 
Masterclass #2
How To Become A Better Leader
Managing, Influencing And Leading Others 
(Even When You’re Not In Charge)  
VALUE: $250.00
If you want to succeed in business or life, you must learn to lead effectively. Frequently on your journey to greater levels of responsibility and success, you will be asked to lead when you have no formal title or designation - a challenging role for many.

The skills of leadership remain the same. How you lead, and how you prepare yourself for leadership makes all the difference.

In this 2 hours 3 minute training Michael helps you figure out how to become a better leader, what these great leaders do differently and how you can embody great leadership traits in yourself to excel your career.

In this Masterclass, Michael reveals: 
  • What leadership really is? (If you want to have success in your professional life, never underestimate Michael’s definition of the real leader. Never!)
  • Why leadership is not just ONE thing?
  • What do strong/effective leaders do well that average and poor leaders do not?
  • The #1 thing to keep in mind when leading others.
  • What effective leaders do well that average and poor leaders do not?
  • Easy to follow strategies to develop the leader’s mindset and inner game.
  • Which aspects are most important to get right and how you can develop them?
  • What to do if you've been assigned someone who isn't up to doing the job?
  • Tips and techniques for managing others effectively even when you’re not in charge.

  • The importance of state and influence in leading others.

  • And more...
Masterclass #3
The One Strategy That Always Works 
To Build Your Business And Your Career
VALUE: $250.00
This is a very special training. Michael has taught this only to high-end corporate clients in agencies, select workshops groups and once in our $5K “Startup CTC” program.

A quick note from Michael:

"The One Strategy That Always Works (to build a business or your career) is the result more than 25 years of access to superior performers in many industries who consistently built either a large part of their business or stellar careers - by applying the tools and principles that I will be sharing with you in this exclusive masterclass."

In this Masterclass, Michael reveals:
  • “The One Strategy That Always Works” to build a business or your career used by movers and shakers but unknown to 99% of business professionals.
  • The surprising science of “small networks” that you need to know if you want to be able to reach just about anybody.
  • The little known 1960’s study by famous social psychology Yale researcher Stanley Milgram made about social networks. (It’s is even more amazing than his work on obedience and authority!)  
  • The best way to serve your network so they happily say “Yes!” to helping you (this one tactic could be worth thousands to your career all by itself).
  • The 3 key components of the "One Strategy That Works", which multiply by at least 20x the value of your contacts and existing relationships (even if you are a pro of the little black book).
  • The secrets behind great networks (it’s so easy to do, even deep introverts can follow this strategy!)
  • The 6 rules of the One Strategy That Always Works so you can start using it like a pro right away (and start creating opportunities today).
  • The #1 failure almost every business professional makes - young or old - which causes you to waste a fortune of opportunities.
  • Expert recommendations on how to put the One Strategy to work in your business or career.

  • The 6 key attitudes demonstrated by people who get the best results.
  • The #1 key question to answer when considering how best to serve your network.

  • Case examples and success stories of people who have put the One Strategy That Works for them. 

  • The best way to get going and implement the strategy in your career and life.
  • PLUS, much more... 
Masterclass #4
Skilled Communicator 
Secrets To Using NLP In Everyday Business Interactions (Emails, Meetings and 
Conference Calls) 
VALUE: $250.00
This is a question we often get -- especially from with who learnt about NLP elsewhere:

“Great, I've learned about NLP, I've have heard about the Meta-Model and Milton-Model… but how do I use it in day-to-day interactions? During my meetings, when I'm communicating with others on a conference call? Is it possible to use NLP in an email? Is it possible to use it on a conference call?”
The short answer: Yes!
Not only all of these are possible, it’s also possible to use this technology in group-to-group interactions, where maybe two groups of teams coming together and you’re operating a facilitation role or maybe you’re leading one of the teams.

Possibilities are endless when you’re a “Skilled Communicator” and this is what this two-hour Masterclass is all about!

