Frustrated... Tired... Stressed? 
30 Year Master Meditator Teaches You 
How To Develop Mindfulness In As Little As 5 Minutes A Day... Using Simple Practices That Can Be Done Anywhere... Don't Require Years To Master OR For 
You To Sit Still For Hours... 
So You Can Quieten Your Mind With Ease, Silence 
Inner Dialogue And Experience Clarity On Demand...
Dear Friend,

Imagine the power of your actions if each action contained 100% of your attention.

Imagine the ease and freedom you would feel if in any moment, regardless of if you seemed to be 'winning' or 'losing', you were able to be present to the moment that is arising. Able to act effectively, able to tap in to and capture opportunities that show up.

Unperturbed by trouble, free of habitual stress, truly present to enjoy each moment. To become a far more effective, joyful and satisfied human being. Hard to believe?

I thought so too... until I experienced mindfulness for myself.

Mindfulness is one truly remarkable power that can transform your life.

Perhaps it is needed now more than ever.

When you step back and consider how interrupt driven we have become...
  • Research has shown that the average person gets 1 interruption every 8 minutes, or approximately 7 an hour, or 50-60 per day.

  • Every hour of the day billions of us are being flooded with interruptions... emails, text message, phone calls, Facebook messages, Tweets, Instagram notices, sport results and breaking News updates in a real time 24x7 way that was never possible before.!

  • The average interruption takes 5 minutes, totaling about 4 hours or 50% of the average workday is spent on interruptions. (No wonder you never get all your daily tasks done!)

  • The number of TV channels around the world has has ballooned in the past years. In the US alone, the number of channels has increased by over 46% in the past 5 years where the average US home has 189 channels to choose from and watch an average of 5 hours of TV every day. (35 hours a week.)

  • The smart phone and tablet revolution has made interruptions and demands for our attention even worse; with research finding that the average person checks their phone 150 times a day!
  • In the workforce, people are being forced to do more with less, often expected to work longer for less money and priortise work before family, health and time with kids.. just to keep their jobs or make it up the next 'rung' in their career. 
Is it any wonder that 78% of workers in America wish they had more time to "smell the roses"?

I could go on and on but you don't need me to tell you how busy you already are and how many demands you have.

What many people want is a solution. There is one that can greatly help.

If your life feels stressful, chaotic, backed-up with things to do, more demands on your time than you can possibly hope to get done.

Kids screaming, relationships drifting and a boss wanting you to do more, more, more!

There is a way to find peace of mind, clarity, at ease... in this hyper connected world.

The answer comes from a very old personal development practice.

Intentional Mindfulness. 
“The Remarkable Ability To Let 
Your Mind Rest... Discover Inner 
Peace, Presence & Resources 
You Never Knew Existed”
Mindfulness - the ability to intentionally let your mind rest is perhaps one of the most remarkable and useful practices you can ever learn.

It's not a technique - it's a way of experiencing yourself and the world that is tremendously liberating.

A thousands of year old advantage, for our modern "always on" world.

Mindfulness is the capacity to bring open accepting presence to what is going on, intentionally and without needing to control or get in it's way. Mindfulness allows us to be 100% present to what is going on ourselves, others and what's going on around us.
Our modern way of living, filled with distractions, rips us away from being present to the moment, to our lives and each other.

Our attention is all to often hijacked by interruptions and external demands. We are trying to juggle too many things.

And if you are like many people, the interruptions, demands and lack of down time is getting worse.

Seventy-seven percent of workers in a national US study say they are sometimes or always burned out in their jobs!

It's hard to do your best work or live a truly meaningful and fulfilling life when you feel burned out, exhausted and jaded.

When we are not at work, we find our minds constantly thinking of work or something else that needs to get done.

Rarely do we spend time completely in the present moment.

So we miss things.

Like our lives, meaningful communication, important relationships, great career and business opportunities.

And that's just one small part of the consequences.

If you aren't capable of being in the hear and now, you aren't capable of recognising yourself, your happiness and suffering.

In a very real way you won't truly know yourself, so you can't really be yourself.

Mindfulness gives you the awareness to what is.

So you can make better choices, live joyful, richer lives.

