How To Defend
Yourself Against Your
Warning: This may be the most important, ​(and maybe painful)​ letter you ever read - and its based on 3 simple truths……
Most people's lives are run by autopilot programs and habits that they are completely unaware of. 

We call these unconscious autopilot programs 'The Robot' and there is a way to stop it.
Over 90% of people will never achieve their goals and desires. They will be forever stuck in an endless loop of knowing that they can do more...but never really achieving anything.

The reason you are stuck in this loop is because it's The Robot's job to keep everything in your life the same. The Robot will fight any change you try and make... and win! But, in a moment you will learn how to break this pattern.
If you don't take control of your own mind and the programs it runs - other people, the media AND your past…will program you for the rest of your life!

Once again, this is because the Robot is set up to collect habits and patterns...its sole purpose it to have you 'sleepwalk' through life.
But it can all be changed with this...
Embarrassingly Simple Secret 
That Instantly Unleashes A World Of Choice, 
Possibility And Opportunity In Your Life…
So…why do you have a Robot?

Well the answer is very simple…

On an average day you are bombarded with millions of bits of information - conversations, advertising, TV, Internet, news, Facebook, twitter, blogs…

…information from work, paying attention to cars when driving, thinking about the past present and future, your own to do list…

… conversations you overhear, things your friends, your kids, your partner or your boss want you to do…

…the list goes on forever!

Multiply this for every single day you have been alive!

And that is exactly why your unconscious created The Robot.

It's the only way to handle all that information without going absolutely crazy.
You brain needs to create autopilot patterns and habits that require no thought in order to manage this information.Robot 

With autopilot patterns you don't have to re-think and process millions of different bits of information every single day … 

You don't have to think through the swarm of information that flies at you from every possible angle, all day long. 

As long as The Robot recognizes a trigger - the habit or program it collected will be activated… then the next program… and then the next. 

For example, putting on your socks. 


Driving to work. 

Or eating breakfast. 

All programs that run on autopilot based on a trigger in your world that require no thinking from you.
But, listen carefully...
Your brain also runs programs that don't help you…programs that The Robot created in your past or from the media or from people around you…
  • Choosing to sleep in instead of exercising
  • Automatically picking unhealthy food when you are busy
  • Procrastinating in front of the TV
  • Spending money on things you don't need
  • Getting angry and fighting with your partner
All these are also programs that automatically fire off without you realizing it…

It gets worse -

You see, you didn't design any of these programs - they were created without your knowledge...

And in most cases you don,t even know what programs you have running your life.
 It's not all bad news. 

There is a way to stop these programs and take back control of your life.

The secret to stopping these programs and choosing what you want to do instead… starts with first being able to recognize when you are running one of these negative programs.

For most of us these programs are embedded in our life and we run on autopilot all day…

This means we first have to be taught how to identify when these programs are running.

And once you can do that - then you can work on changing it.

Now let's talk about…
The Success Formula 
The Personal Development 
Industry Doesn't Want Published
Can it really be as simple as:
  • Recognizing when the Robot is running an autopilot program
  • Stopping that program and consciously choosing what to do instead

It really is that simple.

And, this is also why you should not buy another self help book or course until you have been through this program. Michael_Breen

Because the truth is all those self-help books and courses are making it more difficult for you by creating labels that just complicate this very simple process.
  • You don't need to master the law of attraction.
  • You don't need the self-discipline of a military general.
  • You don't need to communicate with your unconscious mind through images and videos.
  • You don't need to work on your belief system.
  • You don't need another personal development course or book…
What you need is to think for yourself! To make a change using your ability to think.
All those books and courses do is giving you something to blame when you don't get the result you want…
"I need to change my belief, I need to reorganize my values, I need a vision board, I need to work on my productivity…."


What you need is to learn the art of accurate thinking. This is how you create change in your life. 

Because deep down I think you already know that…
Self-Help Doesn't Help
If you have bought more than one self help book, or been to more than one personal development seminar … or for some people to the same seminar two, three times… 

You already know that it's not enough - that the self help, personal development is no more than a band-aid.
You feel good for a little while.

You make a change for a little while.

You're motivated for a little while.

Then life happens.

