Mastering Conversational
Change Work
Learn one of the most valuable skills in NLP from the comfort of your home... 
 Discover The Secrets To Mastering Conversational Change Using NLP... So You Can Easily Create Elegant, Effortless Change... And Have More People Say "YES" To You More Often... Guaranteed!
You'll be taken through a step-by step system on how to
change people's mind, how to think,and what beliefs to hold, and even
what mistakes to avoid when doing conversational change work,
so that your change processes flow naturally and easily...
Dear Friend,

I would like you to imagine someone you've always have a difficult time persuading. That no matter what you say or do, that person seems to reject your ideas. It seems like their mind is fixed, full of limiting beliefs, and reasons why, what you're saying, can't happen.


Imagine being able to change that person's mind, transform their limiting beliefs, and even wire up new behaviours. And best of all, being able to do this without the other person being aware of it.

This is one of the most valuable yet LEAST taught skills in the all of NLP.

Mastering Conversational Change.

There are many courses that claim to teach you conversational change. It's often presented as some type of magic bullet technique.

Or in NLP, it frequently goes under the name of "sleight of mouth patterns", that can be used to change people's minds.

But here's the problem...

Many students, practitioners, even master practitioners and coaches, people who are talented and skilled have a difficult time doing conversational change work.

And here's why...
The Way Conversational Change Is Taught In NLP Is Flat Out Wrong 
Yes, it's true.

Many NLP students end up wishing they knew how to use NLP naturally and subtly in conversational contexts.

And if you are like many NLP students, it's frustrating...

You've invested a lot of time and money and aren't able to use the technology conversationally and covertly in the contexts that you want.
Perhaps you have the situation where you would like to encourage a friend or a family member to:
Make A Change 
Live A Healthier Lifestyle
Break Limiting Beliefs
Overcome A Challenge
Get Motivated
Act On Your Ideas & Suggestions
But... After Trying And Failing 
Over & Over, You Give Up
This is the most common road block many NLPers face.

You know you'd like to help. But you're tired of feeling like you're hitting your head against a brick wall. It's often a thankless job.

And sometimes, perhaps, friends and family has teased you that they don't want to be "NLP'ed" on.
And that's not right.
Your passion and willingness to help others deserves more respect.
In work context perhaps you'd like to have your manager accept your ideas and support your initiatives more often.
But you haven't figured out a way to make that really happen. You've heard about meta-programs and decision strategies but have no real clue about how they work... on your boss.
AND So Opportunities Pass You By...
And you pay the consequences again and again of being unable to influence those key people who have a big impact on your life.

On your boss... on your clients... on your loved ones.

And that sucks.

You paid good money to learn NLP and you were hoping, even expecting, that the toolset would help you deliver the skills to be able to influence others conversationally and beyond the basics of rapport and mirroring.
As a Coach, perhaps you'd like to help your clients change their behaviour in a conversational context, do key things that would benefit them, help them become motivated, feel happier, take a leap toward that goal that they want...
Or maybe you'd like to have those "stuck" prospects to see why coaching with you is right for them and sign up.

The list of applications one can use NLP conversationally to help their life and the lives of others is nearly endless. 
And The Truth Is... 
It's NOT Your Fault.
No one took you behind the magic curtain and showed you how the technology of NLP works from a conversational context.
Not until 2019...
You see there are a lot of difference between how an Amateur conversational change person vs Skilled conversational artist works and how to use the toolset of NLP well.