But for many people who have tried it, they ran in to a common problem...
"I Couldn't Get My Mind 
Under Control"
In the early stages of developing mindfulness, it can seem like it is quite a task.

Traditional approaches have you do things like: 
  • Be still for long periods of time

  • Counting breath mediations

  • Long period of intentional isolation
It is very common to hear students report that the more they try to control their mind in these ways the more they find they simply can't get their mind under control.

Often they give up in frustration and decide mindfulness isn't for them.

Perhaps you've experienced similar frustration?

Maybe you've tried mindfulness meditation, big mind, prosperity meditations and other stuff but you just can’t get my mind under control you may like many wonder... 
"What am I doing wrong?" 
Well, it's not you you, it's the method you followed.

Let me explain.

Recently I was having a conversation with Michael Breen about this very issue. Turns out long before he came in to NLP and became one of the world's leading Master Trainers, he hung around with, studied and learned from many of the modern day great realisers on Mindfulness!

In fact he's been an active meditator for 32 years. Once I discovered this I became excited, because Michael is the kind of person who doesn't dabble, he masters. When I first meet him many years ago, he had just done a huge book sale, selling 3,000 books he collected in the few years previous and was giving the money to charity.

So I knew he would have a lot of wisdom and insights to share. In traditional Michael style he didn't just tell me, he'd showed me... gave me an experience of how easy accessing mindfulness could that I had never taught was possible.

It was far, far easier than anything I had experienced before. (And I'd tried out my fair share of mindfulness approaches.)

So I started sharing with Michael my own experiences and those of students and friends around getting mindfulness. The challenges with staying still, quieting the mind etc. All the common questions that come up.

He said: 
“Tom, before we go any further, there’s one thing people who want to develop their ability to chill out and focus, “meditate”, “be mindful” or whatever the current marketing labels call it needs to know: there is no one-shot panacea technique that works for everyone under every circumstance.

If you’re solving a “screwdriver problem”; it doesn’t matter how long you whack at it with a hammer – it’s not going to produce the result you’re hoping for.

The skills involved in mindfulness are not complicated and are relatively simple to acquire (humans have been working on this for a very long time) but if you’re already doing something screwy with your mind, or you’re bringing a problematic attitude or worldview – even unrealistic expectations – it will affect the results you achieve.

Make the right choice of method, given what you are dealing with and have to handle, get the learning gradient set appropriately (not trying to push things too quickly – the pushing is a part of “the problem”), and work the skills systematically… and you get a calmer sense of being, with more energy free to devote to whatever it is you want to do, in a reasonable period of time.

And then, if you keep up the work… there’s a whole other world of experiences that potentially open to you 
Get mindfulness in a reasonable period of time. Surely he meant decades, like so many other books I'd read.
But he didn't.

Michael would show me how just about anyone can experience mindfulness in a matter of minutes. And with as little a few minutes practice every day could extend it so they can access this powerful resource at will.

I decided we had to do a training, so everyone could learn.

We called it... 
Taming That Cheeky 
Ol' Monkey Mind
Finding your mind calm, clear, 
and copacetic… free to do 
as you choose or need.
Taming That Cheeky Ol' Monkey Mind will show you a profoundly simply way to tame your mind. 

With as little as a few minutes of intentional practice a day, you can quickly make dramatic leaps in your ability to quieten your mind, silence inner drama so you can bring 100% of the awareness on to yourself and the present moment.

Through practice you will develop the ability to have perfect clarity of thought, capable of transforming whatever situations you face. Have better relationships with yourself, loved ones and others.

To come to know yourself in a way you have never experienced before.

You'll find your mind free to be totally at peace with whatever is arising, without trying to manipulate or change them or run away from them.

Where your mind doesn't continually feel the need to spend time focused on the past or rushing to the future.

But can simply be present in the now - so you can enjoy more, live more and transform your life.

If that's something you'd like to learn how to do, then you'll want to get this training.