And it all goes back to normal… that's because The Robot takes over again!
And so you go and try the next shiny new self help tool (and spend more money) - maybe this time you tap your face every morning…

…or maybe you build a vision board

… or maybe you use subliminal affirmations…

The problem is;
All those different processes, tools and technique don't address the core problem - THE ROBOT AND ITS AUTOPILOT PROGRAMS.  

Because the truth is…
You Will Only Achieve Success
When You Stop Running 

Your Life On Autopilot
Let me ask you a question…do you know Michael Breen?

He is currently one of only 30 Elite Coaches in the UK, a group of coaches so good they get nearly all the executive and celebrity coaching business in the UK.

He is also one of the worlds best NLP Master Trainers and has personally worked with Richard Bandler (the creator of NLP), and Paul Mckenna (world famous hypnotist) to build and run the largest NLP Training School in Europe.

All together Michael has over 30 years of experience in coaching, hypnosis and NLP - and trained well over 80,000 people…
Why am I telling you this?
Because for 30 years Michael has helped people achieve their goals and overcome limitations to their success.

And, from working with tens of thousands of people over the last 30 years he worked out that the reason so many people needed his help…

Why so many people struggled to make lasting changes…despite going through the personal development merry go round - rotating from one course to the next…

… is because they didn't know how to think.
Basically they couldn't spot their own autopilot patterns, and they didn't know how to think their way through these patterns into lasting lifelong change!

Their entire life was run on programs and habits that they weren't even aware of.

All of us have these programs and habits.

All of us have stories - the lies we tell ourselves to justify why we cant lose that weight, or why we cant make the money, or why we cant quit that job, approach that girl, follow that dream… its all stories!
Just lies that we tell ourselves as a reason for not doing what we want.
And you know what - those stories are… The Robot!

Those Lies are the robot doing its job and keeping everything just the way it is…

And the reason we know this is because Michael has made a career 
out of making people realize that its not you its your behaviors, habits and patterns that are holding you back.

And if you ever have the opportunity with to work with Michael one on one - then its at this moment that you would experience what is known as "a breakthrough"…you finally realise that your life has been running on autopilot programs, and they are ruining your life…

AND you wake up to your true self!

Or as Michael puts it - his job is to poke the Robot and wake you up…
"Your entire life has been running on autopilot - using programs from your past, imaginary stories of limitation, and negative habits… all of which are holding you back… its time for you to WAKE UP!"
- Michael Breen, Master NLP
Trainer & Executive Coach
This was the exact topic Michael ran a 3-day seminar on recently.

It was a live seminar where Michael revealed the truth about why people don't succeed, about how the Robot is holding everyone back.

And he shared his tools and techniques to "poke the Robot".

In the seminar Michael covered:
The seminar was a huge success and the participants' experienced massive shifts in their thinking. More importantly learned a skill that they will have for the rest of their life.

The ability to think for themselves - to change - to wake up to their true self - and to create a life of their choosing!

In fact the feedback was so good that we decided to release the recordings of the seminar in a home study pack…

Inside this exclusive home study program you'll receive 33 HD & 33 videos from the live 3 day workshop, 8 Mp3 audio assignments, PDF course workbook, immediate download access, and lifetime access to the course.
By the time you finish the program you will be able to make better decisions and changes easily, feel more confident and certain about your goals… and have clarity and an action plan for what you need to do in order to achieve them.

You will gain the ability to think for yourself... to create lasting change in just 5 easy steps:
  • 1. Identify what you really want
  • 2. Recognize when you are running autopilot programs stopping you from getting what you want

  • 3. Catch the Robot

  • 4. Plan the change... So it's practically inevitable
  • 5. Make the change happen. Change automated limiting programs and install new more useful ones. 
Here's A Sneak Preview Of
What You'll Discover On This Program
  • ​​How writing a "secret" list will completely transform your life and your thinking… this one list could change your life overnight!​​

  • Why following the ridiculous repetitive advice in personal development books will lock you into an endless loop of failure and frustration

  • How to quickly and easily cancel out "bad" thinking… and finally take control of your mind

  • What nearly all of Michael's famous celebrity clients are doing wrong and how you can "free" yourself from this limitation… you get to benefit from their mistakes and get results faster, quicker and easier.