In this special training Michael will reveal:
  • Secrets to using NLP in one to one and group BUSINESS contexts on the phone, team meetings and conference calls.
  • Myth busting: Overcome myths and common misunderstandings that block you from using your NLP skills better.
  • Mindset: The core mindsets and top 3 attitudes to have so you use NLP effortlessly (and remember to use it!)
  • Contexts: Important differences you need to know about using NLP in emails, presentations, on the phone, and in group contexts.
  • Brain Science: How the brain processes language differently when it is written vs. by voice, so you can write communications that evokes the desired action (and don't lose your reader).
  • Anchoring: How to do it and use it to great effect… in business.
  • Reports: Important do’s and don’ts.
  • Group dynamics: Tips and techniques to help you own the room.
  • PLUS, much more... 
Masterclass #5
Dynamic Persuasion 
Part 1 
Persuasion is more than a game. Touch the 
heart and change the mind.
VALUE: $250.00
Persuasion is much more than a game of fixed rules and forms, but a game of skill,   moving emotions to influence minds. In this very special Masterclass series guides you beyond traditional rules forms, revealing the essence and remarkable effectiveness of Dynamic Persuasion.

In this two-part Masterclass, Michael will reveal:
  • Why we are living in a time of dynamic persuasion.
  • 3 surprising truths about persuasion that most people overlook.
  • Effective messaging: How persuasive moves and mass messages are created.
  • The #1 thing every persuasive master does extremely well.
  • Why you need to ‘step back’ and above the message to see the pattern.
  • The top reason you need to know what persuasive game-rules your opponent uses.
  • Discover the POWER STATES you aren’t using enough and the ONE killer question that opens up the board to persuading powerfully.
  • The vital role “triggers and bias” play in persuasion (and how to begin to diffuse yours).
  • And much more...
Masterclass #6: Dynamic Persuasion 
Part 2 
Persuasion is more than a game. Touch the 
heart and change the mind. 
VALUE: $250.00
In this second part of the ALL-NEW Masterclass series, you'll discover the little-known tools of influence used by master persuaders today.

Michael reveals what Dynamic Persuasion is and how it applies to business communications, modern political discourse and interpersonal communication.

Far more than focusing on a set of "language patterns" as the power moves of persuasion, you will learn the invisible forces -- going beyond rigid rules and language patterns to discover practical tools that underpin Dynamic Persuasion today.

Here's a small glimpse of what you'll discover:
  • How to detect and pattern persuasive moves (including examples of mass persuasion blunders).
  • Learn how to penetrate persuasive discourse so you can spot the frame and out-frame your opponents (Michael explores persuasive discourse in business and politics – you won’t want to miss it!)
  • Enter the "Dark Side": How language is used to trigger responses both positive and negative.
  • Tools and tactics for constructing dynamic persuasive frames for influencing others.
  • The powerful role of framing, de-framing and frame amplification in persuasion.
  • Persuasive Manoeuvres: Advanced moves that can be used conceal, block, trap and enrol, amplify and engage.
  • Why you need to know which medium you audience best responds to if you want to maximise your persuasive power.
  • The 3 structures for organisational change to know if you want to create change in your organisation
  • And MUCH more...
Masterclass #7
Going Pro
How To Prepare And Present (So You Look 
and Sound Like You Belong in the Room) 
VALUE: $250.00
In this final Masterclass, Michael brings the key principles you’ve learned in all previous masterclass tracks together...

...and reveals:
  • The surprising truth about Going Pro that every wannabe-pro fails to operationalise in them-self.
  • What really separates a Pro from the amateur (it’s not what you think).
  • The real enemy of greatness (master this, and you’ll go very, very far in your career and life!)
  • The remarkable benefits going Pro has on your life.

  • What a Pro does differently that separates them from the rest of the field (and makes you sound like you belong…)
  • The core attitudes and mindset of people who are Pros.
  • Practical easy-to-do processes for raising your game (and creating momentum).
  • Planning and Performance Tips: What to think through in your dress, presentation and audience preparation, so you look like you belong in the room.
  • Simple to implement strategies for excelling and shining on the day, and every day.
  • Practical advice on how to go pro on your life, on your terms.
  • PLUS, much more...
As you may expect from Michael, each of these Masterclasses is filled with lots of ideas, tools, and techniques you can quickly and easily drive home and put into practice in your work life.

