“What you’ve learned is a bunch of phrases and techniques and called it ‘hypnosis’… but you can’t use them beyond the prescriptive formulas…”
Revealed! — The “Top Down Communication Method” That Will Shoot You Past Outdated Language Patterns, Tools & Techniques… 
…To A Fully Integrated Change Model That Gets You Using Language 
Masterfully To Create Change Within Normal Everyday Conversations.
Dear Reader,

Did you know that every week we have many frustrated and disheartened NLP and hypnosis students email us to complain?

They come from all backgrounds, professions and training schools looking to us to give them answers after they have exhausted traditional training routes.

Practitioners, Master Pracs and even Trainers that want to know the real secrets to using language masterfully, who lack the knowledge, confidence and certainty to use language elegantly to create change… despite all the money and time, they have spent on training courses.  

Students that want to feel rock-solid confident in their ability to ask great questions, shift minds in a snap and create silky smooth suggestions during ordinary everyday conversations.

In essence, they want to know how they can learn to use language powerfully in any situation, to create experiences that elevate and transform...
Students that want to know with absolute certainty that people will follow their suggestions and that the change work they do is fast and will last.

People that want to know how to communicate powerfully, with precision and know their language will have an IMPACT.

Whether they are doing one-to-one work, communicating to a colleague or presenting in front of an audience.

After talking to hundreds and hundreds of these NLP and Hypnosis students, here is what I have worked out…

There are two very specific reasons why people lack the skills and confidence to use language powerfully and why so much change and influencing work falls flat on it's face…

(1) Much of what passes for 'NLP and Hypnosis training' today is outdated 

(2) You have been taught things in the wrong order - from the bottom up and not from the top down… 
 Why Everyone’s Wrong About Hypnotic Rituals, 
Memorized Patterns, “The Hypnotic Voice”
And Other Outdated Tools...
For starters, most hypnosis trainers still teach people to use inductions, deepeners, hypnotic protocols and the hypnotic voice as essential to creating lasting change….

(In fact, I don’t think that you will find a single course that shows you how to achieve hypnotic trance phenomena with eyes open).

Even worse, conversational hypnosis training requires you to memorise scripts and language patterns!
Making you think the power is in some magic script or words.

That is exactly why you don’t have the confidence.

That’s exactly why ‘those trainers’ say that not everyone can be hypnotised.

That’s exactly why they believe there is an unconscious mind that you have to talk to.

Because they are teaching you to just throw a memorised set of techniques and language patterns at people and hope that they stick. 
HOPING Your  Hypnotic Suggestions Will Work Is Not A Wise Strategy!
 Secondly, instead of learning from the top down, you have been taught from the bottom up! 
This means that it is first necessary to understand the brain and how it works.

The next step is to master the structure of language and its effect on the brain.

Finally you need to put it all together in order to create change.

But that’s not what you’ve been taught. Instead, you have been taught from the bottom up. 
You were taught a series of memorised patterns and phrases and a sequence to use.  However, you didn’t have any real understanding of what lies behind these patterns – including how they work and why they work.

This method may work occasionally.
However, the problem is that this bottom-up process misses key steps AND the understanding required to CONSISTENTLY create magical change.
The main reason you’re missing these steps is because it is part of the Top Down way of creating change.

A method most schools and courses don’t teach (or don’t know).

As far as I can tell, only Michael Breen shows you …
 The 3 Step “Top Down Method” To Become A Master Change Agent, Create Communication Magic… AND Direct And Influence People At Will!

To become a master change agent requires you to master 3 specific things:

  • First, you need to be able to read your clients minds and map out their model of the world (Skill With The Framing Tool)
  • Second, you then need to be able to shift their frame of reference until they find a solution that works for them. (Advanced Meta Model Skills)
  • Finally, you then need to be able to use your language and coaching skills to set them up for success. (Understanding Structure Behind Hypnotic language)
This is exactly what you will learn from Michael's new training program.
Through a video recording of a live seminar, you will see how Michael helped coaches, consultants and therapists master the ability to make fast, effective and permanent changes… Through what looks like everyday normal conversations.

Through the professionally recorded Q&A sessions where I interrogate Michael - you will then gain more in-depth insights into the framing tool, the Meta model and the power of suggestion. This is more than we have ever shared before.
No other program or training course in the market covers this level of detail on the structure of language, how the brain works, mental models of the world and the power of suggestion.