  • Why 99% of all NLP, Personal Development and Hypnosis trainers totally miss the boat when it comes to the "unconscious" mind (Michael sets this right in the first hour of the program)

  • How completing the first assignment Michael gives on this program will increase the chances of you achieving your goals.

  • Make changes at an accelerated pace by quickly and easily "cancelling" out the emotional charge that comes with the stories (and lies) you keep telling yourself.

  • "Short Cut" thinking strategies you can learn to use immediately… no matter what situation you are in.

  • The secret questions you can ask yourself to create a massive shift in your thinking … and your life

  • Exactly how to identify autopilot programs and habits that have been holding you back and what to do instead.

  • Why it's important to use 3x5 cards when doing 'real' thinking…

  • The "secrets" to leveraging your worst experiences and problems to move you further and faster towards your goals… and how Michael used his failures to get to where he is today.

  • How just few small changes in your thinking can lead to exponential results in your life… it really doesn't take much at all to see big changes in every part of your life.

  • How to "reactivate" dead, forgotten and lost resources from your past… this is the fastest way to build up your confidence and belief in yourself.

  • The most overlooked "hidden" reason why most people don't get what they want… (Hint its got to do with what you say vs. what you actually do)

  • Watch as Michael "flushes" out the real reason people don't get what they want in the live active coaching 'hot seats'

  • Why you create stories and WHY you're afraid of verbalizing what you want… this one concept alone is worth the price of the entire program.

  • A proven and wildly effective way to "get out of your head" … a lot of people tell you that you need to get out of your head, but Michael actually shows you how to do this.

  • Why you really don't need to get over your mental block and limiting beliefs in order to get what you want… in fact Michael will demonstrate why there is no such thing as a mental block.

  • What a professor of mathematics can show you about identifying and magnifying all the advantages you have in your life… even the ones you have log forgotten about.

  • How Michael's 40 minute session on the Framing tool will help you interrogate every pattern, limiting belief and habit that is no longer serving you… in just a few minutes

  • 2 overlooked questions you can ask yourself that will almost magically open up new possibilities and opportunities… it works every single time you ask the questions.

  • How to avoid the "half-formed" goals disease (this is the main reason why most people never achieve their goals)… and a quick and easy way to ensure you always have enough clarity on your goals

  • Why you should never try to communicate with your unconscious and what to do instead
  • Why your fear of loss is stopping you from creating a life of your choosing…

  • A sneaky way to use your body to identify when you are running autopilot programs

  • A surprisingly easy way to make change a certainty. It has to do with making the "signal" value of your change stronger than the "signal" value of your BS story.

  • An almost fool proof way to ensure that you're the one programming your mind…and how to permanently put an end to being programmed by the media, your past and others around you.

  • The secret technique all successful people use to get things done… and how the personal development industry is stopping you form mastering this technique.

  • The one question to ask yourself that almost guarantees that you'll have a better future

  • And so much more !
How To Avoid Yet Another Year 
Of Defeat, Below Expected Results, 
And Failed Goals
By the end of this program I guarantee that you will be able to take charge of your life.

You will be able to easily identify and interrogate all your autopilot programs and habits that are holding you back…

You will literally choose what direction you want your life to go in…More money , better health, stronger relationships - its your choice.

Best of all, not only is this a permanent change - it's a generative change… meaning it automatically spreads and positively influences all other aspects of your life for the better.

When you apply the tools and thinking you learn on this program your life will never be the same. 
You will no longer be under the spell of the Robots outdated programs… blind to your true abilities. 

You will no longer be stuck with limitations programmed into you from others, without your knowledge! 

You will have the power of choice… you'll open up a world of possibilities… and you'll have the ability to decide what YOU want to do (not what you have been programmed to do) 

It worked for everyone on the live seminar and it will work for you.
Have A Look At What People Said
About The Course And Michael
Laurent Beretta, UK
It's an eye opening experience into the magic of the mind, the magic of our perceptions and how we can change them.
"Seeing and watching Michael in action is an experience I'll never forget. I went through a lot of seminars, read hundreds of books and there I was, stripped down to my core and instantly given the tools to rebuild myself: sowing and reaping at the same time as Michael put it.