A total of 14+ hours of bonus master-level business training worth MORE than the original Business Breakthrough training… detailing latest breakthroughs of Michael’s 30+ years of experience.

All it all, that’s a package “jammed packed” in value.
Because Of The Value Of 
This Rare Material, And
For Security Reasons...
We'll be using a special “digital fingerprint tracking” technology to prevent this exclusive material shared everywhere.

Don't worry. If you've no intentions of distributing this or selling it to others, that won't have any impact on you. You’ll use, watch, or listen to this material on any number of “your own” devices without any licensing issues, or jumping through hoops.

This security measure is only bad news for people with bad intentions (like sharing it with a group of others, or selling it to third parties). And that’s another reason why we had to set a limit to the number of Business Breakthrough copies we release.
And you’ll also be digitally signing an NDA (Non-Disclosure Agreement) before you get access to your private course materials. (No special equipment required). 

And Past Students Paid 
$2,830+ Each To Learn
These Secrets From Michael

Fact is…

Limited number of people who had attended this course live paid $2,830 per seat. (For full transparency: Michael’s seminars that are held in the UK are priced in GBP. And it was £2,040 inc VAT, which is around $2,832 USD in today’s exchange rates).

Remember: This is only the cost of the course without the travel and accommodation expenses. (For an 8-day event like this, you’d easily spend over $1000 in London).

Although experiencing Michael live and interacting with him during the seminar is priceless, you’d leave the event with your notes only -- without any audio or video recordings... and without access to the exclusive seven-part Masterclass series.
And I haven’t even started talking about the value of the recordings of the SEVEN Masterclasses events

A private, small-group, business-focused, two-hour video Masterclass with Michael Breen costs $250 (or more) per participant and you’ll get access to not one, not two but a total of SEVEN exclusive events that are easily worth $1,750 (or more!) in real life value.

Let’s do the math:

Rare Recordings of the Business Breakthrough: $2,830
Seven Business-Focused Masterclass Events: $1,750
Total Value: $4,580
So, I truly believe these Business Breakthrough recordings and Masterclass Events are worth $4,580.

Just think about it:

$4,580 is a reasonable investment for an opportunity like this when you consider...

a) It’ll SAVE you a lot of money and time.

For example, you’d spend your months or years reading books or taking untested and unproven courses on communication, leadership and people skills without seeing any measurable results in your work or personal life. What would be the total value of your lost time and money?

b) It’ll be worth a LOT more to you thanks to the unique “people skills” and advanced “thinking strategies” you’ll be equipped with as soon as you complete the course.

Imagine getting a raise by starting to present your ideas to your boss or team clearly and persuasively. What would it be worth to you in your first year alone? Even a small increase like 10% would easily mean MORE than $4,580 for the next year or two for many professionals across the world. (Tink about hitting that “magic number” next year… what would it mean to you?)
So, $4,580 is NOTHING compared to what you are getting (if you can be one of the few people who ever gets it).

But there’s something even more important: 

This Course Is Not For Everybody!

Even if you’re ready to pay $4,580 today in a single payment, I have to warn you.

This course is not for everybody.

In our discussions about releasing this exclusive material, Michael told be this more than once:

“I’m not interested in turning this into a mass product.
I’m not interested in attracting everybody.
What I'm most interested in is... if we start getting more of the right people -- people who can benefit, who are ready to benefit.
I am not interested in converting the world. I don't want every NLP’er...I don't want most of them. I don't think most of them are in a position to benefit from the stuff I'm talking about.
All I’m looking for is a few good men and women who want and need this stuff”.

So, keep this in mind before you proceed.

This exclusive material is not for everybody.

That’s why Michael isn’t interested in selling a million copies of this… and, in fact, he’s interested in releasing a very limited number of copies of his ultra-rare material...

You Don't Have To Spend $4,580!