Here's how you'd be able to tell the difference...
Amateur vs. Skilled
Amateur Conversational Change Person
Relies on force. Uses "games" and try to get the person to change. 
Talks more than listens. Acts without structure and clear MOD. 
Thinks they are there to "do" NLP on the other person.
Knows canned language patterns and variations of SOM patterns.
When in fails, he thinks the other person is "stupid", "resistant", "not motivated". 
Relies on canned patterns and scripted techniques.                                 
Skilled Conversational Change Person
Relies on pull, create a path, guides the person through it. Respect boundaries. 
Is clear about their function and intent. Works fast, constantly calibrating. 
Operates from within their MOD and uses their structures. 
Skilled with key chunks of NLP, understands relationship between toolset, and is skilled at moving between them.
Takes responsibility. Operates from and internalizes the key presuppositions of change.
Creates intervention on the fly, translates techniques for C. Contexts.
Now that you've identified the difference between a skilled and amateur conversational change person, the next challenge is, how do you apply the toolset in NLP so that you can become a skilled NLPer who can create elegant and conversational change work to others who need it?
The Answers Are Covered 
Inside A Masterclass Training:
That is based on nearly 3 decades of field testing and refining an NLP experts approach to conversational change work that has been used extensively in business, coaching consulting, hypnosis and one to one change contexts. 
That finally teaches you what true experts use and how they employ the technology of NLP for conversational contexts. 
That makes you learn the key mindset, game rules and discover what are the basic tools and approaches to get good with and what to AVOID doing so you never leave someone feeling "NLPeeed on" or resistant to your change work. 
So what is this training called?
It's called...
Mastering Conversational Change With NLP
What You'll Learn
Learn Mastering Conversational Change directly from Michael Breen, one of the industry's most well respected NLP Master Trainers. 
Discover the fundamentals of what creating change is all about and what you are looking to do both neurologically and with the toolset so you can be clear on what you are trying to do 
What is the first task you MUST do if you want to get results ( most ineffective change agents aren't aware of this critical step but you will be) 
Learn two of the most important presuppositions in NLP that play a central role in a great change work- without which you are destined to hitting a "brick wall" and would likely fail to become a really great change agent 
Find out what is the attitude of beliefs that an expert change agent holds that make him/her way more effective than others who easily get stopped 
Learn how the law of state intensity and variety effect the behaviour of others and why you will want to become skilled at both 
Hear Michael's take on how to approach change work when dealing with family and friends so that it works well more of the time - the insights he shares here will save you countless years of pushing a change and creating unnecessary (and unwanted) tensions with loved ones
Discover the pit falls that most novice conversational change agents make with friends and family that result in their attempts to create change bounce back and create resistance and aggression from others 
Learn about the two game rules for working with family that when applied will make a dramatic difference to your effectiveness 
Find out the minimum things that Michael recommends you should know (yet most people don't) before doing in an intervention and that when present will significantly increase your ability to do elegant change work 
Learn about the importance of contracting in any kind of change work so you don't peeve people off
Discover which four NLP models Michael recommends you become skilled with if you want to do elegant change work (note- when you master these all the conversational techniques work becomes much easier also) 
Learn the critical role of feedback and what you are tracking when doing conversational change work that most people miss and so end up lost and not knowing what to do next 
Find out the "secret sauce" behind how it's possible to generate ALL of the Sleight of Mouth patterns in NLP from the Meta Model & Michael's Framing Tool
Most NLPers treat the sleight of mouth patterns as distinct and separate model to master, yet Michael demonstrates that it doesn't need to be and shares several examples of how to generate SOM on the fly using the Meta Model & Framing Tool. (When you understand the magic behind this, the rest of the toolset open itself up to you.) 
Discover why rapport is not a verb and in how traditional thinking about creating rapport is often all wrong. 
Learn a powerful way in which you can have another person project empathy onto you 
Hear Michael take out the yellow highlighter and explain consciously how you use the toolset differently when doing conversational change to evoke resources vs. using overt techniques 
Next we take a look at the process for translating overt techniques to conversational topics and learn how to swish pattern works and how you can do this powerful technique conversationally. 
You'll hear Michael walk you through what questions to ask and what you need to know to translate any technique into a conversational context. (This is the exact same process Michael used when transforming the major techniques of NLP for use in conversational contexts)
Plus much more... 
What You'll Receive 
When You Join
With Lifetime Access... Help is There When You Need It.
Ninety minute masterclass tele-seminar training on Mastering Conversational Change With NLP 
Five professionally edited MP3 tracks for immediate download
Fiftly-nine page word for word pdf transcript so you can highlight key areas that Michael shares in this course
Benefit from all the knowledge and insights of nearly 3 decades of experience that Michael has in applying and using the technology 
Meet Michael Breen 
One  of the industry's most well respected
Executive Coaches and Master NLP Trainers
This exclusive training is taught by a world-class master NLP trainer and celebrity coach Michael Breen. Michael has:
  • Over 30 years experience teaching NLP around the world
  • NLP Master DHE Trainer and Master Hypnotist
  • Co‚Äźfounded largest NLP training school in the world 
  • For 10 years co-ran workshops with Dr. Richard Bandler & Paul McKenna
  • Is an expert at behavioral change
  • Management consultant to numerous Fortune 100 companies
  • Created the first business NLP practitioner in the UK
  • Is one of Europe's leading executive coaches
  • And is known for teaching NLP in a way that makes it very easy to apply
  • Has taught over 80,000 students
Read What Our Customers
Have To Say
Mastering Conversational Change
"What I love about Mastering Conversational Change is that the amount of information I got from this program is dense. I don't have to sit through a bunch of "what hypnosis isn't".

