Can ONE THING Really Double, 
Triple or Even Quadruple Your 
Ability To Create Change For 
Dear Reader,

Over the past ten years I’ve received thousands of communications from people helpers all over the world - coaches, therapists, business professionals, health and wellness teachers, counsellors, trainers and NLP hobbyists all wanting to know one thing…
What’s the secret to doing effortless change work?

Many believe it is all about mastery of NLP techniques.

Others believe that the key has to be in the coaching and change frameworks they heard about or studied.

While the hypnotists in the community think they have the answer - the secret to doing effortless change work is about one thing - the language patterns one uses.

Fact is.

All 3 groups are wrong.


My study of change masters showed me it is actually one counter-intuitive thing that all existing programs, products and training that teach people how to create change completely miss.

It’s the reason why so many people helper’s struggle to create lasting change for their clients.

Fact is most people’s change work fails!

Because they are missing this one thing.

It the application of this one thing that allows legends of rapid change work like Richard Bandler, Milton Erickson, Tony Robbins and Michael Breen to create seemingly ‘effortless change’ with blazing fast speed.

It’s what allows them to work with a huge variety of people.

And transform so-called “hopeless” and chronic cases, often in just minutes.  

Because they’ve mastered the one thing that separates ‘ordinary’ well-meaning people helpers from exceptional highly paid change professionals.

There’s ONE THING that can really double, triple or even quadruple your ability to create change for clients that trumps everything else you’ve been taught about creating change that works.

And best of all…

… it doesn’t rely on you needing to know;
… more techniques
… more language patterns
… or more frameworks

In fact, when you know how to use this one thing it acts as a force-multiplier to everything you already know.

Turns “change work” failures into victories.

Challenging clients into unprecedented opportunities for you to demonstrate just how skilled and exceptional a change agent you’ve become.

Allowing you…

… to double, triple or even quadruple your ability to create lasting change for clients
… work quicker, more precisely and far greater success rate


Giving you the edge to work with a much broader range of client issues, while charging more!

And perhaps best of all, when you master this one thing it quickly leads to you earning the awe and respect of your friends, colleagues and peers.

What’s the ONE thing that can create such brilliant results?

 I’m talking about the Art and Skill of INTERVENING. 
Discover The ONE Skill
 That Changes Everything 
Journey back to 2003 for a minute with me.

I found myself sitting in a large seminar room, surrounded by 700 NLP practitioner students witnessing profound change occurring at lightning speed.

On the stage was one of NLP’s most respected and accomplished change masters.

A celebrity coach, master NLP, DHE and Hypnosis trainer with decades of ‘in the trenches’ experience in doing rapid change work - Michael Breen.

Across from him, sitting upright in a large black chair was a middle-aged man who suffered from debilitating anxiety.

His badge name said ‘John’.

The man looked like he was 3/4 the way to an early heart attack.

His eyebrow was furred.

Sweat visibly dripped down his face and neck.

Veins BULGED from the side of his head.

“I want to stop feeling so crap all the time.” He said.
“I want to stop feeling so judged and freezing anytime I’m in social situations.” 
“I’m tired of feeling so damn awkward!

“And that’s all you want?…”

… Michael said with a smile, turning to the crowd with his hands upraised up in a playful gesture.

The room erupted in laughter.

Turning back to John he said:

“Tell me what would be something WAY BETTER than all of that? 
What’s something you’d love to be able to do when this thing is no longer a problem?”

John paused for a moment.

His eyes squinted, he looked up left, then right - a huge smile came over his face.

"I’d love to be able to walk up to a person and say “hello, I’m John and feel relaxed inside. That would be incredible.”

Now at this point in the training, everyone expected that one of two things would happen.
  1. Michael was going to regret asking that question and fail miserably - this guy had serious problems and what he wanted was a pipe dream to expect from ONE session, if we’re being candid.

  2. He was going to teach us some ‘whiz-bang NLP change technique’ and use John as a guinea pig and quickly get him off the stage once done.
In fact, he did neither…

 He simply went ahead and changed John’s life using…
The One Skill That’s WAY More 
Powerful Than ‘Whiz-Bang’ NLP Change Techniques, Coaching Models & 
Fancy Change Frameworks 
If you have ever done any change work for real (and I’m guessing you have if you are reading this page)…

…then you know that the techniques people teach to do change work rarely work as smoothly as the person who taught you about them.

It’s like many times trainers pick the ‘perfect candidate’ to demonstrate the ‘perfect technique’ on and everything goes incredibly well - when they show it to you in front of the audience.

Well, REAL CHANGE WORK isn’t like that.

Is it?

Change work is messy.

Human beings are complicated.

And no, as much as the metaphor has been (over)used, where we are not like computers!

Complex problems usually aren’t solving with one technique, they involve many moves.

That’s why as we watched what Michael did next, he left us all highly entertained yet mildly CONFUSED.
He didn’t do some six step-reframe.

He didn’t go and change the guy’s personal history.

He didn’t drop him into a trance

… and give John suggestions that his unconscious mind could figure it out and resolve it all using “honest unconscious movements” while having John’s hand slowly fall toward the ground.

He did NONE of that.

What he did was remarkably SIMPLE, yet sophisticated.

He figured out exactly where to intervene.
And jumped ahead of the rest of us and did it.

That’s it.

Once he knew 3 things - he was able to quickly TRIANGULATE his way facilitating the change.

Using no obvious change technique.

It all happened conversationally, easily and fast.

