“Renowned Master Hypnotist Turns 
Traditional Hypnosis Stereotypes 
On Their Head And Reveals 
Step-By-Step Process For How To 
Create Conversational Trance...
Anytime, Anywhere With Anyone
Completely Guaranteed.” 
Warning - The material taught in this training WILL change
the way you think and do hypnosis forever. 
Dear Friend,

Would you like 
  • To know how to evoke trance conversationally, anytime, anywhere?

  • Have you ever wondered what kind of techniques and persuasive processes leading NLP trainers are using today - that are decades beyond material taught in practitioner and master practitioner trainings of NLP?
  • Are you feed up with too many "arm bending" or "sleazy persuasion" techniques and would like to know how to influence others unconsciously and ethically? 
If you answered YES to any of the above then this sales letter could be the most important letter you read this year. 
The Problem With Traditional Hypnosis Protocols... 
Throughout the ages hypnosis has been seen as a powerful tool. A tool of influence, magic and even "mind control".

Yet for most people, even highly trained people, it's potential to be used in any context they desire is beyond their reach.

Because most formal hypnotic processes are based around the ritual of "eyes-closed" processes. If you've had formal training you know how the traditional hypnotic process goes... 
  • Create rapport
  • Start with a hypnotic voice tone

  • Do an induction to get the person to relax and close their eyes (some form of gradual relaxation process where you lead the listener)

  • Layer on more suggestions of "deeper" relaxation and trance
  • Test for depth of trance
  • Instruct the unconscious mind 
While useful for therapeutic contexts or as a training room aid - the formal "hypnosis" process ceases to be a powerful tool for most people when they are in a non therapeutic context. Places like business, social settings, selling contexts, presentations, interviews and so forth.

All the kinds of places where having this awesome toolset at your aid would be REALLY helpful.

You can't ask your boss in a meeting to close his eyes and imagine himself at the top of a stair case looking down... if you want to keep your job!

Nor can you start using a deep hypnotic voice in an interview, business presentation or selling context without looking foolish.

Thankfully that's all about to change as you'll learn in a moment.

But first... 
What If Everything You 
Knew About Hypnosis 
Have you ever stopped to ask:
What ways do traditional hypnotic protocols limit you?
Have you ever stopped to wonder: 
  • If BILLIONS of people walk around every day moving in and out of trance states - without realising it - why do so many formal hypnotic trainings place so much emphasis on "eyes closed" processes?

  • Why is there so much talk about "light", "medium" and "deep" trance states?... as if a person needs to be only in "deep" trance before you can influence them or speak to their unconscious mind.

  • What is the "hypnotic" voice all about? And do you REALLY need to use a deep voice to evoke trance in someone?
Most traditionally trained hypnotists haven't.

In fact most hypnotists believe that... 
  • You must follow formal hypnotic processes

  • You must get the person to close their eyes

  • You must use a funny sounding deep voice to evoke trance
  • You must follow a script...
  • Etc, etc...
And most hypnotists would be wrong. 
  • Eyes closed processes are not necessary for trance

  • Deep hypnotic voices are not required for trance

  • Using scripts are not required for trance
In fact much of what you may be familiar as hypnotic processes are rituals. And those rituals can keep you stuck in everyday conversational contexts. 
These Limitations Are About
To Change As You Learn
From One Of The Finest
Master Trainers & Hypnotists

Michael Breen is a master of conversational hypnosis protocol who has a wealth of experience teaching and using NLP and conversational trance in business and social contexts.

He's widely regarded as one of the most respected and skilled practitioners in the field today.

Besides teaching and applying NLP all over the world and at every organisational level Michael has spent decades refining his skills and how he teaches the technology so people at all skill levels can pick up the toolset fast.