Inside This 95 Minute Training 
You'll Learn: 
  • What mindfulness really is. This super easy and powerful insight makes mindfulness really easy to do.
  • Discover how to access a mindful state intentionally and with ease. Free of jargon or complex 'mindfulness' rituals!
  • What really is going on that causes you to feel worn down, compressed or perturbed and what to do about them, so you can let your mind-body rest
  • The fascinating interplay between attention and perception that you didn't know about and how the Weber–Fechner principle impacts how you experience what your mind-body is attending to at any moment
  • How by practicing Michael's simple process for mindfulness frequently, you can free up huge amounts of energy that normally are wound up and expressed as stress and tension in the body

  • Discover how you can have much more 'bandwidth' to be present in the moment that you are in... and not find your mind wandering and distracted

  • The critical difference between mindfulness and awareness that many people get wrong and which gets in the way of developing mindfulness
  • Realise powerful insights on mindfulness that can instantly leap frog your ability to become mindful in any moment
  • If you've ever wondered what exactly you are trying to do, to experience mindfulness, this training will clear things up greatly
  • How to 'debug' and unclutter your mind - so your mind and senses can rest
  • Discover how much 'stuff' you have already on your mind and how you can develop the habit of dehabituating stress triggers quicker than you thought possible

  • Let Michael show you how you can become more here and more present using simple mindful processes that both novice or seasoned meditator can apply for great results
  • How you can discover your patterns of thought and energy that create loops of distraction, unease and tension
  • Get out of stress traps by refusing to accept parasitic self-paradoxes that are sold...There’s nothing quite like the pain of vainly trying to solve an unsolvable riddle!
  • Why so many people fail to develop mindfulness... and it's not their fault.
  • The number 1 mistake to avoid that most trainings on mindfulness train in to their students... that cause so many people to simply give up in frustration. Michael's going to show you the super-easy way to develop real mindfulness that works like

  • Why the payoffs for developing mindfulness are far in excess of the costs... once you approach it so that it becomes easy and accessible ... which Michael will teach you in this training
  • How to release your mind from the stress response so you can be at ease with as little as five minutes training twice a day
  • What gets in the way of be able to experience mindfulness
  • When mindfulness is NOT an appropriate solution to chronic problems

  • How so much of mindfulness has become a 'thing' in the West and how our expectations get in the way of blocking mindfulness from occurring
  • Why you are not studying 'the way' of mindfulness and why you need to be clear about exactly what you are seeking... (Michael shows you how easy mindfulness can be)
  • Why you don't need to spend '50 years' to become mindful!
  • How you can use your mind to calm your mind and your body to calm your mind
  • How you can use your environment to calm your mind
  • What to consider when evaluating mindfulness protocols so you know if they are right for you
  • Why so many mindfulness programs fail to create mindfulness... and actually induce stress and frustration!
  • How everyone has several areas in their life where they already experience mindfulness (even if they don't know it) ... and how you can rapidly leverages these resources to access mindfulness with ease
  • Why you don't have to close your eyes or mediate to become mindful. (Thankfully this program doesn't try to force you to only one way to become mindfulness.)
  • How to create the opportunity for mindfulness in everyday areas of your life... so you actively engage a mindful state when you want or need
  • Getting out of stress traps by refusing to accept parasitic self-paradoxes. There’s nothing quite like the pain of vainly trying to solve an unsolvable riddle that you set for yourself… and then pretended you had nothing to do with it…
  • Hear Michael share the 'practical advantage' mindfulness helps him in business, conflict and with loved ones

  • Let go of a a very common cultural trap that hundreds of millions have bought in to and what you can do to rid yourself of it forever frees you up to be more at ease
  • Simple mindfulness exercises Michael learned from Buddhism, acting school and therapy that anyone can do to... this one cool exercise literally shifted my own experience of the moment - creating a sense of 'forever now'
  • When you develop the ability to access mindfulness in any moment you are freed up to let others "do their dance" without getting sucked in to drama
  • Counter-intuitive insights like why intentionally counting or holding your breath can get in the way of developing mindfulness
  • Mind hacks: Hear one of the coolest mind-hacks that came from Buddhism about which posture habits to use to quickly calm your mind down or increase your energy
  • How you can use the Meta Model as a tool for spiritual enlightenment and freedom so you liberate yourself from the noise that abounds and projected at us from all areas of modern society
  • Discover over a dozen different simple and highly effective 'mindfulness' practices that you can use
  • The one resource Michael recommends if you want to go deeper in to mindfulness based approaches in a way that is highly practical and science base