So easily, elegantly and fast that no-one else in the room (except Richard Bander who Michael was co-training with that day) could follow how he did it.

I was left hanging with ONE question… 
“Where Can I Learn To Do That?” 
Cos being frank - the REAL art & skill of intervening simply isn’t taught.

The “techniques” associated with NLP are not the best or most important part if you want to do change work like true change masters.

Not even close.

Sure, right now you can find a 300+ different change techniques in NLP alone, not to mention the hundreds of other techniques in other disciplines.

 But think about it.
Change Techniques Are NOT
The Most Important Thing
For Doing GREAT Change Work
Who cares about how many change techniques you know.
It’s all about what you can DO for your clients that matters, right?
(And in fact, as any true change master will tell you, the techniques are just a small part of how to you do real change work. )

You didn’t decide to become a people helper because you love learning new change techniques.

Chances are you got into the field because you wanted to do one thing.

Create RESULTS for your clients.

Brilliant results, life-impacting results and transformations for your clients, family, friends.

(And let’s not forget about the change we want to create for ourselves)

 But here’s the rub… 
If ALL You Have Are Bunch of
‘Change Techniques’ You’re Pretty Much
Doomed To ‘Winging It’ Forever...
(And Being Maybe 25% as Effective as You Could Be.)
Sometimes things will work.

(Even a stopped clock is right twice a day!)

But often they won’t.

Even when the do; frequently the change doesn't last for long.

The client lapses back.

Ever have your best efforts to create a change for others fail?

More than once?

More than ten times?

You know you have.

Everyone who is a serious people helper has.
But that’s not the worst thing.

What’s worse than failing ourselves and our clients…

It’s not knowing WHY things didn’t work.

When all you have are techniques, well, you have no REAL IDEA why things don’t work when they go wrong.

You are missing essential knowledge about how to intervene.

And when all you have are someone else’s techniques you have no guidance to qualify what didn't work.

Which means you are destined to repeat that error again and not even know it.

But the problem is even more insidious.

When confronted with a client that doesn’t fall automatically into an obvious ‘apply this technique category’ you’re left scratching your head asking questions like…

  • What technique should I use?
  • How should I deal with this person/situation?
  • How do I help them change?
  • What do I do now?

Has this ever happened to you?

At one stage before I knew how to handle this, it felt like I was always falling short.

The reality is, you, me and everyone else who are passionate and genuinely committed to helping others have been sold a big fat lie!
We’ve unconsciously bought into the ​‘Shiny Technique Syndrome’. 
You know…

The idea that there is a perfect technique/language pattern or change framework that exists somewhere out there…

…and if we only knew it, we could create change like celebrity change masters.

Gurus like…

Tony Robbins. Richard Bandler. Michael Breen.

(Name your favourite change agent)

Fact is.

What makes each of them, and many others who have learned these skills highly successful at creating change for others is NOT the number of techniques they know.

The techniques (no matter who created them) at best illustrate principles that may create specific results in a given context, assuming a certain set of conditions.

That’s one of the reasons why your change work has failed in the past.
It’s not you, it was thwarted by the ‘Shiny Technique Syndrome.’

But thankfully you don’t have to wander around in the dark, unsure of how to intervene.

Here is something many people helpers (including many ‘master trainers’ don’t know.)

The techniques are a small part of a successful intervention.

In fact, they are simply components that fit within a larger change process.

A process which masters of change have known about and kept secret for decades.

It’s understanding that a larger change process is what you’ve been missing all these years… 
The ‘Missing Piece’ That Transforms 
Ordinary Change Agents to Highly 
Skilled Change Experts… 
Have you ever tried to track what a true master change agent does when they create change for a client?

Maybe you’ve watched Michael Breen, Tony Robbins or Richard Bander do their thing.

It’s pretty darn confusing to figure it out, isn’t it?
Where does the change work start and where does it end?

Do you struggle to figure out how they do it?

Don’t feel bad if you do.

Few can track what they do.

BUT I bet there is one thing you have noticed, perhaps to your frustration…

they rarely use the ‘regular change techniques’

like the ones, you may have been taught or read about.

WHY is that?

Is it they don’t know them?

Of course not!

There’s a much more important reason, few NLPers know…

…so can never do truly powerful change work like the masters do.

It all comes back to… 
That Students Have About
Real NLP Masters
There is one complaint I’ve heard from students all around the world, regardless of skill level or background.

It’s this:

When they watch real change masters in action they tell me:

“Tom, I’ve no clue what they did!
I didn’t see any technique. I couldn’t detect track how the change happened.
 Can you explain it to me?”

Here’s the thing.

I’ve created explainer videos that have over 500,000 views where I show people what expert change agents do and how they do it.

Their processes are actually remarkably simple, yet sophisticated. Each style is different.

Yet what is always impressive is how, through a seemingly ordinary conversation they can change someone’s life, often in minutes.

But I want to be totally transparent, it wasn’t always like this for me.

You see when I first started out learning NLP (and in fact for many, many years after I’d qualified as a trainer and done my own training workshops and worked one-to-one with clients) I had no idea too.

Being frank, I was winging it!
Change work was very much hit or miss.

But for those of you who know me, know I’m crazily persistent and curious!

A DEEP Search
Lead To An Exceptional Mentor…
After you’ve had enough failures and ‘crash and burn’ efforts at creating change for others.