After mastering the traditional forms of hypnosis - he did what Michael does best - he figured out what really is essential for trance.
As a professional modeler Michael challenged long held assumptions about what really is necessary and which bits of the process were simply rituals.
He figured out how to evoke trance completely naturally in everyday conversational contexts and now you can learn how to use trance too, for everyday purposes without needling to do "formal" hypnosis.
And that's what you'll learn about in this master class training....
Meet Michael Breen 
One  of the industry's most well respected
Executive Coaches and Master NLP Trainers
This exclusive training is taught by a world-class master NLP trainer and celebrity coach Michael Breen. Michael has:
  • Over 30 years experience teaching NLP around the world
  • NLP Master DHE Trainer and Master Hypnotist
  • Co‐founded largest NLP training school in the world 
  • For 10 years co-ran workshops with Dr. Richard Bandler & Paul McKenna
  • Is an expert at behavioral change
  • Management consultant to numerous Fortune 100 companies
  • Created the first business NLP practitioner in the UK
  • Is one of Europe's leading executive coaches
  • And is known for teaching NLP in a way that makes it very easy to apply
  • Has taught over 80,000 students
Discover How To Evoke
Trance Conversationally, Anytime, Anywhere 
So you've got a grip on traditional hypnosis protocol but your wondering how you can apply what you know to conversational contexts?

Then you're in the right place... inside this nearly 2 hour long teleseminar training you will:
  • Learn what trance really is and why the conventional views have made it a ritual activity when it doesn't need to be

  • How every hypnotic phenomena occurs in the waking state and why this matters

  • Learn about the many, many everyday life situations that are classic hypnotic contexts

  • Discover if trance is a state or are all states trances.

  • Hear Michael's take on an "unconscious mind", "sub-conscious" the "conscious" mind and why getting the perspective right is key when intending to evoke trance entirely conversationally...

  • Hear Michael talk about common hypnotic phenomena such as fixation of attention, catalepsy etc. and how these are noticeable in everyday life situations (in fact you have already seen thousands of examples during your lifetime)

  • Why even so called "deep trance phenomena" like anesthesia can occur without a formal hypnosis process

  • Learn how you structure your communication, what ideas you present has far more influence on whether someone will experience trance state than using a rigid structured format - Michael walks you through the effect of how you place ideas and the impact it has on your nervous system.

  • Uncover what you are really looking to do when using conversational trance. Keeping this distinction front of mind makes creating conversational trance so much easier than you ever thought.

  • Learn what the function of "structured" hypnosis delivery is and what it enables (both formal and informal trance have useful purposes, and when you know what these are you will be clear what to use when).

  • Discover what the function of the Swish pattern is and why understanding the functions that drive change will serve you so well when seeking to evoke trance

  • Learn what are the 3 things you need to be able to do really well in order to do conversational hypnosis. And what 1 factor is responsible for more than half the effect!

  • Why you don't want to use a "hypnotic" voice! if you want to do trance conversationally and what kind of voice tones you want to use instead.

  • Learn the key shift in "labels" that is key to doing great conversational trance work and why you don't need a person to close their eyes to create trance! (By the end of this training and after completing the assignments you will be able to create trance conversationally.)

  • Michael shares two great resources for studying Milton Erickson that go beyond traditional ritual format if you feel frustrated by learning language patterns but don't know what to do to create change.

  • Hear Michael talk you through how to use conversational trance for someone who has an impoverished map, teaching you want needs to change and then demonstrates using a sample conversation trance "protocol" how to create the change.

  • Discover what are the key criteria to ensure that if you get interrupted while evoking trance you can pick up from where you were... (this is very handy and useful, as you can't ever guarantee you won't be interrupted but at least you know what you will able to quickly re-vivify the trance state).

  • Finally get the real answer on what "being artfully vague" really is for and how specific you should be. (If you are frustrated by trying to remember every last hypnotic language pattern this distinction will help you figure out what you really need to do to get to a specific outcome with minimum fuss).

  • Learn how most training is not in how to use trance to effect change rather most are focused in techniques and rituals, which are the ritual act of hypnotherapy. Discover what is not taught on most trainings but is key for effective conversational trance change work. 

  • Learn what practices and resources Michael recommends for developing conversational trance for the work context.
If you ready to have long held and outdated views around hypnosis upended then you'll love this skills focused training
What You Will Receive
So let's talk about what you'll receive when you purchase today.

You'll receive: 
  • A 44 page word-for-word PDF transcript, so you can examine how Michael uses language, evokes trance and places suggestions inside his stories.

  • A 14 page post training assignment PDF to help you wire up how to create trance conversationally.

