“Who Else Wants To Learn The 
Real Secrets Behind One of THE Most Guarded Skills In All Of NLP... Unconscious Installation... 
Discover What It Is... How It Works And 
What Patterns Underpin The 
Entire Process In This Unique And 
One Of A Kind Master Class Training ....
Entirely Risk Free ” 
Dear Friend,

Would you like 
  • Are you a looking to develop your NLP skills?
  • Are you fed up with confusing and misleading information about advanced NLP processes?

  • Are you looking for straight talking and practical information you can use?

  • Would you like to learn the real secrets behind one of the most powerful skills in all of NLP? 
If so then you are in the right place. You've probably heard it whispered in quiet training room corners or posted in forums online.... Some say it's "NLP myth" others in the know - know what it's really about and soon so shall you.

The answer to that most guarded and one of the most highly respected skills...

"What is Unconscious Installation and how does it work?"

To date there has never been a book written about it and in the entire forty + years of NLP there has been almost zero courses on it. In fact this highly valued skill is not even taught on high priced $5,000 to $15,000 trainers trainings or advanced change programs.

That is until now.
In Search For An Answer... 
Over the past five years I've had the pleasure of interacting with tens and even hundreds of thousands of NLP and personal development students through my blog, videos, articles and NLP Times trainings.

"What is unconscious installation and how does it work?"

Indeed the topic is one of those subjects that few know anything about and most of what you read or hear on the Internet is wrong. In my early days of learning NLP I too was drawn like a moth to the flame... wanting to learn everything I could. I heard about the incredible results that become possible and wanted to know just how "true" these things were.

There was just one problem... just about everyone I turned to to ask didn't know any better either.

Getting high quality, practical information - from any traditional source I tried was futile. Most NLP books were a watered down rehash of material delivered by Richard Bandler or John Grinder and didn't share any real insights on this advanced topic.

So I went on a journey... I sought out a true master who could not just explain what Unconscious Installation was but who had demonstrated for years the skills necessary to be a real master at it.

His name is Michael Breen.
Learn From A Renowed 
NLP Master Trainer... 

Michael Breen is a master trainer of incredible skill and is widely regarded as one of the most skilled trainers teaching NLP today.

While a master of the technology Michael has a low threshold for "fluffy NLP tech". Big words and fancy theories don't mean squat unless the theories are transferable into specific doings - that will make you a better NLPer.

Besides teaching and applying NLP all over the world and at every organisational level Michael has spent decades refining his skills and how he teaches the technology so people at all skill levels can pick up the toolset fast.
So I knew he was the right person to teach the underlying organising patterns and key distinctions on such an advanced topic.
So I decided to pitch the idea to him... a 2 hour training designed to teach NLPers the critical distinctions that every student and trainer needs to know.
Meet Michael Breen 
One  of the industry's most well respected
Executive Coaches and Master NLP Trainers
This exclusive training is taught by a world-class master NLP trainer and celebrity coach Michael Breen. Michael has:
  • Over 30 years experience teaching NLP around the world
  • NLP Master DHE Trainer and Master Hypnotist
  • Co‐founded largest NLP training school in the world 
  • For 10 years co-ran workshops with Dr. Richard Bandler & Paul McKenna
  • Is an expert at behavioral change
  • Management consultant to numerous Fortune 100 companies
  • Created the first business NLP practitioner in the UK
  • Is one of Europe's leading executive coaches
  • And is known for teaching NLP in a way that makes it very easy to apply
  • Has taught over 80,000 students
The Foundations For A 
Never Seen Before 
Master Class Training 
At first Michael was hesitant.

He could understand the frustration students expressed after he looked on the web.

Most of what he saw written there was confusing or plain wrong.

People from all schools of NLP were confused thinking that Unconscious Installation is: 
  • Some form of advanced storytelling
  • Something that only elite trainers do

  • All a student needed to do pick up any new skill was sit back and have skills "installed" 

This worried him. Because nothing could be further from the truth.