After following the techniques to the LETTER and yet still failing spectacularly…

After the embarrassment of failing got so bad that I had some serious questions if this stuff worked (ever wonder about that?), and then. if I was cut out for NLP…

When I finally got so fed up with ‘hit and miss’ change work, and shopping for new techniques, something spectacular happened…
I interviewed a true change master by pure chance.
Little did I know it would lead to me investing ten years of my life learning from an exceptional mentor a true NLP Wizard.
Master Trainer Michael Breen.

Let me tell you when I look at any true change master TODAY, what I can see and do, is a million times more refined than what I could notice when I first started out.

It’s that little known knowledge about how masters intervene - that makes me at least 4X a better change agent today than when I first started out. 
Paradoxically My Change Work Got Better The Less Techniques I did! 
My change work transformed as soon as I stopped trying to do NLP techniques and instead learned how to INTERVENE.

The less I tried to ‘technique’ things, the better and quicker my change work became.

That’s when I knew I was on to something REALLY GOOD. 
That Change Occurred FAST!” 
Fast-forward a few dozen one-on-one sessions with clients.

One bright morning I got a call from a former client.

They called with an urgent request; could I help his friend, Diana who had a serious debilitating problem.

He warned me that she had tried multiple other change professionals but nothing had worked.

Diana was willing to travel internationally to see me. She suffered from a strange sexual addiction which was ruining her life and was spilling over into her professional life and that of others.

She needed me to ‘reprogram her’ to stop the debilitating behavior. To turn-a-corner in her life. Make different decisions and put an intense relationship behind her.

Now before I knew how to intervene, I would have found myself wondering how to help this person. I’d want to know everything I could before she arrived so I could figure out which techniques to use.

I would have been stressed.

High on the expectation that I must find a way to change her.

But when Diana flew in to see me, I was totally relaxed and calm.

Within 15 minutes of meeting her I had figured out where I could introduce the smallest change that would have the biggest impact to her life.

Precisely what needed to change and how, so she could move forward and begin a totally new chapter in her life, free of the debilitating patterns of her past.
The change happened so quickly that the client didn’t even notice it had happened, at first! 
Best of all  - it involved no ‘formal techniques’ or elaborate change frameworks. 

To her, physically nothing had changed in the environment, yet EVERYTHING was different inside.

She could remember the past, her choices and actions, but no longer was she compelled to live life that way.

It was like a “genie in a bottle” had granted her a special wish.

She cried tears of joy.

“Will this last?” she asked.

I smiled.

She went on to live a very different life. The life she wanted.

My fascination with change techniques ended that day.

After seeing this success pattern repeat over and over again in my own life, with friends, family and clients.

After hearing about examples of other student’s of Michael’s accomplishing great change work too.

After observing geniuses of change facilitating powerful changes in minutes, time and time and time again with speed, sophistication and artistry well beyond ‘mere techniques’ and getting results for their clients that most people helpers can only dream about.

 I realised… 
You don’t have to be a genius to realize that change masters clearly KNOW and DO something different apart from ‘ordinary change techniques’.
It’s a skill that is learnable but few people helpers ever learn.

It’s the one thing can double, triple or even quadruple your ability to create change for clients.

And until now there’s only been ONE place you could really learn this skill…

As an apprentice of a true change master.

But that all changes today… 
The Art & Skill of Intervening  
What is it?

It’s the missing piece in your change work…

An exclusive VIDEO home study course recorded live from a 2 day workshop.

That finally teaches anyone serious about becoming a change expert, a proven formula for intervening and crafting interventions for specific clients.

It’s the anti-dote to winging it! 

To wondering:

                “What should I do with the client?”
                “How do I figure out what to do?”
                “How do I do change work like a PRO?”

Basically it’s the missing masterclass on change work.
The formula that shows you how to double, triple, even quadruple your ability to create change for clients…

It fills in essential knowledge about how to intervene that NLP, hypnosis and coaching programs never teach.

This course teaches you elite distinctions and practical strategies known to only a small group of elite NLP change experts.

And for the first time ever, you can learn these too from the convenience of your own home.

Here’s a taste of what you’ll learn:
 Go Pro
Acquire The Mindset
Of Elite Change Professionals
Our greatest adversary is not that creating change is hard. Our greatest adversary is adapting ourselves to think and act differently. Before you can become a PRO you need to upgrade your mindset...

You’ll Learn: 
  • Mindset Upgrade: Acquire the mindset demonstrated by great change agents and how their identity and role is different that ordinary people helpers.

  • What to Start Doing: Learn what behaviours you need to start doing and which behaviours and attitudes will kill any chance of intervening successfully

  • What To Stop Doing: Discover what to stop doing and which toxic attitude causes so much change work to fail - which many change agents actually create!

  •  Which Skills To Develop: What skills you need to use after you’ve identified what they need to do to get moving.

  • Rethink Your Role: What you are really there to do as a change agent – that most change agents miss…

  • Manage The E Word: How one word can make you seem like a change master when you learn how to get it right.

  • Intervention Optimizer: The 3 things you must be clear about if you want your interventions to go far more smoothly and effectively.
The Secrets To Intervening 
Like The Pros 
Expert change agents do things differently. Finally, find out the secrets to intervening like a PRO.

 You’ll Learn: 
  • What an intervention is and why real change work is not about knowing the most techniques or intellectually brilliant frameworks!

  • Establish Signal From Noise: Discover the meta-pattern to determine ‘signal from noise’ when it comes to figuring out how the client is maintaining their problems

  • The Master Change Strategy: Acquire an advanced change strategy that 99% of professional change agents don’t know, but the top 1% of change agents almost always employ…

  • 4X Force-Multiplier: Discover the one process you must get right if you you’re your interventions and change work to become silky smooth…

  • Simplify Your Change Work: The 5 questions to ask anytime you want to intervene and create change quickly…

  • Intervene Leveraging Proven Principles: Leverage the little know principles of intervening so you can make change happen easier and faster…

  • What Pro’s Actually Do:  Discover the one thing you MUST keep hold of – if you want to do be a change pro.