It's very rare to access people of his intellectual stature and more than that, people so profoundly touching. I was deeply affected by what I learned (and went through!).

I smiled and cringed and laughed, listened and observed the beauty with which Michael enacted his psycho-surgery,  by always giving us more options to chose from and be responsible for.

I'm a different person. I've grown up all of a sudden! This is more than training, or personal development, or coaching.  It's an eye opening experience into the magic of the mind, the magic of our perceptions and how we can change them."
Damien Senn, UK
The course was brilliant... I left the training with a new level of clarity...
"The course was brilliant...I really enjoyed getting the time and space to analyse and observe my 'robot' from different angles.

The workshop helped me break through a couple of mental loops that I was getting stuck in whilst pursuing my own goals as well as working with others. I left the training with a new level of clarity as well as an expanded tool kit from which to create from."
Francesca Lubenko, UK
This course was absolutely excellent. ...quite simply, life-changing.
"This course was absolutely excellent.

I consider this course as so important that it is an absolute prerequisite for anyone self-employed, or who runs their own business; and for those who are employed who are frustrated at their level of focus, speed of progress and quantitative/qualitative output.

I recognise that it is not for the faint-hearted, but it is, quite simply, life-changing"
Andi Hall, UK
I feel I have some tools in my kit bag that I didn't have before, and some that I had, are sharper than ever.
"This course helped me change my thinking. My thinking is different. 

I can hear my story and so I stop it.

I am finding it easier to just get on and do things. I feel I have some tools in my kit bag that I didn't have before and some that I had are sharper than ever."
Paul McKenna
Best-selling Author & Celebrity Hypnotist
I recommend Michael very highly.
"Michael Breen is an extremely skilled trainer, very intelligent and very good humoured. 

Myself and Michael collaborated on many projects and we used to train together for years. He is one of the nicest people I have ever met.

I recommend him very highly." 
Helmut Jegust, DE
This is NLP revisited and updated in a powerful and nevertheless subtle way.
This is NLP revisited and updated in a powerful and nevertheless subtle way. 

Only a person with long experience and a clear and broad vision like Michael Breen could do that. And it is fun to learn it this way, simply great how Michael demonstrates his skills and you see and feel the results instantly.

So now is the time to abandon that infamous six step reframing crutch  for something far better and much, much more powerful!"
Steve Panter, UK
I have found myself doing far more work with greater involvement and getting great returns on time and effort.
"I didn't think that you could better Success Is A System but with Thinking For A Change I have found myself doing far more work with greater involvement and getting great returns on time and effort. Seeing my same behaviours in the delegate scenarios has also been valuable in guiding my focus to what changes I make first.

Thinking For A Change is another valuable addition to the NLPTimes library and I would not hesitate recommending it to anyone interested in this field of exploration."
Do You Really Want 
To Achieve More This Year?
Stop for a moment and think about this…

Are you on track to achieve every goal you want this year?

Did you do what you said you would… or more importantly did you do what you wanted to do?

If you didn't - you now know the reason why - The Robot took control ran its programs …and kept everything constant.

Now think about a year from today…

Where will you be a year from now - where do you want to be?

Will you still be struggling to be, do and have what you want?

Will you be attending yet another personal development course, blaming your values, your beliefs or some other 'label' created by the personal development industry.

Or worse will you be beating your self up and blaming people around you …maybe even people close to you.
If you want something different ... Now is the time to pay attention…
If you're serious about making a change… about improving your health, wealth, relationships, confidence - or any other area that's important to you… 

Then here's your solution - a program that teaches you how to think for yourself and create permanent change. 

How to identify when you are running autopilot programs that you don't even know about. 
How to stop those programs and decide on an action of your choice… an action that will take you that one step closer to what you want!

You will take control of your life.

And you will determine a new course for your life.

All through discovering how to 'Think For A Change!'

This is the real secret of getting what you want out of life - when you want it.

What's more…
You Risk Nothing And 
Have Everything To Gain
Participants on the live seminar paid $770 for this program and from the feedback we have received, and the results those participants got in their life - Michael really should have charged more.