  • Plus much more...
Meet Michael Breen 
One  of the industry's most well respected
Executive Coaches and Master NLP Trainers
This exclusive training is taught by a world-class master NLP trainer and celebrity coach Michael Breen. Michael has:
  • Over 30 years experience teaching NLP around the world
  • NLP Master DHE Trainer and Master Hypnotist
  • Co‐founded largest NLP training school in the world 
  • For 10 years co-ran workshops with Dr. Richard Bandler & Paul McKenna
  • Is an expert at behavioral change
  • Management consultant to numerous Fortune 100 companies
  • Created the first business NLP practitioner in the UK
  • Is one of Europe's leading executive coaches
  • And is known for teaching NLP in a way that makes it very easy to apply
  • Has taught over 80,000 students
In Total You Get...
1.5 Hours Of Expert Masterclass Instruction On 
How To Experience Mindfulness Today...  That Don't 
Require You To Go In To A Cave, Sit For Hours On End or 
Repeat Mantras For Years.... For You To Start Enjoying Joy, 
Peace Of Mind And Ease... At Your Choosing!
The benefits of sustained intentional mindfulness are incredible.

For thousands of years, cultures throughout the world have recommended mindfulness training as a way to improve one's life.

With good reason, sages throughout the ages have known.
Now scientific research has been catching up on the great benefits it creates.

Here are 5 reasons why learning mindfulness is a must... 
1. It makes your brain plastic. So you can learn, adapt and perform better.
Quite literally sustained practice of mindfulness mediation makes your brain what neuro-scientists call more 'plastic'. Neuroplasticity is defined as the brain's ability to change, structurally and functionally, on the basis of environmental input. So when you practice mindfulness meditation, like Michael shows you in this training you'll be giving your brain an upgrade! 
2. Develop greater emotional control
The practice of intentional mindfulness has dramatic positive effects on your heath and emotions. We are all bombarded with distractions which effect our ability to be productive, present and make the highest use of our resources. Mindfulness training enables you to quieten the noise and perceive more signal in the system.

But not just that. According to a study done in Psychological Science people who practice mindfulness developed better regulation of emotions, are more self aware, are more able to regulate their attention and are more body aware. 
3. Mindfulness lowers stress - literally 
Research in the journal Health Psychology showed how mindfulness training decreased levels of cortisol (stress hormones) and participants reported feeling less stressed. When you aren't stressed you mind-body system is able to make better decisions and respond to life's challenges. 
4. It improves your ability to think clearly and discover 'blind spots', so you can make better choices. 
Almost everyone could benefit from being able to think more clearly. Mindfulness training, as reported in Psychological Science shows how mindfulness can help you discover your blind spots. Once you uncover what you didn't know, you can use that to make better choices and improve your life. 
5. It changes your brain - for the better 
Even when you are not practicing mindfulness - you still benefit. That's the finding of a study in the journal of Frontiers in Human Neuroscience. When people practice mindfulness mediation regularly the brain literally changes, with your amygdala, the part of the brain that deals with emotional stimuli being changed by mediation. 
There are many, many more benefits to developing mindfulness.

This unique masterclass teaches you a simple processes to learn mindfulness in as little as 5 minutes twice a day that don't require you to do complicated rituals or lock yourself away from the world.

So you can enjoy the many rewards that mindfulness makes possible from sustained practice without trying to force yourself to mediate in fixed position and focus on counting your breath.

There is an easier way. 
Read What Customers 
Have To Say About 
Taming Cheeky Monkey Mind
Gladvyn, South Africa
"This program is 
very good"
The program facilitated the process of getting ideas that were in my head to paper with a sharp and relaxed focus.  It additionally allowed me to be more aware of my feelings in relation to the states I would go through when focusing on something important. Having the ability to track my feelings helped me to change negative one's by reversing the feeling once identified.