  • The 4 Patterns of Relationship: Discover the 4 different levels and different ways people create problems for themselves so you know where to intervene

  • Overcome ‘Narrative Land’: Find out how people stay stuck and how to break them free from ‘narrative land’ – where change work often dies…

  • Focus Clarifier: Discover the hidden principle that underpins ALL forms of change. This answers why so many people helper’s best efforts at creating change FAIL!

  • The Definitive Answer: Can you really have 100% certainty that an intervention will work before you try it? Find out…

  • Silky Smooth Change Work: How to trigger motivation for action using non-verbal communications

  • Take The Red Pill: Find out which axioms are fundamental to effective change and how reality is far more fluid and changeable than most people realise…

  • What The Pro’s Study that ordinary change agents don’t. Study this too and you’re change work will continue to flourish and get better and better.

  • Pro Tips & Tricks: Pick up pro tips and tricks on how to 2x, 3x and even 4x your change work – by tweaking a few key things…

  • Testing Tips: When, where and how often do pro test their work… if you ever wondered when you should test, or how do you know if you work has stuck – this workshop provides you with the answer.

  • Follow In The Footsteps of A True Change Master: Watch as Michael reveals for the first time the exact process he uses to do elegant change work.
Deep Change Work
How To Do It Right AND Pitfalls To Avoid 
Why focus on superficial change when deep change is possible? Learn the formula for doing change work that transforms...

You’ll learn: 
  • Pro Tips To Get Them To Own The Change: Learn how to help the client create AND own the change – so they can continue to maintain it long after you have left them...

  • Reality Reconstructed: Hear the amazing story of how your brains construct reality and the massive implications it has whenever you are doing change work.

  • Hack Their System: You can transform your ability to do elegant change work, almost overnight, once you’ve learned to think like a change pro. And pros don’t tweak - they hack the system – target systemic change. Learn their secrets too.
  • What To Do First, Second, Third… 
     Successful change has a sequence, learn the steps to…
  • Transformational Questions: How to generate themHint: This isn’t by repeating traditional change questions!
  • Tools of Change: Discover which frameworks and tools Michael recommends you use to penetrate more deeply in to how the client has organized their world and where to intervene.
  • Techniques Timing: When is the right time to choose which techniques you will use? Find out when and why so many change agents get this totally wrong!
  • Master Powerful Change Work: While the reasons people say they can’t change are many, expert change agents focus on the one thing that changes everything.
  • Sidestep The Trigger Response: How to handle client’s who get highly ‘charged’ when questions or topics come up that trigger strong responses…
  • Look Before You Leap: Why you SHOULDN’T blindly accept what people say are their dreams, values and goals if you want to help them get what they really want and need.

  • Know What To Focus On: Find out what few things expert change agents focus on that can save you huge time and effort and avoid massive waste of resources.
  • Prime Action: Proven ways to place ideas in such a way that people are far more likely to take action. Learn how easy it is to do…
  • Avoid Common Pitfalls: Uncover the hidden pattern that makes it so difficult for clients to actually figure out what they want and what you must do instead.
  • Out Tasking Explained: Hear examples of how Michael uses ‘tasking’ to create change and transform stuck behaviours – even ones that have existed for years…
  • Group Change Work: Essential information you need to know if you want to do change work with groups.
  • Games Client’s Play: Know the tell-tell signs that there is a game going on…
  • Outsmart The System: Acquire key insights on complex systems and how to outsmart their defenses that most change agents do not know.
  • Bed In the Change:  The secret trick to bed in changes once you have the client on the road of change and transformation…
Discover How To Transform 
Clients’ ‘Anti-Change’ 
Strategies Forever… 
When people come to you, they have already tried everything they know to resolve their issue, yet failed – they hope you can help them. Yet between the change they want and where they are now are well-worn strategies to not change! 
To help them get what they want, you need to outmanoeuvre their ‘anti-change’ strategies. And that’s what you’ll learn how to do here.

 You’ll Learn: 
  • Picture The Pattern: Leverage the 3 questions that every pro-change agent asks when mapping how clients keep doing the same thing over and over again, and how to disrupt it for good.
  • Decode Their ‘Anti-Change’ Strategies: Decode the structures that clients use to stop themselves from changing so you can change them! (When you can do this well, change work becomes so much easier.)
  • Employ Counter-Intuitive Insights: Understand how clients stay stuck and learn the real secrets of how expert change agents overcome it
  • Triangulate Around The Actual Problem Not The Presenting Problem: Client work becomes far easier when you learn the secrets to triangulate around the client’s real problem and don’t get caught in story cul-de-sacs.
  • Trigger Their Desire To Act: Learn how to arouse human beings natural motivation maker by doing this one thing!

  • Take Over Thought Control… Discover how easily one can place suggestions and build powerful ideas inside people’s minds to trigger at precisely the right moment when the client needs to change unwanted behaivour.

  • Go from An ‘Average People Helper To Highly Skilled Change Pro: Master what it really takes to shift from average to pro. This skill goes far beyond applying techniques.
Learn Expert Strategies 
To Do Better Change Work 
One of the quickest ways to become better at intervening is to learn how to do it on yourself. That’s why throughout the workshop Michael shares expert insights and proven strategies to help you intervene and change yourself.