Other than releasing a limited number of copies to a prescreened group of people…

...Michael has asked me to offer the best deal I can for this Business Breakthrough course.

That's because Michael is interested in attracting a few good people who are ready to benefit from this programme. This isn’t about money for him.

And he doesn’t want the price barrier to be an issue for those few people 100% serious about becoming a better person in the workplace. (In fact, here’s a quote from Michael Breen in Module #1 of the Business Breakthrough recordings: “The personal influences business. Who you are and how you do things as a human being influences how you work in business”).

That’s why I had to come up with the best offer I can.

So, here’s the thing:

You can own the entire Business Breakthrough recordings (Module #1 + Module #2), comprehensive training assignments, exclusive reference manual and seven Masterclass events with Michael… for the fraction of the full price of $4,580.

Your investment will be ONLY 6 payments of $349.

This is LESS than one-third of the total real-life value. (A savings of $2486 for you TODAY!)

Only $349 x 6.

That’s it. No hidden charges, no extra monthly fees.

Just an honest price, amazing savings, extraordinary value… presented to you at the right time.

And if you act now, it gets even BETTER…
That’s right.

When you join Business Breakthrough you’ll be a part of our private beta group

...and have the rare opportunity to get:

  • 9 hours of live video training from the workshop
  • 13 hours of digitally remastered recordings from advanced business NLP trainings 
    Comprehensive training assignments and exclusive reference manual
  • 7 Executive Level Career Advancing Programs (14 hours of expert training)
  • Save even more! ( A LOT More!)

Today, you’re not going to pay $4,580…

You won't even have to pay half that - $2,290.00.

Michael and I want to make it so affordable, anyone who’s wants to seriously be at the top of their A-game can get started right away.
Business Breakthrough + Exclusive Bonuses is just...

... $4,580.00 
... $2,290.00
$349 x 6
(You SAVE $2,486.00 Instantly)

Or pay in full and get the entire program for just $1,997 (Best Value - Save a further $97.00)

That literally means thousands and thousands LESS off the total value

And it also means over the coming year ... to get your hands on the "distilled wisdom" of a master... Michael's 30 years in the corporate trenches, tweaking and developing the very toolset... for less than...

$5.74 A Day!
That's less than a small-sized (Tall) Caffè Latte at Starbucks.

So, for less than a small cup of coffee per day, you can instantly unlock the secrets of getting to the TOP 4% (or, probably, top 1%) in your industry.

What took over three decades to develop...

...and what you'll NEVER find revealed anywhere else.

You now have the chance to own it for a little over 5 bucks a day!

If you think it can’t get any better than this…

Think about this:
I Am Giving You A Full 30 Day
 “Test Drive” Absolutely Risk Free 
That’s right.

If you’re not 110% happy with this product… you can get every single penny back within 30 days of your purchase.

You have a full 30 days to try out this program.

Go through the programme. Do the exercises.

And then decide if you want to keep the product or not.

As easy as that.

There are no strings attached.
(But you will STILL be under a signed Non-Disclosure Agreement and will be prosecuted to the FULL extent of the law if you ever leak this information).

But honestly, I’m not worried at all about you asking for a refund…

Because that is how MUCH I believe in this course -- this is Michael’s life’s work. (And it’s a positively life-changing moment for you). 
But I urge you to hurry.

This exclusive Business Breakthrough complete programme will be attracting our very best NLP Times students and lots of other business professional in your industry (and other industries too).

That’s why I highly recommend that you get your copy now by clicking the “Get Instant Access Now” button below... 
Yes Tom! I’m Ready to Grab This 
Unprecedented Opportunity 
To Get My Hands On...  
I'm ready to Learn Get The Respect, Recognition, Status That I Deserve In My Work Life... Regardless of my experience level, position or industry.

I understand when I purchase Business Breakthrough today I get ...
  • Course Module 1: Nine Hours Of Professionally Edited VIDEO
  • Course Module 2: Thirteen Hours Of Digitally Remastered AUDIO
  • 68- page reference manual that you can use to brush up your skills or use as a reference.
  • 20 Training Assignments that help you internalise some of the principles and techniques that Michael is teaching and demonstrating.