I use this material in "small chunks" in my job, so the covert stuff is most useful for me. Thanks!"

- Jim Hefling 
"Sometime in the mid-nineteen-nineties, I signed up for an hypnosis seminar with Richard Bandler.

As you may imagine, my expectations were rather high. After about an hour's delay, Richard's people announced that he wouldn't be giving the seminar. He did have a valid excuse; he was in a diabetic coma.

By that afternoon, a substitute had been arranged -- Michael Breen. For the next three days, Michael, with no preparation other than whatever resources he carries around with him, gave us a training in NLP hypnosis that was worthy of a Richard Bandler seminar."

- Larry, USA
"I enjoyed how well the content was put in a broader context.

I have gained a much deeper understandning of How to do NLP instead of concepts stacked on top of each other from PANC and the other trainings from NLP Times. Everything is put into context and put back into behavioral terms of the purpose of doing them instead of the old technique-jargon. I have gotten a lot better results thanks to the work of Michael Breen and so have my participants on the trainings I do.

Thank you!"

- Patrick Fordell, NLP Trainer, Sweden
"This session, in just a short while, cleared up my remaining confusion around sleight of mouth.

I now have a picture of the overall framework within which it sits, and how to 'rethink' a client's frame using the Framing Tool to direct the thinking process, and for chunk size and direction; and how sleight of mouth is a functional process that sits squarely within the Meta Model.

Blimey! Who'd have think it... Really great stuff!"

- Francesca Lubenko, UK
"I enjoyed the whole topic. I think Mastering Conversational Change is a fascinating topic...

What I like best about NLP Times is that Michael and Tom both focus on integrating everything together. 

After studying NLP for 15 years I've never seen anybody do such a first class job."

- David Barcos, Spain 
How Much Does This Cost?
When you think about what Celebrity Coach Michael Breen is teaching in this masterclass, and the effort and time invested into it, here's the three ways you would probably get the real value of this training:
  • You could spend decades doing trial and error learning. Michael has spent a lot of this and he continues to refine his skills doing trial and error. However you don't have decades to be able to learn what Michael has learned.

  • You can pay $15,000 - $20,000 on an apprenticeship with the hopes that the person you're apprenticing with will share with you the keys to be able to use NLP in conversational contexts.

  • You can spend $10,000 trying to piece meal multiple trainings together, and organizing all the information together. But again, that would take a long time and would cost you a lot.
However... There's a much easier way to get access to this core knowledge and key distinctions in strategies without having to spend a lot...
It's not going to cost you:

... $1,000


But because I genuinely want EVERYONE to get access to this training and benefit from the SAME KNOWLEDGE that only top masters know I've decided to offer Mastering Conversational Change With NLP An Introduction for...

... just $49
  • Yes Tom! I'm ready to learn how to create change conversationally and would like instant access to...
Mastering Conversational 
Change With NLP
I understand... I get instant access to the full 90 minute training with Master Trainer Michael Breen, composed of five audio track recordings and word-for-word PDF transcript ... so I can learn the secrets and mindset of experts of conversational change using NLP. 
I understand that if I get Mastering Conversational Change With NLP - An Introduction today I get...
  •  90 Minute Masterclass Tele-Seminar Training on Mastering Conversational Change With NLP

  • 5 professionally edited mp3 tracks for download

  • 59-page word for word pdf transcript so you can highlight key areas that Michael shares in this course

  •  Benefit from all the knowledge and insights of nearly 3 decades of experience that Michael has in applying and using the technology
Get Mastering Conversational Change Today...
Digital Download Version For Just $49! 
Try It Completely Risk Free 
For 30 Days
I'm convinced that this program can make a dramatic difference to your life and your storytelling skills that I'm willing to let you try out the entire course risk free for a full 30 days.

Try out the training, listen to the expert strategies shared and apply what you learn to start getting results right away. If you feel this training isn't easily worth several times your investment then simply contact me and I'll give you a full refund.

You have everything to gain and absolutely nothing to lose. 
To your success,

P.S. Discover the secrets to doing elegant conversational change with NLP so that your NLP sounds natural, forever eliminates the idea of resistance in your clients or loved ones and makes it so your conversational change processes flows naturally and easily. Order now.

P.P.S Let Michael take you step-by-step through each of the most common mistakes to avoid, how to think and what beliefs to hold so that conversational change is something that becomes natural, easier and automatic for you.
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