No other program provides you with a 3 step change process. 

AND the reason no other program can teach you this is because it’s a model Michael Breen has created and refined over decades.
A model he has never shared before and a model only he can teach you.  But more importantly - a model that is guaranteed to work.

In fact, you’ll start seeing results as soon as you apply the concepts covered on this training.  And the more you practice and do the exercises in the course… the easier, more elegant and more effortless your change work will become.

This is because, for the first time you will finally get a detailed understanding of how the power of questions, the Meta Model, Hypnotic Suggestion and Michael's Proprietary Framing Tool work together to influence and change others.

Without this understanding - creating magical and consistent change work is just not possible.

The reason why no one else knows this 3 Step Top-Down Method is that Michael was forced to create it.

“He Had No Choice But To Get The Results Of Hypnosis Through Normal Everyday Conversations”

Let me ask you a question…have you ever heard these statements before?

“But you can’t use hypnosis in a corporate setting”… 

“The thing is, not everyone can be hypnotized”…

“You have to talk to the unconscious mind”? 

These are the LIES that Michael Breen is sick of hearing!

For over three decades, Michael has used hypnosis in the corporate environment as a coach to CEO’s.  And as a world-renowned consultant and trainer.
In over 30 years, Michael hasn’t yet come across someone that he can’t hypnotise.

And he NEVER uses traditional outdated hypnotic rituals like scripts, patterns, and ‘the hypnotic voice’.  Or even a closed eye processes. 

All of his change work is done through normal everyday conversation with eyes wide open. 

In most cases, the change work is completed before the actual session even starts!  The work is done as they walk to a coffee shop or during the introductory chat. 

However, it wasn’t always like that.

You see, Michael had no choice when he started - he made his living in the business world.  A world of fortune 500 CEO’s. 

People with limited time and a need for quick results. 

People that would not sit there and go through a long-winded hypnosis session - in the middle of their ‘fish bowl’ office. 
To survive he had to get the results of hypnosis through normal everyday conversations.
He did it so well that Michael is now one of only 30 elite coaches in the UK!

A group that are so good  - they are trusted to work only with top executive leaders…

So just how did Michael go from the outdated hypnosis training to becoming a linguistic wizard? 

He did this through months and months of what he calls - radical subtraction modeling (RSM).

RSM involves slowly and methodically taking away each individual aspect of the hypnotic ritual and testing what would happen.

He removed outdated rituals and hypnotic scripts and still got results.

He removed language patterns and the hypnotic voice and still got results. 
He worked out what was THE MINIMUM required to get the results of hypnosis without any of the rituals... and in any environment!
Eventually, he was able to work out the pure underlying structure of hypnosis.

But, he worked out a lot more than that…

He developed an insight into how people communicate with themselves.

And the ability to use this to effortlessly create change!

This is what allowed Michael to Hack Hypnotic Change Work!

The results of this Radical Subtraction Modeling are all revealed in this new course. A course that shows you… 
A New Way Of Combining The Meta Model 
With The Power Of Suggestion… 
To Elegantly Direct People's Thoughts...

The idea behind this new training all started with an email…

An email that arrived late on a Friday afternoon… BUT had Michael working through the weekend.

One of Michael’s students had sent him an email and a challenge.

The email itself was fairly simple but ended with one line  -

“Can you make me a Hypnotic Language Ninja?”
This was the challenge Michael undertook.  Could he create a course that would make his student - and any other student a ‘hypnotic language ninja’?

A course that did away with the outdated hypnotic protocol. 

That finally integrated the learning of his Top-Down Method and Radical Subtraction Modelling to create effortless change in normal everyday conversations.
The ability to create magical change - without having a therapy or counseling session.

A course that didn’t give you any memorised patterns or tools  - but truly developed a strong foundational Top Down understanding.

A program for people to take their skills to next level…For people who know that they haven’t got it all yet and that know there are pieces missing.

A training that finally integrates the NLP model so that you can think with it, create with it and change with it.

An advanced training designed to make you a master of change.

A training that will up-skill your ability to use language to change, influence and persuade.