 You’ll Learn: 
  • Consciousness Expander: Why reality and actuality are two very different things and which one is the only one worth changing…
  • Master Your Mind: The remarkable insight about thoughts that almost everyone misses which empowers you to live every moment more happily
  • Troubleshoot Your Own Problems using proven questions and an intervention strategy that un-bug even the most persistent problems.
  • Activate Goals: Watch a celebrity demonstrate the single best example of turning a goal into a full connected up vision that embodies and affects every decision of a person’s life.

  • Employ Neuroscience In Change: Discover Neurological Law #1 that you must keep in mind anytime you want to help yourself or someone else changes
  • 3 POWER CHANGE MOVES you can do today to begin to dramatically improve your life and get more of what you want quicker…

  • Change Accelerator: The one practice to take on right away if you want to be able to create changes in yourself quickly. This one trick – once you take it on – can profoundly accelerate the speed of changes in your life.

  • Success Habits To Develop: Learn about the one habit every truly successful person cultivates in advance of becoming successful.

  • Tips on How To Acquire Skills Effortlessly: Watch and learn as Michael teaches essential principles for learning new skills by walking students through the art of learning the guitar (the principles he teaches here you can apply to learning almost anything.)

  • Guaranteed Skill Growth: Deploy a simple strategy that guarantees you skills will get better and better every month, than 99% of most NLPers don’t employ.

  • Life Enhance Morning Ritual: Leverage the ONE practice Michael recommends every change agent implement first thing in the morning, every morning.

  • Elite Productivity Tip: Find out the secret to getting things done! (Note: This insight works great whether you use lists or not, or struggle to get things done.)
Watch ‘Technique Free’
Conversational Change In Action 
(Demonstrated By A True Change Master) 
Watch, track and learn as Michael demonstrates how to do ‘technique free’ change and hear examples of how pro’s do change work in person and on the phone.

  • Hot seats: Watch Michael work demonstrate how to do elegant change and how change masters intervene through the program with live workshop participants
  • Case Studies: Listen as Michael reveals step-by-step exactly how he helped a wide variety of clients overcome debilitating problems and everyday challenges
  • Covert Change Work: See Michael demonstrate live how to do ‘technique free’ change work without any smell of overt ‘techniques.’ Powerful.
  • Examples of Self-Change: How Michael used a little used change principle on himself to help him lose weight that can be applied to almost any change context.
In case, you don’t know who Michael Breen is, your instructor for this training, here’s a quick bio for you… 
Meet Michael Breen 
One  of the industry's most well respected
Executive Coaches and Master NLP Trainers
This exclusive training is taught by a world-class master NLP trainer and celebrity coach Michael Breen. Michael has:
  • Over 30 years experience teaching NLP around the world
  • NLP Master DHE Trainer and Master Hypnotist
  • Co‐founded largest NLP training school in the world 
  • For 10 years co-ran workshops with Dr. Richard Bandler & Paul McKenna
  • Is an expert at behavioral change
  • Management consultant to numerous Fortune 100 companies
  • Created the first business NLP practitioner in the UK
  • Is one of Europe's leading executive coaches
  • And is known for teaching NLP in a way that makes it very easy to apply
  • Has taught over 80,000 students
Who Is This For?
 Good question…

This program is for anyone who wants to…

  • Learn the secrets to intervening like a PRO

  • Want to double, triple or even quadruple your current ability to create change for clients.  

  • Wants to put an end to hit-and-miss change work and ‘winging it’ to knowing exactly what you are doing and being able to help a wide variety of people

  • Wants to be able to help people change easily and quickly

  • Wants to transform how you do change work forever

If that sounds like you…then you’ll love this training.

It’s not hyperbole when I say this program may just be the most valuable workshop you’ll ever take - if you’ve already got some experience working with others.
The skills, strategies and mindsets taught have been a game-changer for me.
This is the training course I wish existed on how to do real change work when I first started in NLP.
Techniques are a dime a dozen.

You can have the book of 300+ techniques but still, struggle and fail to create change.

But knowing…

  1. where to intervene
  2. how to intervene
  3. when to intervene

so that it gets results…

And that changes last

…that’s priceless.
It’s a skill that lasts a lifetime.
This program gives you the roadmap to doing much more effective and elegant change.

If you are a coach, change agent, therapist, manager, entrepreneur, consultant, trainer, professional communicator, course creator, workshop leader…

.. in fact, anyone who interacts with other people and helps them change, you’ll benefit tremendously from this course.

Michael lays all the big ideas you need to know and step-by-step strategies (with tons of examples) of what to do, why to do it and what comes first, second, third. etc.

There isn’t any other course on the market today that teaches you all of this key knowledge on how real masters of change, intervene and create lighting results.

But before you go ahead and jump in…

… you might be wondering if there are any pre-requisites to enrol?

If you already have prior training in NLP or hypnosis (like you have completed a practitioner, master practitioner or therapeutic hypnosis course) you’ll be in a great position to hit the ground running.

If you have some experience of creating change for others - perhaps as a coach, counsellor, therapist or people helper, but no prior training in NLP - you’ll get a huge amount from this program as Michael uses minimum jargon.

If you are a business or IT professional, manager etc. then what Michael has to share will be a real asset to you when you work with others and need to figure out how to intervene in larger group systems contexts.
One Word Of Caution:

  • you are someone who wants 100% certainty that an intervention is going to work before you do it

  • you want someone to teach you 150 techniques so you can do them on others…

  • you prefer to talk about NLP rather than do it.