So Michael agreed to deliver an introductory master class training that would focus on 3 areas:

Clearing up the most common issues and confusion people of all skill levels have around this topic.

Teach the underlying processes that underpin how this aspect of the technology works.

Share expert secrets and insights about training, unconscious installation and learning that are not taught on trainer's training courses.

We called this training "Unconscious Installation: What Every NLPer Needs To Know.

And I guarantee it will change the way you thinking about Unconscious Installation... as it has for so many others.

Discover The Patterns That Underpin The Art & Skills Of Unconscious Installation 
There has never been a book written about it, almost no courses in the past forty years of NLP have been provided on it. It very rarely even covered on $5,000 trainers trainings. In fact finding anyone who knows what it is and how to do it is very, very rare. Only a few highly skilled master trainers know to do and can do it well. Michael is one such trainer and in this intensive, skill expanding training you will learn what Unconscious Installation really is, how it works, what are the patterns that underpin this process.

This material delivered in this one training alone is easily worth the price of the entire training.

Here is what you can expect to learn in this training:
  • What is Unconscious Installation (the answer will cut through confusion and misunderstanding that propagates by some people on the Internet that either unconscious installation doesn't exist or all you need to do is tell stories once.Both of which are inaccurate)

  • Once you understand exactly what unconscious installation is, you will expand your ability to notice when it is occurring as Michael shares the many many contexts in everyday life where it is happening....

  • Discover what is the major mental limitation that many people have around what learning means and how it holds them back, but not you... when you apply what Michael is suggesting.

  • Discover what are the core skills to doing unconscious installation and what are the gaps most NLPers experience that prevent them from developing the skill set to be able to do unconscious installation. Yet when you learn what Michael shares here you will know exactly what skills to develop, what you need to improve and can begin the process of being able to do one of the most advanced practices by any NLPer.

  • Learn the 3 laws of learning that every trainer needs to consider when designing or implementing a training. These three laws affect every training context no matter who you are or how good your know your content.

  • Finally truly understand how the law of requisite variety influences what kind of trainer and training methods you need to provide IF you intend to be able to deliver specific results for your clients/participants and not just hope that if you tell a story that the change/learning will stick.

  • Learn about Michael's unique training model State-Structure-Content that you can use to dramatically improve any communication you deliver, from a 30 minute talk to a month long training program. When you use this well your results will soar.

  • Learn the expert strategy Michael has used consistently for 13 years to transform his own skills with NLP. Think of this as a fast track way to guaranteed results.

  • Discover why you will typically need to work to multiple TOTE's to install a strategy unconsciously.

  • Find out how following "learning styles" can inhibit effective learning and what as a trainer you need to be able to figure out in order to create powerful learning experiences.

  • Learn a cool way to change a groups state using the training environment to elicit a different response.

  • Discover several key secrets used by Michael to "prime" his audience before he starts the "official" content on his trainings. When you know what this is and how it works you'll want to include it too in your own trainings/presentations to get brilliant audience response.

  • Hear Michael share how to do phobia cure conversationally

  • Discover why two people can have entirely different learning experiences when they attend the same training and what implications you need to be aware of a trainer or public communicator

  • Find out why you need to know about convincers and have multiple ways of delivering them if you intend to be very good at unconscious installation

  • Learn one of the ideal times in the training context to setup "conscious" learning (knowing when and where to place conscious content is key to doing unconscious installation well...)

  • Learn the expert insight to seeding suggestions that Milton Erickson used extensively and when you use it, will significantly improve your success.

  • Discover what two strategies Michael recommends you use if you are presented with an audience who is forced to attend a mandatory corporate training, so that they want to participate and not be disgruntled. (Very useful for any corporate trainer)

  • Discover how you will know when someone has unconsciously got it (follow this essential rule and you won't go wrong)

  • Find out what states are more useful to enable learning over long periods of time and the benefit of using "break states" to keep people attentive over long periods.(Essential knowledge for any professional trainer).