A training that will finally fill in the gaps that outdated hypnosis and NLP trainings don’t cover (or don’t know).
A training that delivers Michael's latest insights on the brain, communication and language.

A Fully Integrated Change Model That Allows You
To Create Elegant And Effortless Change
During Normal Everyday Conversations
Instantly downloadable online
A total of over 10 hours of 
life transforming training
28 HD videos of the live 
2-day workshop 
Including a 53 page 
PDF Training Manual
28 SD videos for easy playback
on smartphone or tablet
Along with 13 bespoke training 
exercises (33 pages in total)
On This Advanced Training You Will 
Master Insights Such As…
  • The Secret to true Communication Magic – it involves doing the complete opposite of what most hypnotists and NLP’ers are taught

  • Why you need to get past memorised patterns and tools if you ever want to become a master of change

  • How to develop Ninja like elegance and simplicity  - the ability get in and out of peoples minds without being noticed

  • Why believing in an unconscious mind may actually limit you from becoming a great hypnotist

  • How to use the structures and patterns of ordinary conversations to direct people’s thoughts

  • How Michael used Radical Subtraction Modeling to identify the underlying structure of suggestions and hypnosis

  • An easy to apply method Michael uses to ingrain his learning into muscle memory.  You can use this to make hypnotic language an automatic natural part of your communication

  • How to use NLP Goal setting principles to enhance and accelerate your linguistic wizardry skills

  • The only way to train your brain to become twice as good
  • The unique and little known Sherlock Holmes Hypnosis Formula. Master the ability to ask hypnotic questions that change people
  • How Michael gets his mentees to accelerate their learning by watching more TV!

  • How to build a state of belief and certainty that your client will accept your suggestion

  • How Michael used face reading to chose what language to use

  • The real reason why weak trainers say not everyone can be hypnotised and why this is a complete LIE

  • The insiders secret you need to know to change someone’s life with just one question

  • How Michael can take the least likely technique to work in any situation and still deliver amazing results.

  • Michael takes you thorough how he resolved a debilitating phobia of flying with just a simple conversation
  • Advanced insights into the Meta Model never shared before

  • Michael's favourite exercise to master the Meta Model

  • What really happened when Michael flipped the Meta Model upside down. And how it helped him become an elite coach and change consultant

  • The secrets of the Framing Tool to almost magically read people's minds …that will change how you work with clients forever
  • The most in-depth Q&A Michael has ever done on the Meta model. He explains the underlying structure of language, the brain and human communication

  • How to quickly pattern your client's model of the world...

  • How and when to elegantly use convincers in your language
  • What you need to do to become a hypnotic pattern maker

  • Michael's video camera exercise to master time and space predicates

  • How to use tone and non-verbals to ensure people follow you

  • Watch Michael live as he coaches audience members using the 3 step hypnotic language ninja skills

  • The Ultimate Formula for creating suggestions that stick and influence

  • How to construct suggestions and test that they are working during a normal conversation

  • The real reason why people like Michael Breen (and Richard Bandler) succeed in changing their clients
And So Much More...

What Customers Say About Using Hypnotic Language Like A Ninja & Training With Michael Breen

"I'm solving problems with an almost lightning like efficiency."
I own the majority of NLP times products and I feel that this material is the missing link in my understanding of the rest.
My questioning ability has jumped to a whole new level. I'm solving problems with an almost lightning like efficiency.
I'm very happy with Using Hypnotic Language Like A Ninja - Get It!"
Jamie Beaumont, UK
“My Perspective … Has Changed Extremely. I recommend this course to everybody… it’s an Amazing Program”
"Through Using Hypnotic Language Like A Ninja, my perspective on what NLP Trainers are doing has changed extremely. 
Before I did this course, I thought what really good trainers are doing is magic and it is not possible for me to get that good. Now I think it is possible to also become a master in using language and it is “relatively” easy to apply the concepts in everyday life. The course motivates me to do the assignments because I know this helps me to increase my skills tremendously.