  • you expect ‘magical results’ without putting in any effort…

    Then this course is not for you!

(And IMHO, I suggest NLP may not be for you. NLP is about exploration, creating more freedom and choices and having fun. If you like that, you’ll love this course.)

But if any of the above is true for you…

… save your money because this course teaches real intervention skills that work and doesn’t waste time on theories or techniques you can pick up in a book.

OK, enough said.

Let’s talk about what you’ll receive when you invest today.
What You'll Receive
MP4 Format
The Art & Skill of Intervening is arranged into 26 VIDEOS (MP4) recorded from the exclusive LIVE two day workshop.

Watch Michael demonstrate step-by-step everything you need to know to double, tripe or even quadruple your change and intervention skills. You can watch the entire course upon purchase. 
MP3 Format
Sometimes it’s not suitable or possible to watch videos. That’s why we’ve also made the entire workshop available in mp3 format, so you can listen and learn as you commute, exercise or take with you on the road. 
PDF Format
Included with this rare workshop home study course is the complete 86 page ‘The Art & Skill of Intervening’ reference manual.

Michael’s jam-packed this manual with insights, distinctions and real world examples of change work. Follow along and learn as Michael shares stories of change and transformation. 
MP4 & PDF Format
In addition to being able to follow along with the assignments Michael gave students in the live workshop, we’ve also created nine bespoke video and PDF assignments to help you bed in several of the essential elements from the course. 
In total you’ll receive almost 9 hours of expert video instruction on how to intervene, taught by a true master change agent and celebrity coach.

And in case you are wondering what the lucky attendees of this workshop have to say, here’s a taste from several who participated in two days of skill-building transformation… 
What Students Have To Say 
About This Rare Training
Attending The Art and Skill of 
Intervening workshop, lifted my 
coaching skills through the roof.
 Ben Greene
Executive Coach, UK
"As a coach, it would be great to say that I always know exactly what to ask, say or do, to best assist my clients. Experience has taught me....there's always room for improvement.

Attending The Art and Skill of Intervening Workshop, lifted my coaching skills through the roof. I now have the tools and attitude to provide my clients with the very best of what they need. The results have been amazing and my clients have never been happier.

If you are a coach or people helper, who likes to do the very best for your clients, this course could be your best possible investment." 
The Art & Skill of Intervening was one 
of the best trainings I ever attended! 
Steffen Block
Business Analyst, DE
"The Art & Skill of Intervening showed me how easily people can change their mind and come to new conclusions through really small but powerful interventions.

I now feel much more motivated to dive deeper into the field of NLP.

I would really recommend this course to others because it was one of the best training I've ever attended. I learned so much in such a short time.

Thank you very much for this amazing experience!"
What I really loved, besides Michael’s 
way of teaching is the momentum 
I got from The Art & Skill of Intervening.
Michael Geerdts
Communications Trainer, DE
"What I really loved, besides Michael’s way of teaching is the momentum I got from The Art & Skill of Intervening. I learned new ways to use the tools, even tools I’ve used for years. 

The workshop was fun. The atmosphere was extremely light, funny and humorous - way beyond what I expected. Would recommend." 
I now have a beautiful map 
(for intervening) in my mind.
Richard Elwell
Facilitator, UK
"Michael Breen is one of the best facilitators of human dynamics and mind functions I have had the joy to meet.

The quality of his handy work is demonstrated by the quality of the people who return to expand their understanding.

Having attended the workshop had given me one beautiful map (for intervening) in my mind."
I love this workshop... 
It represents the highest level of 
NLP training out there and beyond.
 Janne Heimonen
Managing Director, SE
“What I love about The Art & Skill of Intervening is the amount of detail and angles in what might look like a simple framework.

I really liked the depth of the material, the importance of understanding the baseline [first] and learning very high level, generative interventions.

As a result of attending, I think about intervening from a much higher and complete viewpoint and look for the smallest intervention with the biggest systemic impact. I look for ways to make it easier to go from the present state to the desired state.

I loved this workshop. I’ll attend the next training - whatever it is. I highly recommend it, it represents the highest level of NLP training out there and beyond.” 
If you want to find yourself, 
then I'd definitely recommend 
this training.
Al Konigsfeld
Retired Teacher/Trainer, US
“If you want to find yourself, then I'd definitely recommend this training. 

I have been going through "The Art & Skill of Intervening" repeatedly. I find the level of granular detail in this course has taken my NLP skills to a much deeper level than any of Michael's other courses, and that the greater detail has helped me understand those other courses better.

What I liked most about this training is realizing the number of rules I had been living by that were no longer ME.

I have downsized my home, my possessions (including my library), and the time I spent working and am beginning to dream about what I would like to do with my remaining years, as opposed to all the things that my family and society decided I should want. In short, like the woman in Michael's story, I have gone through the pile of things that I got from others, and those that appealed to the person I was when I was younger, and begun to take action on those things that I might want to do now.” 
This course clarified the process
of intervention on myself
Parag Patel
Pharmacist, UK
“This course clarified there process of intervention on myself. Michael demonstrated the importance of externalising the problem onto filecards.

Going through the course has helped me manage to catch up on pending work, get better at using the Framing tool and the Meta Model.” 
It is straight forward and to the point, 
no B.S, and it clears up a lot of
Scott Paquette
Custodian, CA
"The way that intervening is taught in most schools of NLP is vague, broken down to three stages loosening up clients model of the world, the direct intervention, and then the clean up!