  • Learn covert ways to build enthusiasm and get training participants to take on "outrageous" challenges that are highly effective (this is a cool way to supercharge the results and activities that your participants will do... willingly!

  • Learn where priming fits within unconscious installation and how you can use it to do many things in addition to installing strategies.
Unconscious Installation, what every NLPer should know is essential listening for any student of NLP who would like to take a peak behind the curtain and understand more about the key processes that are foundational to how many of the top NLP trainers in the world today use NLP to teach NLP.

This training provides you with in depth knowledge on many core processes and distinctions known only by a small handful of NLPers.

In addition to the almost two hours of rich audio training in MP3, instant download format, you also will receive a:
  • 50 page word-for-word PDF transcript, so you can unpack the many levels of communication Michael is teaching on and reverse engineer the nested communication structures he uses throughout. This makes an invaluable training support tool.
  • 10 page post training assignment PDF where you will have the opportunity to rate yourself on all the core skills needed to perform nested story telling well along with learn how to track Billy Connolly.

  • And three masterfully edited tracks so you've got quick access to the information that is of most interest to you
Learn the skills to master conversational trance today. When you master what is taught in this intensive training program you will be able to hook and hold people's attention, use trance as an everyday tool you use intentionally to create powerful results - from creating conversational change, being more persuasive or have a friend, family member or client act on the suggestions you put forward.
With the lessons on Unconscious Installation firmly at your back we zero in on the one of the pinnacle skills of a true master of NLP... 
What You Will Receive
So let's talk about what you'll receive when you purchase today.

You'll receive: 
  • Almost two hours of rich audio training in MP3, instant download format for listening on your IPod, Smart phone or computer

  • Edited into three tracks so you've got quick access to the information that is of most interest to you anytime you want

  • A 50 page word-for-word PDF transcript, so you can unpack the many levels of communication Michael is teaching on and reverse engineer the nested communication structures he uses throughout. This makes an invaluable training support tool.

  • A 10 page post training assignment PDF, with a step-by-step task decomposition assignment to help you increase your installation skills.
By the end of this training you will have learnt about how Unconscious Installation works and what skills and principals underpin it that you will have never have been taught before.

This material is gold-dust for any serious trainer, coach, consultant or professional communicator. 
Read What Customers 
Have To Say About 
Unconscious Installation
Larry Pass, USA

“Sometime in the mid-nineteen-nineties, I signed up for an hypnosis seminar with Richard Bandler.

As you may imagine, my expectations were rather high. After about an hour's delay, Richard's people announced that he wouldn't be giving the seminar. He did have a valid excuse; he was in a diabetic coma. By that afternoon, a substitute had been arranged -- Michael Breen. 

For the next three days, Michael, with no preparation other than whatever resources he carries around with him, gave us a training in NLP hypnosis that was worthy of a Richard Bandler seminar.”

Patrik Fordell, Sweden

I have gained a much deeper understanding of HOW to do NLP instead of concepts stacked on top of each other from everything.... 

Everything is put into context and put back into behavioral terms of the purpose of doing them instead of the old technique-jargon.

I have gotten a lot better results thanks to the work of Michael Breen and so have my participants on the trainings I do. 

Thank you!”

Wayne Marsh, UK
“Michael has a way of putting complex topics across in a straightforward & easy to understand manner that has definitely increased my knowledge and understanding in a variety of different ways. Also I think personally that Tom compliments the interviews by his obvious passion for what Michael's teaching and seems genuinely fascinated by what's being delivered which is infectious.” 
John Johnson, USA

I've learned a lot; this kind of information is cannot be found anywhere in the current books or on the market or on the “inter nut"!... It gave me a renewed confidence in how to approach situations and how to “think” through them. I also realized that it’s not how much one knows; it’s how creatively you apply it to situations!