After doing this course, the splitted information I got in my NLP trainings evolved to a big picture and now I have the feeling, that it is possible to become a master with language. 
Through the information, my knowledge about the processes behind language increased and I am more motivated than ever before to do assignments for improving my skills.
I really liked the presentation about convincers and time & space predicates, because in these videos there is information I never heard before in my "normal" NLP trainings.
Michael gives so many different examples of how to use the tools and explains, how they work, and what stands behind them.
For me, this structured approach, that is integrating and expanding the different models of NLP, is the best I have seen for learning the skills and I am sure if I would have started with Michael Breen in learning NLP my skills would have evolved much faster.
Because of this, I recommend this course to everybody who wants to get really good in using language and who wants to increase his skills tremendously.
Thank you, Michael and Tom, for sharing this amazing program!"
 Steffen Block, Germany 
“I find Michael's trainings the best thought out, the easiest to follow, that brought about the greatest increase in skills”
“I have trained with many of the big names in NLP, and I find Michael's trainings the best thought out, the easiest to follow, and, for me, the trainings that brought about the greatest increase in skills. 

Michael doesn't just teach techniques, he teaches the structure, and that has allowed me to move beyond just techniques." 
Al Konigsfeld, USA
“Amazingly well laid out... Very inspiring... I'm getting much faster results..."
"Thank you soooo much for putting out such great quality programs and expanding the depth and detail of how we can become better with this technology!!!! 
I would recommend this program to anybody who's serious about understanding how the brain and language works to create rapid and powerful changes.
Amazingly well laid out from big chunks to small and with lots and lots of examples and interactions with participants to see the level of mastery Michael has with the tools. 
It has given me new ways of using all the material I already had as well as understanding better and in more detail what I'm doing and Why!!!
Very inspiring. 
I'm getting much faster results dealing with creating change with my self and other people and a more clear idea of what to do and how to do it.
I really enjoyed all the detailed information with regards to The Frame of Reference and the Meta Model and all the other material presented... along with the many interactions with the members of the audience, and then showing and explaining what Michael is doing and how he's doing it. That was very helpful.
 Thank you sooooo much for the amazing effort you have put into creating such a great product." 
David Barcos, Spain
Training with Michael has been an eye-opener, 100%.
"I've trained with lots of people, Dr. Richard Bandler, John LaValle, Eric Robbie, Gabe Guerrero and others.

Training with Michael has been an experience I've not found anywhere else. He doesn't copy other people. He comes with his own material which is very refreshing.

I'm running so many different projects and I used to get stuck in the menial, or feel overwhelmed/stuck. Task Decomposition has enabled me to make strategic decisions, to break down everything without feeling daunted.

It's enabled me to see the bigger picture AND the details at the same time."

Abdel Mussa, UK
“No More Wresting With The Client… It Has Changed A Lot In My Life.” 
I am very happy with Using Hypnotic Language Like A Ninja. 

I most enjoyed Michael developing the Framing Tool (for generating suggestions) and how he demonstrates … many different contexts. No more wrestling with the client!
Michael shows you how. Now I see myself using hypnotic language much more and better than before.

I am getting much more patient talking with people. More at ease, calmer and more with humor. Already I’ve begun asking questions more easily. Being more humorous… This is great!!! It has… changed a lot in my life.” 
Helmut Jegust, Germany
Having a greater understanding of language will really make a difference in achieving my clients' outcome. [That’s why] I selected this training… Very Useful”
"I selected this training as it has become increasingly obvious to me in my coaching that having a greater understanding of language will really make a difference in achieving my clients' outcomes.  Previously I have struggled to get a handle on the Meta Model and Milton, and this training is definitely assisting me with this.
I enjoyed the different way to look at coaching a clients' problem. I have not finished this training yet, there is a lot of content. (not a 'bad' thing!).  I am working my way through each video. I am looking forward to implementing the key learnings from this training in my coaching practice as well as in the sales process for my business. 
 So far the concept of shifting the frame of reference step by step will be very useful.  Also the pressure is off to apply "the models" perfectly every time!" 
Judy, Australia
I've learned more from him [Michael] than anyone else... 
"I really enjoy the practicality of Michael's teachings. 

The way he illustrates them, he's very entertaining. I've learned more from him than anyone else, and I have had a lot of training!"

Michael Miller, USA
Michael is an extremely skilled trainer, very intelligent and very good humored.
Michael Breen is an excellent trainer.

Myself and Michael collaborated on many projects and we used to train together for years. Michael is an extremely skilled trainer, very intelligent and very good humored. I recommend him very highly.”