Micheal's training makes it very discrete and concrete, moving from stage to stage! That one stage has to be complete before moving on to the next, which seems to be missing in a lot of trainings!

In the Art & Skill of Intervening, I like how straight forward the process is and it seems to bleed right over to other aspects such as coaching or training! Michael makes things painfully obvious, instead of running some kind of procedure on someone like a lot of trainings, its more like stages that have to be met before moving on to the next!

I would definitely recommend this training regardless of what school of NLP or other methods of intervening you follow! It is straight forward and to the point, no B.S, it clears up a lot of misconceptions!

I would like to thank both you, Micheal and Tom, and your team for producing so many amazing products that no doubt open the door to true understanding of what NLP is!"
The presentation in this 
course was incredibly engaging 
and entertaining
William Feliciano
Store Manager, PR
"The presentation in this course was incredibly engaging and entertaining, I know this is not supposed to be the most important thing but it really stood out. I also liked how many of the strategies in the program are applicable in many context other than intervening.

This course provides a good road map of what to do. I realized creating interventions seems a lot more fun now."
Your Investment To REALLY 
Know What You're Doing
Before I tell you how about the investment to learn the art and skill of intervening, I want to share a quick story…
When I started out studying NLP and hypnosis I invested more than $10,000 on my own training in the first 2 years, curious to learn the secrets on how to create lasting change. 
And that’s not including all the time away from work, hotel and travel costs and vacation time lost while attending workshops.

($10,000 isn’t a lot by the way on trainings, especially if you get paid to help others.)

But you know what….

…while I learned plenty of techniques and some fun language patterns to create change, fact is, I didn’t have any real clue how to intervene.

Nada. Zilch.
Some abstract concepts.
A bunch of disjointed frameworks.
A thick book of NLP techniques.
Hundreds of hypnosis scripts…
…but next to nothing on what you are supposed to do.
(Or how to know when you should do it!)
Sound familiar?

Here’s where I had an epiphany.
After two decades of being involved in personal development, doing change work and using NLP, one day I realized that…
Most People Helpers
Fall Back On One of Two ‘Change Strategies’ 
1. Throwing Shit At The Wall
…hoping something they try works!
2. Making Others Conform To Some Abstract Change Model
in place of…
A. Figuring out where is actually going on
B. Figuring out how you are going to alter it
These two strategies cover what most change agents use.
Both strategies are WILDLY inefficient.
But that’s what many people helpers rely on…
Because no-one taught them a better way.
It’s no wonder so much change fails and even less actually transforms.
Ask any true change master and they’ll tell you doing great change work is not as simple as which technique do you have to apply.

As Richard Bandler once said about intervening:

Doing effective change work…
“isn’t just trying things to find out what works. That’s a good place to start when you are doing NLP, at the practitioner level
But by the time you are a master practitioner level, you should know what the hell you’re doing!” 

Fact is most don’t.

Thankfully there is a 3rd way.

And that’s what the Art & Skill of Intervening teaches you.
It’s a skill normally only passed down from master to apprentice.
A skill rarely taught publicly - until now.

 If you want to:

  • Master a better way to do change work where you know the secrets to intervening

  • Stop ‘winging it’ and create change quicker than ever before

  • Work with a greater variety of clients…

  • Double, triple and even quadruple your ability to create change for others

  • And charge (much) more for your work

Then it’s a skill every highly skilled change agent must learn.

I’ve known apprentices who have invested $50,000+ to learn these skills from the few masters who know them.

And they invested years of their life, traveling all over the world to acquire this knowledge.

That kind of commitment gets my respect.

But few of us have that kind of money, time or commitment to learn this knowledge.

We’ve got other responsibilities and are time short.

Today if you’re lucky, you could easily spend $20,000 in ONE year with a master to learn a fraction of these skills, assuming you could persuade them to let you join their inner circle.

But I won’t ask you to pay five figures to learn this skill (even though it would still be a great investment and one that would pay it’s way back in 5-10 clients.)

I won’t even ask you to pay $1,000.
You can acquire these ‘advanced change’ skills for just…


$495 RRP
Saving you thousands of dollars to learn these skills and years of trial-and-error learning, assuming you could find a master who could guide you.
But WAIT, It Gets Even Better...
(Lessons From The Masters) 
As you know Michael has worked with clients from all walks of life and at all levels - from CEOs of wildly successful multi-national companies to A-list celebrities, startup founders to everyday folks.

But what you don’t know, and what we haven’t covered in-depth in any other course, is the little known tools, tactics and frameworks that inspired Michael’s own thinking and workflow for how to create change effortlessly and conversationally.

Change tactics that he uses to this day for thinking through interventions both large and small for his clients.

These are the tools, tactics, frameworks and strategies of the change masters.

(And the closest thing to hitting the jackpot of proven change patterns.)

In this unique and supplementary training, Michael will be teaching you additional insights, distinctions and tools so you can become highly skilled in taking a patterned based approach to your change work.

Here’s a brief taste of what Michael will be covering: 
  • The patterned approach to intervening

  • The major benefits of a patterned approach to change

  • Where to look when figuring out what to change

  • Why asking “what technique should I use is the wrong question to ask” and what to do instead?
  • The counter-intuitive realization about what change is really all about…
  • The two types of problems that all problems/desires can be classified in to…
  • The 3 level of filtering to think through to help you find out what to do.