Now naturally some of you may be thinking that you would have benefited from the ability to ask Michael questions in the live seminar …

Well for the first 40 people who buy this product I have a special bonus. Something we have never offered before and to be honest are unlikely to offer ever again. Lets just say you will be able to ask Michael and I your questions… 

But on the other hand…

If you're thinking that a recording of the seminar will not be as good as attending it live…
You would be wrong!
In fact, you'll probably learn faster, easier and better, by experiencing the home study course than if you were learning in person!

It may sound crazy, but it's absolutely true!

Let me explain why ...

If you attended the live seminar then you'd probably go home and forget parts of what you heard.

Ok, I know what your thinking - what's it going to cost?

So lets talk about price…

I'll be honest I struggled with how to price this - you see it's a high definition video recording of Michael's latest seminar with all his most up to date thinking on the mind and personal change… And he is really really good at what he does!
And, I'll let you in on a little secret here… when Michael or Richard Bandler for that matter work one on one with anyone… Its NEVER one on one! 

The people listening to the interaction gain just as much from the coaching - its one of the reasons why the audience members had huge shifts in their thinking… they listened in to lots of hot seats! 

So you see just by listening to the program and the hot seats you will experience shifts in your thinking and integrate the leanings much much faster… plus this is your opportunity to listen in on one of UKs Elite Executive Coaches doing what he does best.
So Let's Recap...
You get access to live video recordings of Michael Breen's latest seminar - Thinking For A Change - by then end of this program you will be able to easily recognize unwanted autopilot behaviors, effortlessly stop them and consciously choose what you want to do instead. This is the fastest and easiest way to make a lasting change in any aspect of your life.

If you were to buy these products separately you would pay close on $700.00 for the opportunity and you wouldn't get a recording of the breakthrough workshop...

...or enjoy the specifically recorded audios and assignment workshop made exclusively for the home study course.
However you won't have to pay $700.00, you can get the entire package for...
...just $495!
For this investment, YOU will receive recordings of the entire home study kit, which includes:
33 HD Videos From The Live 3 Day Workshop For Viewing On Your Smart TV or Large Monitor
51 Page Tailor Made Action Workbook (PDF)
33 SD Videos From The Live 3 Day Workshop To Playback On your smartphone or tablet
Lifetime access to the course
8 MP3 Audio Assignments 
Recorded Specifically For The Home Study Version of the course
Immediately downloadable
 Grab Your Copy For


Just $495
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100% 30-Day Money Back Guarantee
If you purchase Thinking For A Change today, I will also offer you my 30 Day Money Back Guarantee… 

This means that you take no risk whatsoever.

If you go through the program and do the assignments and still don't benefit from the program or feel a shift in your thinking …

Just contact me and I'll refund you the full amount right there and then.

So you see you really have nothing to lose and everything to gain!

To your success,


P.S. Current research estimates that as much as 60% of our lives happen on auto-pilot - habituated responses - under the control of the Robot. Your Robot is making decisions without your awareness. It does this for everyone. (Unless you know who to get in and change it.)

In fact, most people walk around completely oblivious to the impact the Robot has on their life. Stopping them from creating the success they want. Year after year things frustratingly stay the same. They rarely know why (or what to do about it). They just know that they aren't making the progress they are capable of. Decisions are deferred. There is lots of procrastination, hesitancy and things don't get any better no matter what they try. Don't let this settling for what is, for less, happen to you.

Order today and discover how to take back control.

Michael will teach you how to hack the Robot and make it your powerful servant, like he has done for so many others. Once you have followed the simple 5 step process outlined in the course, your you'll quickly see your life get better and better without no extra effort at all.

You suddenly find yourself doing what you say you would, without trying to force yourself or use willpower. You simply start achieving bigger and bigger results. You start enjoying more fruits for your efforts. How valuable is that result for you? Are you willing to invest a small amount today to enjoy a lifetime of life enhancing benefits.

PPS. Remember that the method taught in this course has been proven by Michael, over his 30 years of coaching and training 80,000 people, to be the quickest and most powerful way we know of creating lasting change … and I’m so confident about Thinking for A Change that I'm letting you try out the program for a full 30 days… if it doesn’t rock your world I’ll give you your money back. Order here and start right away.

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