Michael challenges the current NLP model that a lot of people take as set in stone. He updates it, and that was an experience itself. I un-learnt, learnt, and re-learnt a lot of things. Anyone wanting to keep current in NLP and to add to their skill-set must take advantage of the NLPTimes products. 

And they have great customer-service.”

Bob Harper, UK

“For anyone who is serious about developing the foundational skills required to really grasp the meaning behind the technology known as NLP, you are in the right place.

The simplistic teaching style of Michael Breen is the essence that stands behind Michael's genius.... These training sessions are worth Thousands ... in whatever currency you use, and it's all for pennies, and the beauty is no matter where you are in the world you will feel you are training one-on-one with "the" modern day master trainer.

If you are just starting out in the world of NLP, that could prove to be an advantage; if you have attained some level of skill already, be prepared to chuck some of that out with the trash!

How Much Does 
This All Cost? 
A professional communicator paid to share your ideas with others or create change for clients the value of this shortened learning curve is immense.OK so we've covered what this training is, what you'll learn and what's included.

Let's now talk about the price.

The introductory material taught in this program has only been taught to Michael's apprentices and high paying clients. The distinctions taught are not available elsewhere and are the result of decades of training and practice Michael has spent developing and refining his skill.

The good news is you - you get to leap frog a huge amount of the trial and error learning Michael went through to get really good and can start learning from where he is now.

If you are a professional communicator paid to share your ideas with others or create change for clients the value of this shortened learning curve is immense.

You can save yourself countless hours and thousands of pounds on trainings trying to figure these key distinctions out.

However rather than charge your hundreds of pounds for this advanced material, Michael and I want to help clear up the confusion that abounds around this topic.

So because I want as many people as possible to benefit from the insights shared at a fraction of what it would cost to acquire this information (if you could find someone to teach you it) I've decided that you can enjoy nearly 2 hours of Unconscious Installation master class material, along with the 50 page transcript and PDF assignments for 
Just $49

Note this offer is limited and can be withdrawn or changed at any time, so sign up today to avoid disappointment.

Never before has it been possible to learn so many advanced NLP skills at such a brilliant price, delivered by a renowned master trainer and presented to a detail and clarity rarely provided...

... And Best Of All Your Investment Is Entirely Risk Free.
An UNBEATABLE Guarantee:

Try Unconscious Installation

for a full 30-days, 
100% risk-free
To completely take away any risk from you I am also going to give you a 30-day - No Questions Asked - Money Back Guarantee. 
If for any reason whatsoever, you don’t like the program or you don’t think you got value from it  - within 30 days – you can send me an email and I will give you a full refund.

So you risk nothing –buy the program, listen to it and try out the exercises.  As long as its within 30 days, you can claim a full refund if you don’t think we have delivered!

That’s how confident I am in the power of this material!

And in case you still have any questions, here’s answers to the six most common questions I get asked about this training… 
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Unconscious Installation
I understand that if I get Unconscious Installation today, I'll receive:
  • Almost two hours of rich audio training in MP3instant download format for listening on your IPod, Smart phone or computer

  • A 50 page word-for-word PDF transcript, so you can unpack the many levels of communication Michael is teaching on and reverse engineer the nested communication structures he uses throughout. This makes an invaluable training support tool.

  • A 10 page post training assignment PDF, with a step-by-step task decomposition assignment to help you increase your installation skills.
Get Your Copy Now...
For Just $49  
If you have any questions or concerns about the course, please reach out to our support team here or email us.

We're happy to help

To your success,

PS: You are only moment's away from discovering insights and strategies about Unconscious Installation that few people will ever know and took Michael decades to learn and master. This information is not available anywhere else and is the result of direct insights Michael learnt while training over 80,000 students and co-training with Dr. Richard Bandler for over ten years.

PPS: Order today and enjoy our iron clad 100% - 30 day - no hassles money back guarantee.

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