Paul McKenna, Hypnotist & TV Presenter
“A MUST HAVE course!!! … Super Fun!” 
"Interested in helping yourself and others ethically?

Using Hypnotic Language Like a Ninja is a MUST HAVE course!!!

Thanks to Mr. Breen's presenting style, laughing and learning is super fun!" 
Chris Simpson, France
With all this great feedback, you’d be forgiven for thinking this is a course about hypnosis. Before I watched the training I thought it might be too… 
BUT! This is Not A Course About Hypnosis… 
This is really a course about becoming a remarkably effective communicator. To go beyond hypnosis and hypnotic rituals as you know them.

Where you can use the hypnotic protocol without any overt sign of traditional trace.

So if you are looking to memorise a set of language patterns and techniques - this is not for you…
In fact, if you are looking to learn any of the traditional NLP and Hypnosis tools, techniques or patterns  - you will not get that.

This is a course about the mind.

This is a course about language and structure.

It’s a course about how to move and shift people’s frames of reference… with just your words.

It’s about filling in the gaps from your outdated training in NLP and Hypnosis.

It’s about creating change, persuading and influencing.  Helping people open their minds through a deeper understanding of how they communicate with themselves! 

It’s about the pure structure of change and hypnosis. What’s left after months and months of radical subtraction modeling. 
Because the secret to doing change work.  The secret to how people like Michael Breen and Richard Bandler can get almost miraculous results…

…is NEVER in the language patterns. 
Its not even in the tools and techniques they use

The secret to getting world-class results… 

The secret to never having a client you can’t help… 

The secret to almost magical results always happens BEFORE YOU USE THE TOOLS.

The real reason Michael can create change without overt hypnotic protocols and without traditional tools and techniques is because he spends most of his time on steps 1 and 2;

(1)Understanding the clients model of the world
(2)Shifting their frame of reference

Once you have done that  - creating the change is easy!

And that’s what this course is about. Increasing your ability to use your words to enter the clients’ model of the world. Shifting their frame of reference to find a solution that works. And then locking in the changes with hypnotic suggestion.

This is the real skill set of a hypnotic language ninja.
The ability to get the results of hypnosis through a normal everyday conversation!

And this is the only place you can learn how to do this.
Is The Most Advanced Training On 
Suggestion And Influence That Exists Today!
As a coach, hypnotist or change agent your clients are placing their trust in you.  They are looking to you to help them.  To improve their lives. To help them move past their limitations.

It is only right that you do the best you can to help them. 

If you are going to commit your career to changing people’s lives, then you owe it to yourself and to your clients to get the highest and best results possible.

I would go so far as to say that you should NEVER accept anything but the highest and best results for your client.  

This is what Richard Bandler means when he says, “You will change or I’ll die trying.” 

This is the philosophy that Michael has built his career on and is the reason why he created this course.
Hypnotic Language Ninja is over 10 hours of video training and exercises to up skill your abilities to help your clients change.

It is based on the three steps that Michael has used with CEO’s, celebrities and the thousands of people attending his seminars.

The key principle is that you cannot create effortless change without first understanding the client’s model of the world. You cannot create elegant change without first helping them come up with a solution that works for them.

It’s only after this Top-Down ‘pre-work’, that you should use your ‘toolkit’.

And this training program takes you through everything you need to know to create this kind of effortless change and influence.
By the end of this course, you will be a much more powerful communicator. You will be a hypnotic pattern maker and more importantly a better coach, therapist or trainer.

Someone who delivers the best possible results for every single client.  A true practitioner who delivers results anytime, anywhere and with anyone that asks. 

Someone who has moved past tools, memorised phrases and other gimmicks to a true in-depth understanding of how change works.
But That’s Not All... You Are Also Going To
Receive FREE, An Exclusive Q&A Masterclass…
Digital Download
Exclusive Q&A Live Recordings with Michael Breen
You’ll also receive over two hours of in depth and highly practical Question and Answer recordings from a live event Michael Breen and I did with the first 100 people who bought Using Hypnotic Language Like A Ninja, where the most common questions from the training program have been answered.