  • And five masterfully edited tracks so you've got quick access to the information that is of most interest to you
Learn the skills to master conversational trance today. When you master what is taught in this intensive training program you will be able to hook and hold people's attention, use trance as an everyday tool you use intentionally to create powerful results - from creating conversational change, being more persuasive or have a friend, family member or client act on the suggestions you put forward.
Read What Customers 
Have To Say About 
Conversational Trance
John Johnston, USA
“Want to get a fresh look at what NLP is and how it can transform your life and other areas of it? Want to take your skills to the next level? Then take courses offered by O'connor and Breen (sounds like a Law firm).

The knowledge they deliver is worth waaay more than what they are charging!” 
Shawn, UK
“As usual the content, subject matter and delivery were top drawer. 

Tom & Michael continue to deliver what could be conceived to be complicated content in an easy to understand relaxed fashion. The approach of Tom prompting Michael with targeted questions, and Michael's conversational replies, and his expansion on the subject continue to deliver cutting edge, affordable training along with unique insights into the "modern" world of NLP. 

If anyone has never received training from Michael, then you will only know what you are missing once you attend at least this present series of teleseminars...” 
Wayne Marsh, UK
“Michael has a way of putting complex topics across in a straightforward & easy to understand manner that has definitely increased my knowledge and understanding in a variety of different ways. Also I think personally that Tom compliments the interviews by his obvious passion for what Michael's teaching and seems genuinely fascinated by what's being delivered which is infectious.” 
Sara Muldowney
“Having listened to the Art and Skills of Nested Loops teleseminar, as well as finally understanding the big picture of how I can use this skill set to deliver more effective training sessions, I now have numerous starting points for improving my skills in this area and becoming a more competent trainer.

Michael's ability to entrain the use of elegant, instead of technique based, cookie cutter solutions, is second to none.” 
How Much Does 
This All Cost? 
Before I share with you the price I have admission to make...
Typically this kind of material is only thought to apprentices and advanced NLP trainers and when we first recorded I was hesitant about releasing it - in part because the material would be for some considered very advanced and also because Michael's side of the teleseminar recording experienced a mild echo at times.

However after getting overwhelming great feedback from customers and members on the call and how valuable the content is, I decided that everyone should be able to get access to this training too at a fraction of what it would cost to learn this on a live in person training program.

Therefore for a limited time I've decided that you can enjoy nearly 2 hours of Conversational Trance material, along with the 44 page transcript and the 14 pages of assignments for... 
Just $49

Note this offer is limited and can be withdrawn or changed at any time, so sign up today to avoid disappointment.

Never before has it been possible to learn so many advanced NLP skills at such a brilliant price, delivered by a renowned master trainer and presented to a detail and clarity rarely provided...

... And Best Of All Your Investment Is Entirely Risk Free.
An UNBEATABLE Guarantee:

Try Conversational Trance

for a full 30-days, 
100% risk-free
To completely take away any risk from you I am also going to give you a 30-day - No Questions Asked - Money Back Guarantee. 
If for any reason whatsoever, you don’t like the program or you don’t think you got value from it  - within 30 days – you can send me an email and I will give you a full refund.

So you risk nothing –buy the program, listen to it and try out the exercises.  As long as its within 30 days, you can claim a full refund if you don’t think we have delivered!

That’s how confident I am in the power of this material!

And in case you still have any questions, here’s answers to the six most common questions I get asked about this training… 
Get Conversational Trance Today
I understand that if I get Conversational Trance today, I'll receive:
  • A 44 page word-for-word PDF transcript, so you can examine how Michael uses language, evokes trance and places suggestions inside his stories.

  • A 14 page post training assignment PDF to help you wire up how to create trance conversationally.

  • And five masterfully edited tracks so you've got quick access to the information that is of most interest to you
Get Your Copy Now...
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If you have any questions or concerns about the course, please reach out to our support team here or email us.

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Learn the skills to master conversational trance today.

When you master what is taught in this intensive training program you will be able to hook and hold people's attention, use trance as an everyday tool you use intentionally to create powerful results - from creating conversational change, being more persuasive or have a friend, family member or client act on the suggestions you put forward. Enjoy our complete no-hassles 30 day money back guarantee.

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