    VALUE: $4,580.00

  • 7 Executive Level Career Advancing Programs: 
Masterclass #1The Trusted Adviser - VALUE: $250.00

Masterclass #2How To Become A Better Leader - VALUE: $250.00

Masterclass #3The One Strategy That Always Works - VALUE: $250.00

Masterclass #4:  Skilled Communicator - VALUE: $250.00

Masterclass #5Dynamic Persuasion, Part 1 - VALUE: $250.00

Masterclass #6Dynamic Persuasion, Part 2 - VALUE: $250.00

Masterclass #7:  Going Pro - VALUE: $250.00
  • Total Value: $6,330.00
  • 30-Day Ironclad Risk Free Guarantee 
If I don't feel that the training isn't easily worth several times my investment then I can simply contact Tom before my 30 days are up and get a complete 100% refund.  
Get All 8
Programs For
$349 x 6 (Most Flexible)
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Remember: This is over 36 hours of top-notch material which is not available anywhere else.

And it's not just about the hours of the material, but more about all the hard work, tears, time, and energy that was spent to accumulate, test, tweak and develop this complete system over three decades.

You get to bypass the whole learning curve and go to the head of the class in a few short weeks.

If you don't take advantage of this now, you WILL regret it.

So, click the big green button above and grab your copy now.

Michael and I look forward to working with you soon.

I expect to read your "success stories" too (like many others on this page).

See you on the inside.
Tom O'Connor

P.S. This is your chance to stop envying “other people” getting better results, bigger paychecks and more eyeballs in the business world.

It’s your moment to be the person others aspire to be like… the one that has the “golden touch”.

How much better will things be in your work life if you could think quickly and clearly, speak elegantly and command the room? Write emails that get results, and give presentations that get results?

This is your opportunity to find out. Don’t miss it.
 P.P.S. Here’s what people are saying about the Business Breakthrough training, before the updates and all the extra bonuses:
"Goes way BEYOND 
what you expect..." 
Gina Glot, UK | Principal Coordinator 
Using only one of the tools opened the door to a new job role for me.

The training goes way beyond what you expect when you sign up. And the insights keep on coming long after it is over.

Michael's training is the best.” 
"The way Business Breakthrough is put together is brilliant."  
Janne Heimonen, Sweden | Business Owner
I became a much better people-manager and could help my team achieve more of what they wanted by looking at things differently and clarifying their thinking.

The way [the Business Breakthrough] is put together is brilliant. The whole experience… making it easy and challenging at the same time.

That it's one of the best things I've ever doneWorld-class, life and business changing training that will give you benefits in all areas of your life... not only your career.

I could not have coped with some of the challenges I faced in the following years after without it. And some new opportunities would not have arisen if I hadn’t had this improved skillset.” 
"Anything by Michael is 
worth attending..." 
Richard Stokes  
I'd been intending to run a workshop, thinking about planning it for a long time

But [after the Business Breakthrough seminar] I just booked a room, sent out invitations… it got me going, and I've probably delivered it 2 dozen times since then.

Anything by Michael is worth attending. Grab any opportunity to learn from him. The title of the workshop is not so important, because it's the attitude and way of thinking about things that's most important” 
"You get a LOT more than 
you paid for..." 
Michael Geerdts, Germany | Business Owner 
It's always fun to work with Michael and as a participant you get a lot more than you paid for.

I use these skills in my professional life every single day and “That’s a very good question” is something I hear a lot after attending [the Business Breakthrough].

 You have to experience this by yourself. ;-)”
"There are ALWAYS pearls of wisdom in Michael's training..."  
Thomas DeVide
It's always fun to work with Michael and as a participant you get a lot more than you paid for.

I use these skills in my professional life every single day and “That’s a very good question” is something I hear a lot after attending [the Business Breakthrough].

 You have to experience this by yourself. ;-)”
Get All 8 Programs For 

$349 x 6 (Most Flexible)
Or Pay in Full - $1997 (Best Value)
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