Being able to see how the language patterns were used in the transcript and going into trance and being moved to action on strategies that I have not been able to put down on paper with sharp focus and clarity as well as eureka moments... 
Mark Matten, UK
"Fascinating Training"
Fascinating training, which I wasn't expecting from an "NLP organisation", and so easy to start implementing and getting benefit from

Harry Nichols, Canada
"Straight and practical"
I like the format… Straight and practical!  
Helmut Jegust, Germany
"Great training... Helped me come to my senses"
Great Training, helping find the little things that make life worth while. 

Mindfulness from a day by perspective. It helped me reconsider what I do when things are off track. To come to my senses.

Thank You!  
Danyda Feldman, USA
"I love how straightforward Michael is about this information and demystifies it."
I love how straightforward Michael is about this information and demystifies it.

I don't feel that I need to grow a beard and sit on a mountaintop (which since I'm a woman is a little harder). 
Michael Cole, USA
"And life has not been the same."
I was doing research on NLP & I stumbled upon NLP times...

 And life has not been the same.

Every day I scour through Tom's email & watch the trainings.
Scott Gaines, USA
"This was an excellent training with several specific techniques"
 This was an excellent training with several specific techniques you can apply immediately and easily in your current routine.

Thanks Tom & Michael!
Jos Tobben, Netherlands
"It unravels the knot regarding labeling and mis-interpretation"
I enjoyed the training, it unravels the knot regarding labeling and mis-interpretation.

It pointed out how I get in my way and the most important is how I get out of it and stay out.

If you are looking to start applying instead of gathering knowledge...

This is a key part to start of.

Thanks Tom and Michael! 
An UNBEATABLE Guarantee:

Try Taming Cheeky Monkey Mind 

for a full 30-days, 
100% risk-free
To completely take away any risk from you I am also going to give you a 30-day - No Questions Asked - Money Back Guarantee. 

If for any reason whatsoever, you don’t like the program or you don’t think you got value from it  - within 30 days – you can send me an email and I will give you a full refund.
So you risk nothing –buy the program, listen to it and try out the exercises.  As long as its within 30 days, you can claim a full refund if you don’t think we have delivered!

That’s how confident I am in the power of this material!

And in case you still have any questions, here’s answers to the six most common questions I get asked about this training… 
Your Investment
If you've tried learning mindfulness before you know that it can take years and result in a lot of trial and error learning that causes people to stop. Michael has cut away the unnecessary rituals, complex jargon and streamlined the process providing you with simple exercises that you do today, to develop mindfulness in as little as five minutes twice a day.

Best of all you can start today for... 
Just $49
and download it right away.
  • Yes Tom! I want to learn the practical secrets of Mindfulness that Michael has uncovered over 32 years of mediation, so I can so I can intentionally quieten my mind, become more present to the moment, myself and the world around me, have greater emotional control and choice. To develop my mind so it is clear and able to best use my resources and talents in the moment.
I understand when I purchase Taming Cheeky Monkey Mind today I get ... 
  • 1.6 hours of audio training in MP3, instant download format for listening on your IPod, Smart phone or computer

  • Edited into seven tracks so you've got quick access to the information that is of most interest to you anytime you want

  • A 44 page word-for-word PDF transcript, so you can revisit every strategy and principle shared

  • Our ironclad 100% 30 Days Money Back Guarantee
If you are a beginner, let Michael show you how to develop mindfulness in as little as five minutes twice a day. If you are more seasoned Mindfulness practitioner or someone who has tried before but failed to quieten your mind with a simple thought, then invest today in this training to discover where you have gone wrong and learn the simple way to start mastering your mind today.

Simply click on the "Add to Cart" button below, and you will be taken to our checkout page where you will be asked to enter your details.

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If you have any questions or concerns about the course, please reach out to our support team here or email us.

We're happy to help
To your success,

P.S. I used to believe that developing mindfulness took many years or decades. Having gone through this training I now realise (after experiencing Michael's practical exercises for myself which he taught in this training) how quickly each of us can access mindful state in the moment and how with intentional practice anyone can enjoy the benefits of mindfulness in their life, quicker than I ever thought possible.

P.P.S. Experience mindfulness for yourself. This is one skill that can truly change your life and open up resources you didn't even know were available today. Don't delay order today. Buy with complete confidence with our 100% iron clad 30 day money back guarantee.

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