  • The 9 questions to ask to get to the heart of what to change

  • The 14 fundamental meta intervention patterns you can use to create change
  • Note Erickson used these to great effect in his change work too.
  • Key criteria to keep in mind when looking at existing models of change
  • Case Example: Hear how Michael helped a client overcome the terror of driving on a 4 lane highway.
  • Plus much more... 
You'll receive 28 training videos plus 28 training audios to listen on the move.

Over 4 hours of additional expert training on interventions.

VALUE: $397.00

In this masterclass course on pattern interventions, you’ll learn the secret stuff passed down from one master to another.

And be fully ready to make full use of...
NLP Techniques Demystified
Richard Bandler, the creative genius whose spark ignited this discipline of NLP, has described NLP as: 

“An attitude plus a methodology that leaves behind a trail of techniques.”

The techniques however have been misunderstood. As you will learn in this bonus masterclass - the techniques are only part of your toolkit you need to have a grip on if you want to intervene effectively and create elegant change.

In this video webinar recording Michael will:
  • Demystify common NLP Techniques

  • Myth-bust some commonly accepted assumptions about NLP techniques that are not only necessarily limiting but, in some cases, just plain wrong. These are likely contributors to why your efforts to apply NLP techniques have been hit and miss.
  • Why there are only a few key moves behind all the techniques; tweaks in combinations of moves, which once you master, will allow you to come up with your own techniques on the fly

  • Expose the causes of how things go off-course when applying techniques of NLP, and how to work with them effectively and elegantly.

  • How to penetrate beyond the step 1, 2, 3 formulaic process and uncover how they work...

  • The best ways to use the techniques on yourself

  • What to do if a technique doesn’t work

  • Tips and tricks on using the techniques with others (great to know for change agents and trainers) 
VALUE: $247.00

But that's not all.

You may want to...
Ask Michael Anything 
(Video Masterclass AMA) 
As you watch and learn from Michael about the art and skill of intervening, you will also receive answers to key pressing questions that our original "fast mover" customers submitted to Michael.

Michael's got 30+ years of experience doing change work. He, Richard Bandler and Paul Mckenna ran workshops for a decade together.  This is your ONE chance to pick his brain... at no cost. It's just one of the benefits of being an inaugural member of this program. We'll be posting answers to member's questions, directly inside the training portal.

VALUE: $247.00
Closed Member Support Group  
(For The Art & Skill of Intervening Students ONLY)
For the first time, we'll offer a closed member group support within the training portal where you can submit questions directly below videos and get additional support clarification and feedback whenever you need it.

VALUE: $197.00
An UNBEATABLE Guarantee:
Try 'The Art & Skills Of Intervening' 

for a full 30-days, 100% risk-free
To completely take away any risk from you I am also going to give you a 30-day - Hassle Free - Money Back Guarantee. 

If for any reason whatsoever, you don’t like the program or you don’t think you got value from it  - within 30 days – you can send me an email and I will give you a full refund.
So you risk nothing –buy the program, watch all the videos and try out the exercises.  As long as its within 30 days, you can claim a full refund if you don’t think we have delivered!

That’s how confident I am in the power of this material!

You are just moments away from transforming your change and intervention skills forever. To order click the 'Grab Your Copy' button below.
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I'm Ready to Grab This Unprecedented Opportunity To Get My Hands on..
The Art & Skill Of Intervening
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Order Now And Receive 
FOUR Fast-Mover Bonuses 
Worth $1,088.00
Just $495!
I understand when I purchase The Art & Skill Of Intervening today I get ... 
  • 26 x Art & Skill Of Intervening VIDEOS (MP4)

  • 26  x Art & Skill Of Intervening MP3 AUDIO tracks

  • 86 page Art & Skill of Intervening reference manual (PDF)

  • 9 x video training assignments

  • 9 x pdf training assignments

  • Four Bonuses Worth $1,088.00
  • Bonus 1: Interventions: Lessons From The Masters - VALUE: $397.00
    • 28 Training Videos
    • 28 Training Audios

  • Bonus 2: NLP Techniques Demystified- VALUE: $247.00
    • Video Recording of LIVE Masterclass Training
    • Audio  Recording of LIVE Masterclass Training

  • Bonus 3: Ask Michael Anything - VALUE: $247.00
    Your exclusive opportunity to ask Michael anything on intervening, change and transformation... pick the mind of a change master.

  • Bonus 4: Closed Member Support Group  - VALUE: $197.00
See you in the training,

P.S. You’re just moments away from learning the one skill that can double, triple and even quadruple your ability to create lasting change.
A skill that up until now hasn’t been taught publicly. Just kept for a small group of high paying NLP apprentices.

This is your golden opportunity to stop winging it and start doing change work like a PRO. 

Discover how to design and intervene like change masters and start getting results for your clients that most people helpers can only dream about.

Order your copy today!
P.P.S. Michael Breen has enjoyed an incredibly successful (and profitable) career as a result of his ability to do one thing…

GET RESULTS for his clients quickly.

He’s the guy…

who got the call when an A-list celebrity was having a panic attack and refused to go on stage.

He’s the guy…

who Richard Bander turned to, to cover for him when he fell sick and needed a change master to lead several hundred workshop participants through 5 days of transformation at one of Richard’s Personal Enhancement workshops.

He’s the guy…

who leaders in the world of business, sports, entertainment and politics call when they need to engage someone who can help them or their people change.

All of this and much more only happens because...

Michael’s approach works brilliantly.

For the first time ever you can learn the secrets of change masters…
…know what to do and when to do it…

…say goodbye to ‘winging it’ and command the respect of your friends, family and delighted clients!

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