This is your chance to really master the skill of the Hypnotic Language Ninja. Anything you are students were unsure of or wanted more information on - Michael covered in detail on this call.
Your Investment
If you act fast, you can become one of an elite group of Hypnotic Ninja communicators, who are finding better and more elegant ways to create change conversationally.

When you order today you’ll receive… 
  • Michael Breen’s very latest and most advanced training on the mind, language influence and change all packed into the Hypnotic Language Ninja training 
  • Along with immediate access to the exclusive Q&A bonus where Michael shares additional insights, tips and strategies on Using Hypnotic Language Like A Ninja 
You could easily drop $10K on trainings and programs along with investing years of practice and trial and error to try and learn these skills.

Remember Michael Breen has invested well over $100,000 in his own training when he started out and decades of practice.  
However, I’m not going to ask you to pay anything like...


Or even...


You can get the entire home study course for just...
You’ll get immediate  access to the course right away.

Can watch it anytime you want and learn these life and career enhancing skills at your own pace.

And you won’t have to invest the 3 decades Michael Breen has, the tens of thousands of hours he has tirelessly researched and tested this material on with real people and hundreds of students from all around the world…

… to figure out precisely what YOU need to know to become a Hypnotic Language Ninja…

… how to organise what he discovered in to a simple system that teaches you how to use ordinary ‘everyday language’ to transform lives

… using his foolproof method and integrated change model

A model that fully integrates the best of NLP and hypnosis, without the unnecessary rituals.

A model that fills in the gaps that outdated hypnosis and NLP trainings don’t cover (or don’t know).

The stuff expert change agents know.

That will allow YOU to change lives and minds with ease.

Where you become silky smooth with language - a wizard at giving suggestions that trigger action. Finally, adept at doing elegant conversational change.

Skills you can use for the rest of your life with everyone.

And best of all – anywhere.

And to show you how confident I am with this product I’m going to completely take away any risk from you.

Because when you order today your investment is backed up with our ironclad...
 Frequently Asked Questions
You may click on each question to view the answers.
OK, if you’ve read this I want you to know I am really proud of this course. For the last few years, NLP Times have been at the cutting edge - releasing training programs that really deliver and help our students move to excel in their skill set.

Using Hypnotic Language Like A Ninja is a special training.

It’s one of our best programs yet. 

It will change the way you do conversational change and hypnosis work forever.

In fact, people won’t even recognize it as hypnosis, you’ll be so stealthy and Ninja-like with a powerful command of language and suggestions.

With skills that are truly next level…

You’ll finally have the tools and the structural thinking so you can change and improve the lives of thousands of people, should you wish.

So what are you waiting for?

Order your copy today.

Because this special offer at our best ever price - is only available for a very short time... 
An UNBEATABLE Guarantee:
Try 'Using Hypnotic Language 

Like A Ninja' for a full 30-days, 
100% risk-free
To completely take away any risk from you I am also going to give you a 30-day - Hassle Free - Money Back Guarantee. 

If for any reason whatsoever, you don’t like the program or you don’t think you got value from it  - within 30 days – you can send me an email and I will give you a full refund.
So you risk nothing –buy the program, watch all the videos and try out the exercises.  As long as its within 30 days, you can claim a full refund if you don’t think we have delivered!

That’s how confident I am in the power of this material!

You are just moments away from transforming your change and intervention skills forever. To order click the 'Grab Your Copy' button below.
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    So I Can Become A Hypnotic Ninja; Skilled In Doing Elegant Conversational Change Work, Crafting Suggestions And Using Language Masterfully To Create Change Entirely Conversationally!” 
I understand that if I buy Using Hypnotic Language Like A Ninja today I get:
  • 28 HD videos of the live 2-day workshop in mp4 format

  • 28 SD videos for easy playback on smartphone or tablet

  • 53 page PDF Training Manual

  • 13 training exercises (33 pages in total)

  • A total of over 10 hours of life transforming training
  • Exclusive Q&A Recording with Michael Breen

  • Immediate Lifetime access to the program

Just $495!
To Your Success,

P.S. If you have ever felt like something was missing. If you have ever wondered how Michael Breen and Richard Bander are able to achieve the results they do.  Then this is the program for you.  Everything you need to know use language masterfully and create silky smooth suggestions for changing people's lives and minds is here.
Get Using Hypnotic Language Like A Ninja 
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